Spanked By The Older Sitter

This was also when I figured out I had a "thing" for spanking and that maybe it was connected to "arousal".

When I was about 12, my parents had to go out of town for an entire day - early AM to late PM. They were uncomfortable with me being alone that long so they hired a girl (17 years old) who had sat me when I was much smaller to stay with me that day. I was OK with it - Debbie was pretty, smelled nice and was a pretty good sport (she really was hot looking back - she also married a pretty famous NFL wide receiver about 20 years ago and we still keep in touch). Debbie had spanked me a couple times before - like when I was 8 - but nothing too serious. You know, those babysitter spankings where they smack you once or twice to get your attention.

Well, things had gone well most of the day. Late afternoon, I was getting restless and she was trying to do some homework. Algebra, I think. I got to horsing around, pestering her, got her a little irked. Finally, I made the mistake of yanking her homework paper off the table and tried some keep-away. After a minute or so of her chasing and threatening, I skidded into the kitchen and slipped on the floor. When I fell, her homework went right into the dog water. This was about 2 hours of math I think. I had never seen her this mad.

She walked away without saying a word. A minute later, she called to me from the den telling me to get my butt in there. She sounded serious so I hurried. As soon as I rounded the corner, she grabbed my arm in a vice grip and pulled me to the couch, sat down and tossed me over her knee. Of course I struggled mightily, but no use she was stronger. What I ddin't know was that she had retreived my mom's paddle (that's how I got spanked when I was little) which was a old sorority type paddle. That thing stung like crazy - and I was about to feel it again. Next thing I knew she was hand spanking the seat of my pants pretty hard. After about a minute she mumbled something about making a better impression, and yanked my pants and underwear right down. Now I was already a little aroused, and the feel of her rough jeans did the rest - I was fully aroused. But not for long - right after that she brought that paddle down on my bare bottom. Any thoughts of arousal were gone in no time.

Needless to say, I got it good. She paddled my bare butt for about 10 minutes I think - stopping every so often to tell me how silly I looked over her knee - a 17 year old girl spanking me. She also told me how red my bottom was and that I would remember this for a while. When she finally let me up, I was crying and did the spanking dance all around the den. She was laughing out loud, and said I looked really silly with my **** bounding around all over in front (said something about lots of moving parts!). Thank goodness this was before cell phones were even out there or I'm sure I would have been on YouTube.

This was the start of my interest in spanking, even though I deserved every paddle lick I got that day. My butt was sore for about 3 days - I sat down pretty carefully. The next time I saw her, she asked my how my bottom felt and could I sit down yet - right in front of some of her friends who obviously knew what had happened. As they giggled, I got excited as opposed to being really embarassed.

To this day she reminds me of when she gave me that spanking and how red my bottom turned. I deserved it.
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Redspank, was it the last time that she blistered your bottom? Did this blistering make you respect her more?

I don't recall her spanking with a sandal or flip flops....

When age 7 mom went to work and had a lady she knew sit for me at her house she also watched about 5 other kids after school summer time etc she had permission to spank us kids if she saw fit to do it so for the next 5 yrs i saw many spankings and got many from her often in front of the other kids and sometimes in front of her husb and teen sons I liked watching the others get it and they were given in the kitchen or backyard no matter who was around I think this is how i got into this