Belt From My Dad, Shoe From My Mom, Once, But Mostly Her Hands.... And Then

there was the hairbrush. First time I saw her take it down, I wondered what it would do. I forgot what made her so mad, probably talking back, but....when she let go with that hairbrush on my fanny at seven, even in underwear, IT HURT. She gave me about twenty whacks, and I was bawling.... then she pulled them down, and gave me about twenty more.

My poor little bottom wasn't much use for sitting the next few days; I think I kept up a mostly standing pose. Ouch!!!
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I was spanked growing up too

I presume this is the US-use of "fanny"and not the UK-use?

That's terrible that your dad would hit everywhere like that at least your mom cared about safety .m. -hugs-

That story "hits a sore spot" the butt.

My Dad would strike me anywhere; my mom was insistent that 'if you want to spank her, hit her on the butt." That was how she tried to protect me, but most of the time he ignored what she said.....

(Mom stuck to my bottom)

The worst was my Dad's razor strap :(
I got spanked with Mom's leather soled sandal which was no picnic...I imagine a man's loafer would be as bad if not worse

fortunately safety razors did away with the razor strap, mostly...

Yep...that pretty much sums up what the brush will do to you

the only thing worse than the brush was a man's slip on loafer shoe.... oh my gawd

Ouch sounds like she really spanked your butt nice n red lol

the hairbrush hurt more than a belt, I think...

yes it does if its a nice wide thick brush

The belt from dad aways hurt more.

I think a shoe is worse......

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I liked your comment about your mom giving you the hairbrush at age 7. That was my age when my mom started me on the hairbrush, in the aftermath of burning a hole in the living room rug. Please add me. I have lots of spanking memories.

My brother loved playing with matches, too! lol Only I never got to watch HIM get the hairbrush....

Were you ever told to " stop your bloody crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Incredible that some parents are so eager to have kids and them treat them so badly. Respect and hugs AB

Yeah, my Dad said that all the time.... My mom never told me, but I always felt I was an unplanned pregnancy. My Dad was just so jealous of any attention my mom gave me, it always set him off. He acted like a ten year old boy.

Omygod my mom used to say that so I stopped crying period and now I cut instead

OMG that's terrible, you need help!

I was nt spanked like your describing I had was whopped with the telephone cable as thin as it is I got welts on my bottom.and thighs that was painful. -____- i prefer a hairbrush to that seriously.

Seriously, I think I agree. I never got it with a cord but was threatened a few times. My mom would intervene and scream, "****** (my Dad's name), ****** hit her on her fanny with your belt!!!" When he was angry he used anything in reach and swung everywhere. I had welts across my face a couple times,

Basically it was a duck and covered thats where when tou saw the blow coming you would **** or move so it would hit somewhere else

Sorry i meant duck* typo

Yeah, my only problem was I was the smallest and I was slow, so I couldn't duck and cover as fast -- and run as fast -- as everyone else.

Seriously that is sick..

Dodging blows that would sting wqs my only defense

I understand. As the youngest, when my Dad came home after a night of drinking, I was always the one to duck -- and run -- last. I was too slow, maybe I still am...

Well thats not fair. You shoudlve hidden somewherebactually no scrath that its a terrible idea and you probably would gave gotten it worst. It sucks when you cant run away. Its just the feeling off this is gonna freaking hurt.

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