The Dance

When I grew up, our church had a teen dance once a month on a Friday evening until 11 PM. I was 16 and our curfew was at 10 usually, but mother always allowed us to stay out until the end on those nights. There was no smoking and no alcohol served, as our county was dry. About two miles over the county line in the next county was a pool bar and they had beer and people smoked. One night I did drive there with a couple of friends. I did not get home until like 1 AM and mother was waiting. As usual she would tell me that we would discuss this the following day. I knew I had it coming and expected to spent most of Saturday in my pajamas to be spanked that afternoon. My dress smelled like bar and mother knew what had happened and I was not about to make it worse by lying. Saturday mornings usually started out lazy as we had breakfast and most of us were still in our pajamas. After breakfast mother made me clean up the kitchen and the dining room. Then I had to go into my room and wait. It seemed forever, when she finally came in. She had a hair brush in her hand and sent my sisters out of the room. I had to take off my pants and spread my legs apart. Mother did not lecture me. She simply said that I should have known better. I was scared that she would punish me "where the sun ain't shine". Instead she punished me on my thighs, which was probably equally painful, especially when she made it a point to hit the same spot again and again.
And yes, I did stick with the church dance after that.
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My sisters mom gave her the hairbrush a lot. With the bristles down too.......did she ever spank where the sun aint shine?

Recently Lady of the house punished me with her hair brush

Hairbrush spanking on your thighs? Ouch indeed! I can believe you stuck with the church dance after that! I would have too!!!

I don't remember how many I got, but mother hitting the same spot drove her point home. At least for another year or so.

Oh yeah the hairbrush on your thighs stings like bloody murder.

I agree. My husband thought that hairbrushes are for little girls and grown women need a bigger "hairbrush". As a result I have been spanked with a bath brush. That hurts even more, especially if he puts stuff like "hot'n'icy" or the like on it afterwards. He learned that from mother, grrrr.