Like Kendro, and other girls, if my sisters or I get caught telling a lie we get bad spankings.
Actually spankings AND paddlings cuz telling lies means a double-dose of hand spanking from Dad then the evil wooden hairbrush from Mom :-(

Like others, there are some times I'd risk a "double dose" by telling a lie if I thought I could escape being spanked cuz, especially as a teenager, I HATE bare bottomed spankings so MUCH!

But I got a FINAL lesson on dishonesty when I was 16 and took my Aunt's car without asking. She found out but when she asked me about it I lied, cuz I knew my parents would spank me for it.
Auntie told me I was caught and that lying to her only made it worse so I broke down and confessed but I was crying and begging her not to tell my parents "please please please don't tell on me or I'll get a double spanking!?"
My Aunt got all nice and said, "Okay, I promise I won't tell on you."
I was sooo happpy! :-)

Later that nite I was in bed, in just panties and top, when Auntie came in and asked, "Please come down stairs with me?" I was confused but followed her and in the living room I saw my Dad looking stern and my Mom already had the evil spanking brush in her hand!!
I stammered, "What? What did I do? WHY???" as Daddy yanked me over his lap, slid my panties to my ankles and began hand slapping my bare fanny over and over harder and harder and I kept yelping OW OW WHY OW WWWWWOOO WHWYY?" and kicking as my bare behind got redder and redder.

Finally Dad let me up and I was dancing and rubbing and bawling, panties bunched around my ankles, and still I was pleading, "I didn't DO anything please why did U spank me!?" And I could see my Aunt looking at me!
Mom was tapping the hairbrush on her palm, and saying, "You know the punishment for telling a lie Missy. Your Aunt told us everything! Now apologize to your Aunt before I take you over my lap for a hairbrush blistering!"

I saw my Auntie smirking at me and I cried, "What? WHY? You promised you wouldn't tell on me!?"
My Aunt answered, "So I lied! It doesn't feel good when someone you trust lies to your face does it Marzi?"
I had to admit it I was wrong and apologize to her and I didn't like the feeling of being lied to and I REALLY didn't like what happened next.....

Over Mom's lap for a blistering dose of the slick wooden brush across my already-red-spanked buns - hot enough I was quickly bawling and begging - kicking my panties OFF - and screeching as Mom roasted my rump, finally leaving me to jump and dance and rub and howl and sleep on my tummy that night.

I've never "openly" lied to an adult again.....

ps there have been some "lies by omission"

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No surprise if a spanking like that stayed in your memory...

My dad used to say he would never punish me for the telling the truth. I just got punished a lot worse for lying abut something I did. I leaned the hard way from my dad's belt to just come clean when I was caught.

I guarantee that if your "lies by omission" are found out, your behind will be just as red and sore as in the story above and your "dance" will be just as animated and embarrassing.

Yup, my kids got spanked if they lied to me. I didn't make it more severe.

Nice story , and very strict family :)

Oh Marzi I feel so sorry for U. I certainly have felt that hairbrush many times and I to have bawled like a baby

Hoisted with your own petard, eh? Now you what it's like.

I remember getting my mouth washed out with soap for telling lies, then given a good spanking with the hairbrush and put to bed for the rest of the night.

i know how you feel i got hand spanked and belted for telling lies or any other things i did

Firstly, it's not right to teach a child through hypocrisy.
Secondly, Marzi, surely there's more to you than a girl who gets spanked and belted every now and then?
I mean, I don't know what you study, what you like or what your dreams are.
How about you post something about that once in a while?

I'm fixing to join the air force, become a pilot and end up an astronaut and go into space......what are your dreams?

That's great, that's something. It's nice to know that about you as well.
I'm an aspiring barrister, by the way.
Can I ask you personal question?

Wow! You certainly learned a hard lesson about lying!