My mother was a vicious person towards me, she believes in discipline, hard and forthright discipline.

Spanking was never by her hand. It was panties down, bare bottom, wooden hairbrush. Four whacks.
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Definetely brush is a fierce implement. 4 whacks seem a very mild spanking to someone like me who never got it. But I am sure it was well enough if she stopped it then. She look a really strict mom to give just a mild spanking to her kids.

I am curious as to why the hairbrush was used by your mother. It was my understanding that the martinet was the common spanking implement in France.

I grew up in the US where the hairbrush was very popular for moms to use for spankings. My mother also used the hairbrush on my bare hiney

I got the hairbrush, too. Add me if you'd like to talk.

i always got spanked otk with hairbrush on bare bottom from my Mother

My mother had a similar approach to discipline, but she used a thin stick made from bamboo. She made me pull down my trousers and pants, and either gave me my whipping in my bedroom where I had to bend over my bed, or in the living room bending over a chair. Always at least two whacks, and already I was sore - but sometimes I got a few more.

I was also spanked with a hairbrush when I was younger. It was always with my underwear pulled down, over the knee. Although I didn't get many whacks, it still hurt like crazy.

Was four enough? Did you need seconds?

she sounds like my mum was with me but it was a lot more than 4 more like 4 minuets and the belt

Me too! I was spanked bare bottom by my mom from when I was a young boy almost until the day I left for college. She always used her hairbrush. Dad traveled all the time for his job so mom was the disciplinarian of our family.