Easter Mass

How many times did i have to be told about one misdemeanor or another when i was a child? An awful lot is the simple answer & along with the lectures came the spanking.I was a tomboy,simple as that & i got into more scrapes than i care to remember which almost always led to me getting my bare butt reddened by either my Mom or Dad,mainly my Dad. My parents were strict & i grew up in the south where daily spankings were given by almost every family.My parents were Catholic,although not overly religious we did attend church on occasions like Christmas & Easter & family weddings etc.On one of these visits to church at Easter my youngest brother who is a year older & i decided before mass we would investigate further the workings of the church.Now Easter mass was like a big social gathering so we had arrivedĀ  a good hour before mass was due to start,& as kids i was around 7 my brother 8 we would get bored while our parents chatted away to various family & friends.Many times we had made our own entertainment while said conversations were taking place,but this time we thought we would investigate the actual church.My other older brothers & sisters were there,i'm the youngest of 9,& they warned us to be good & not get up to anything we should'nt.Did we listen? Of course we did'nt. So once inside the church we looked around ,flicked each other with the water from the font,gathered all the hymn books & put them all under one of the pews,just general messing around.Then my brother found a room off to the side,we went in & it was full of the priests robes & things,i dared my brother to try one on,wich he did,we found this highly hilarious & did'nt realise how much your voice travels in an empty church.My brother then found the communal wine & a challis.Yep we just had to try the wine,so my brother all dressed up started to pour the wine,he had a sip,i had a sip,till half the challis had gone,so he started to fill it again only this time he poured it a bit too quick which ended up with me wearing half of it down my new white dress.I was mortified & knew i would be in trouble so i waited til Robert was almost out of the robes & i threw the remaining wine over the front of his shirt,in full view of the parish priest.He had heard the commotion we were making,he shouted,we froze then he grabbed my arm & my brothers arm & marched us out the church to our parents.Luckily or so we thought our Dad had gone off talking so it was just our Mom who was presented with the pair of us looking like we had been involved in a murder.The priest explained what we had done & we knew we were in for it. My Mom grabbed both of us took us to the nearest bench & ordered me to stand there while she took care of my brother.She made him take down his trousers & shorts then she put him over her knee & hand spanked his butt til he was crying out,i knew i was in for the same,she made me pull down my panties & over her knee i went & in front of all the Catholic community spanked my bottom so hard i thought i would'nt sit down for a month.We had to sit through all of mass with very sore bottoms.Worse was to come though cos once mass was over & my parents had made us apologise to the priest we got home to feel the sting of our Dads belt,i got 20 straps with it & my brother 25,we were then made to stand in the corner with our butts on fire for an hour,in full view of our aunts,Uncles & cousins.I wish i could say it was the only time i got spanked twice in one day,but it was'nt.
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god that's what a friend and i did when we were ten (read my story for more info) but my butt was the sorest it's ever been and i was spanked several times since.

I too got many church related spankings growing up but only one was in public.

Which spanking instrument was mostly used to spank you?

Just a bare hand, no instrument.


I was very embaressing to be publicly spanked like that..

So, it all began with a couple of benchwarmers. That was the tip of the iceberg wnd well it should have been.

OK, you might have been naughty, but I'm sure not awful. Al of us made excuses to prevent a spanking.

Hi, don't call yourself awful!<br />
You were only a extra lively girl, but spankings can be erotic.

No i really was an awful kid,so naughty,when i got caught i would try every trick in the book to get out of having my bottom spanked,ol.

You lively little tomboy! You got what you tendered for.

I was an awful child!! Always in trouble,i deserved every spanked butt i ever got.x

i was raised strict catholic parents there were manytimes that me or my sister would be spank sundy before chruch guess parents felt that going to church sitting on sore hot bottom would serve as pentiance <br />
we had spanking room it was actually crying room for parents to take there babies when crying but was used for spanking when misbehaving in church i had few trips there but embrassing was walking out with parent walking back crying

Great story...... I bet you felt embarrassed in front of the priest and family .....

It was awful,but i was getting used to being spanked by then cos it happened quite a lot,i was a naughty little girl,i did'nt want to be tamed,lol.

onetime i took the money that i was supposed to give in sunday school and when church was happening i told my mom and dad that i was helping out in the nursary and instead i left church and went to the gas station on the corner and bought candy with it. so i went back to the church and hid in the bathroom until church was over. then i found my parents and thought we would be leaving but they decided to go downstairs and have coffee with everyone. so they started talking with the lady who runs the nursery during church. I got scared so i nicely interupted and told my mom i needed to talk to her. she walked away from my dad and the lady with me. I told her that I didn't feel good and asked her if we could leave. My mom said yes. as soon as we turned around my father looked me right in the eyes and said "Isabella? Come here now." I went over to them and he said " Miss Karen said you were not in the nursery helping this morning" anyway it was bad. I had to apologize to her for lying and then my father said " Isabella, what is the punishment for lying?" i answered very quietly. He said I cant; hear you . you better speak up little girl. I was sooo embarrassed. So I had to say loud, that a spanking is the punishment. My father didnt stop he just kept talking pretty loud and said that leaving church was disobedient to not only their rules but to God too. He grabbed me by the arm and brought me down the hall to one of the sunday school rooms. He pulled out a chair sat in it and pulled my pants and panties down and he beat my bare butt forever. I was sooo embarrassed becos the door was open and i know people could hear me crying and his hand on my butt.

See Bella i told you i was naughty!!! It is embarrassing when your parents spank you when theres other people around is'nt it? trouble is i never learnt though &amp; had many more public embarrassing spankings.x

Oh no! That lying will get you every time Bella!

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