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Spanked In Front Of My Boyfriend

My mom was at work and so was my dad. My brother was at a friends house. So, i decided i would go to my boyfriends house. He invited my into his basement to watch a scary movie. we were hugging the whole time. Then, when the movie was over he told me he wanted to show me something. I followed him into his room. I sat down on his bed and he lifted his shirt. He said " I have a six pack!!!" i laughed. we talked for a while. He said something really romantic, i forgot what he said but it was so sweet. I had to kiss him. We had kissed before but not like this. His was a make out session. we were lying in his bed making out. Then, the worst possible thing happened. His mom was home from work and she knocked on his door. I ran into the closet and he said come in. She talked with him for so long. i was so bored. She said something like "Why are you acting so awkward? What have you done wrong?" He kept quiet but she came over to the closet and opened the door. She stared at me in complete disbelief. All i had on was some booty shorts and a tanktop so she must have thought we were doing "more". She dragged me out of the closet and yelled at us both. Then she called my mom. She came down to get me and his mom explained everything that happened. My mom stayed quiet until she was finished and all she said was "can i spank here?" My boyfriend looked at me and i was so scared and he knew it. He held my hand and i squeezed it. So after my mom got into the room, got a hair brush, and a chair. She motioned us both over. She told him to sit down at the chair facing her. She mationed me to stand near her. She said "Young lady, your getting a spanking and hes gunna watch." My boyfriend and i looked at each other. I could tell he wanted to save me, but he couldn't. she motioned me to get over her knee. I was shaking as i bend over her knee. She started by giving me 50 on my shorts. Then, i got up and looked at my boyfriend. He looked so sorry for me. She said "Pull down your shorts." I closed my eyes as i pulled my shorts down slowly. I went over her knee again. I was wishing i would have worn thicker panties. She gave me another 50 then i stood up. Before she said anything i said "Oh dear god mom. Dont you make my pull down my panties." All she did was glare. I looked at my boyfriend. He looked away so i could pull down my panties without him seeing by private parts. When i was over my moms knee again, she gave my another 50. i stood up, covering my private parts. Tears were streaming down my face by now. My boyfriend was close to tears. then she picked up the brush and said "lean over the bed" I sobbed and sobbed as she gave me 50 with the brush. When she was done, she made me stand in the corner for 10 minutes, panties still down. After ten minutes, i looked in the mirror. My bum was red, with blue bruises and welts. I pulled up my panties and pants. I was given 10 minutes with my boyfriend. I sat on his knee and he comforted me. We both cried. He told me how it was his fault for inviting me over and that he would make it up to me. He kissed my head and my fingers. He kissed my lips once. After ten minutes, i went home. We saw each other the next day. But that was the worst spanking of my life. And I'll never forget it.
wisher1573 wisher1573 13-15 26 Responses Jul 9, 2011

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Did you boy friend begin to spank you after this??

I believed this story, until you said she ******** you bare in front of him…no parent would do that do their daughter in front of a boy friend.

please call social services and report the abuse

Too many of the people who comment on these stories are warped weirdos.
If you want to take part in S&M go to a brothel, don't use S&M on your children.
Some people are commenting with what they would have done, and they're commenting with such excitement.. Ya sick!

If I were your boyfriend, I would have just sat there and watched. Your mom could've spanked him if he stepped in. It would be really embarrassing to get spanked my your girlfriend's mom

So next time you see your mom hug someone, just go bonkers and beat her until one of you cant stand anymore. Tell her its wrong to show affection to others. Sure you'll get hurt, but we dont bother bees because they hurt, not because we cant kill them.

I would gather that your boyfriend was highly aroused, and probably his mom. It seems a classic situation that his mom was trying to teach him about control. I would not be suprised if the relationship continued, the boyfriend actually spanked at times..

check out my story
and that would suck with your boyfriend in the room and his mom thinking you were doing more and he had to watch thats almost as bad as him actually getting spanked .

seems your mother has sadism or something...otherwise what is the point of punishment if she would make you to pull down your panties in front of your bf and after the punishment to let you be together for 10 minutes???? Wasn't the punishment for you being with bf in the first place???

I notice your story was written over a year ago now, so I really hope your life has improved since then. In my view your mother's behaviour was incredibly sadistic, unnecessary and was basically sexual, emotional and physical abuse. If it had been your father acting the same way it would be rightly labelled as all those things. I don't think your actions were wrong - just pretty normal teenage behaviour. It is hard being a teenage girl and navigating life. I really wish you well in life. I hope if you ever have children you can overcome the trauma's of your past and are able to be better parent to them than your mother has been to you. Try hard and break the cycle of abuse that you have been subjected to. Seek help from counsellors if you need to.

you mom was really wrong to do that... i hope u were not over 18 or 20 cause that would be really wrong... the manner in which she did it and so much!!!!!!!! your boyfriend is a sweet one for being there for you but i just tuned 20 and my boyfriend will not stand for if my parents hit me anymore..

U have an amazing boyfriend I feel sorry for u at least u won't do this again

Not sure how old you were when this happened, but being over there with the door closed and no parents over is just looking for trouble.

Just saw this story and it reminded me of the worst spanking I ever got from my girl friends mother and dad. So embarrassing. Check it out. "Spanked for the Love of Nichole....

The same thing kinda happend to me but it was at my house and my dad came home i was so fricken scared. my dad chased my boyfriend out of my house yelling IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You must have an awesome boyfriend

I'm surprised ur bf didn't get turned on :P

TOTAL child abuse!! If your mom believes in spanking, the PROPER thing to do would have been to spank you in private. AND 150 hard licks??? You're lucky you did not suffer an embolism from such punishment.


150 smacks with brush it is likre in saoudia in one hour 3 time time 50 lashes she must wound it is not possible

Wow that had to be real embarassing n real painful,cause mom gave u a real good hard spanking that u wont forget :) Spnkbooty!

okay, sad to hear how this has turned out for you, wisher. I don't think it was at all appropriate for your mom to punish you in someone else's house or in front of your bf<br />
and the severety. But you made it worse by being secretive when nothing happened.<br />
Spanking teenagers is wrong! It is very wrong to spank in front of others because this leads to voyerism that means, it turns people into spankos.

Your mom is rude, disgusting, and idiotic to think that JUST because you were wearing a tank top and shorts, that means you were having sex. Never in my life have I heard of that, I wear short shorts and a tank top to the gym, that means im cheating on my bf? Your boyfriend is respectful, understanding, and romantic by the way he treats you. And as for you, sex is a bond between man and women that has been carried on since the beginning of time, without it, no humans would be here. Once you are older you will understand and will change your thoughts on sex. I almost felt the same way growing up...

I get so disgusted reading some of the comments and stories on here, but it's like a train wreck, you can't stop looking. Any parent that punishes a child or teenager for sexual behavior is sick in the head and shouldn't have kids. That sort of thing creates unhealthy sexual behavior later in life. Sex is one of God's gifts to us. Like all gifts, it needs to be used responsibly, but if you educate your children and are approachable with regards to their questions you will not go wrong. I think physically disciplining a child for sexual behavior is just disgusting and wrong. And news flash, it doesn't make your kid less likely to have're kidding yourself if you think it does. It just means your kid won't be comfortable approaching you if they're struggling with sexual dilemmas. And FYI, my parents never threatened to spank me for sexual behavior, but neither I nor my two sisters ended up as "statistics" and I didn't have sex for the first time until I was in my twenties. My father taught me to think for myself and I decided...on my own...that I wasn't ready to have sex until I was an adult.

Didn't have anything to do with what I said. What I was saying was the sex was not disgusting and you will learn that later on *being basic* And in this story, she said that her mom thought she was having sex rather than just making out, and I said that their was no proof of that so she shouldn't have spanked her. I never said ANYTHING about spankings for sex to change their aspect on it EVER in my comment. Please next time act like an adult and read the comment correctly, and read the story before you go off being rude to someone over the internet...

ok. your mom was very wrong.. and akward that she made you take your underwear off...

Yes, you did get of lightly ~ I agree with Heather.<br />
You also have to rethink your views on sex!

ok. To reply to both of you. 1st: My mom is 100 % ok with kissing and stuff. 2: I think sex is descusting now. like, why would ANYONE ever do that? Its really discusting and i never plan on doing it. 3rd: We have known each other since we were like 3 in the same day care. Today, we are unsepratable. 4th: his mom thought we were going to "do it" and if i try to explain myself, i get it even harder. <br />
<br />
Pleas edont tell me i "got of lightly" otr that i am "Naughty and i should thank my mom." my mother has her own personal parenting style and you cant tell me that i should have gotten more. When i adopt kids, i wont spank. i Think that it would have been better if she would have given me a week grounding or something. Then i couldnt see him and that would be even more painful then the spanking i got.

i Hope you Thanked your Mum for Caring Enough to Punish you . NaughtyGirl your BoyFriend Should have Been Punished ALso . youngsters Need Discipline not Sex at your Age . My Respect for your Mum . The Best Mum.s Are Loving But Strict . Mum was Teaching you A Lession .