Childhood In 50's And 60's

When I grew up not only did I get spanked by mom and the nuns, but also when I was at a freinds house and acted up, thier parents would punish me. That was always a bare bottom spanking with whatever the parents used on their own children. It ranged from a hand, ruler, hairbrush, paddle, short belt, regular belt or a strap
It was also true if I went away whith my friend or he with me and we were bad we were punished by the parent who was watching us.I was spanked by other parents and my mom spanked my friends or my brother or sisters friends if they were bad.
I was also spanked by my sister who was 8 yrs older when she babysat as well as othe babysitters.
Did you ever get spanked by a friends parents or a babysitter?
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yes years ago your parent could beat you with the belt. and mine did. I went to school many times with welts over my entire body. but we have evolved since those times. spanking is violence, humiliation is abuse. if you see this behavior or know of anyone who abuses or humiliates another person, or if this happens to you call the police or report it to human sevices

I don't ever remember getting spanked by a friend's parents or a baby sitter, but I do recall the time my brother and I acted out when my mom and dad went to a wedding on a Saturday. The baby sitter was a ***** and we were in conflict the entire time. When my mom and dad came home the sitter recited a long list of "naughty" things my brother and I did that day.

Even before my mom was leaving to drive the sitter home, my dad had us in the living room with our pants down for a good lickin' with the strap. The sitter didn't see us getting whipped, but she could hear us yelling and crying.

Fortunately we never had the person come and sit for us again.

That was the same for me. It was like my butt was public property.

All of mine were at the orphange.

who spanked you there and how did they do it?

Sometimes it was from the teachers, but most of the memorable ones were from the principal and director Mr. Montgomery. He used a paddle and depending on your age, you bent over his lap or a chair.

Mrs. Lasch had permission to spank my butt and Mom had permission to paddle Bill's. Both were experts, but witth Mom's nine children to Mrs. Lasch's three Mom had more experience than Bill's Mom. With two of us hanging around, Mrs. Lasch got a lot of practice.

Bill, ever have both families lined up together

When we got up to mischief at his house, my best friend's dad would take a slipper to our bare backsides. My friend had the same at our house

no never