Was Spanked By My Adoptive Father

I had lived with my adoptive father Eric since I was about 6 years. he was once my mothers teacher and then later a lover then even later ex love when she was young and they were very close, there was even a slight chance of him being my biological father but i never really knew and was never told who my father was. I was spanked by him several times growing up. Mostly by hand but occasionally when i'd been extra naughty he'd use a small wooden paddle he use to spank my mother with when she was his pupil. If I'd been extremely bad he'd use the belt. And no matter what it was always on the bare. He'd normally inspect my bottom after the spanking to make sure it was nice and bruised and i would remember the spanking everytime i sat for a while. If it wasn't bruised enough he'd keep going until it was.  Afterwards he'd send me to the corner for the rest of the day until bedtime to think about what i'd done i had to bend over a stool he'd placed there with my red spanked butt presented and my nose on the floor. If i rubbed or moved out of position or spoke during that time he'd pulled me back over his knee for another spanking. At the end of the day before bedtime I was made to come out of the corner and stand in front of him and he'd say "Now amber, tell me why you deserved this spanking and what you are going to do to make sure it dosen't happen again." If i didn't get the answer right he'd belt me untll I did. Then he'd let me up and look into my eyes and wipe my tears away my tear and kiss my forehead and tell me he loved me. For a while I'd lay there in his arms and cry into his chest, normally soaking his shirt and say over and over again "i'm sorry papa!"  And no matter how old I'd got after a spanking he'd cradle me in his arms and carry me to my bed then rub lotion on my spanked bottom while he sang to me  until i'd fallen asleep. This actually was regular thing considering i was very naughty growing up, and sometimes would act out and get spanked on purpose just to feel loved. The wost spanking Eric ever gave me was when i was 17. 

It was a Friday night but I'd been grounded to the house for the weekend for misbehaving and getting smart and getting my butt whipped the day before. I was to stay home and work on my homework and make dinner and then was to be in bed  by 9 o'clock. I was really upset because a friend had invited me to a party that weekend and therefore had been giving Eric the silent treatments all night. Later that night I ended up sneaking out after he'd fallen asleep and going to the party. There was a lot of pot and beer there and I ended up getting drunk and getting sick all over my friends house. She was worried I might have gotten alcohol poisoning and drove me back home and told Eric what had happened. Worried sick he'd carried me inside and laid me down on the bed and held my hair while i threw up all night in the trashcan he put by the bed. Eventually I passed out.

I woke up the next morning to find Eric still sitting by my bedside. My head laying on his lap. I gazed up at him, he looked exhausted and worried. All i could think about was how badly my head hurt at first...but then i realized where i was and knew i'd be getting a spanking. I expected him to yell at me first thing but all he did was look down at me with a sad disappointed look in his eye. "Papa..i'm sorry..." I told him, feeling guilt building up inside of me. He didn't say anything only pulled me up into his arms and hugged me tightly, "I'm just glad you're ok baby" He said cradling me and running his fingers through my hair. "I thought I was going to lose my little girl" he said crying a little. "how is your head?" "...it hurts...everything does i feel horrible." I admitted. He gave me some pills for the pain and then laid me back down in my bed and tucked me in, telling me to go back to sleep. "Papa..am i going to get a spanking?" i questioned..scared of the answer. He hesitated and then answered, "Yes. But not right now. Right now I want you to sleep. When you wake up we'll discuss you're punishment" I nodded..knowing deep down I deserved it.

As soon as I woke up I walked into the living room where Eric instructed me to go take a shower but when I got out to come straight back into the living room without clothes and prepare for my spanking. When I got out of the shower and came back Eric was already sitting in his chair waiting for me. "Amber...are you ready for you're spanking?" he asked. I nodded my head and he motioned for me to come forward. Once I did he pulled me over his knee then began to lecturing me. "Young lady i'm very disappointed in you! You've been a very naughty girl. And for being such a naughty girl i want you to know you're about to get the spanking of your life! I'm going to tear your bottom a new. they'll be a puddle of tears on the floor by time i'm done with you and that'll just be by time i'm done with you're hand spanking!" He lectured then began spanking me with his hand very harshly. The hardest he'd ever spanked me before. Already I was beginning to squirm. "You're getting a warm up handing spanking then you're getting the paddle and then you're getting 50 belt whippings!!" he warned me spanking me more with his hand. He had to give me at least 100 hand spanks per cheek it seemed the warm up spanking lasted for eternity. I was already crying and blubbering and begging "PLEASE! OWWWW!! DADDY!! STOP!!" He then paused and told me to spread my legs when I did he began spanking my inner thighs. it was very painful and i closed on him, when i did grew angry and grabbed the paddle and started on my inner thighs with it. he then said he was adding 5 extra belt whippings for closing my legs. he gave me 10 swats with the paddle on the inside of each thy and then 20 on each cheek. I was screaming bloody murder to the point where my friend later on told me she could hear me getting spanked from across the street. When he let me up after the paddling was over slapped me in the face a few times while lecturing more. Raising his voice to level where it gave me a terrible headache. Stopping in the middle of lecturing to violently spank me while standing up. Eventually he instructed me to bend over the chair and present my bottom for the belt. As he belted me he he had me count out each whip and added another 5 on for sobbing too much to count at one point. When he was finished with my bum it was deep purple. And I feel on the floor crying my eyes out. I'd never been spanked so hard in my life. He picked me up and put me on the stool in the corner and left me there for an hour from which i cried and bawled my eyes out the whole time.

when it was all over he grounded me until my birthday (two months) and it was a very harsh punishment. i wasn't aloud out of the house at all and everyday when i got home from school he helped me with my homework and then sent me to the corner for the rest of the day until it was time to make dinner then at 8 o'clock was my bedtime. he even gave me a maintenance hand spanking once a week to remind me i had been naughty and that what i'd done was unacceptable. during that time he also did not rub my bottom or comfort and caress me at all. he even forced me to pull my pants down while in the corner whenever there was company to show off my spanked bottom for humiliation purposes. but when the two months was over on the day of my birthday after giving me a final maintenance spanking the night before he took  me to my room undressed me and laid me across his lap while he rubbed my bottom and sang to me. i cried and told him how sorry i was and promised never to be naughty again. 

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these responses are crazy ,has noone heard of fantasy ,age play ,DD/lg ....what made most of you even look this up is beyond me ....reading that with no idea of the dynamic is just scary lol

People read what they wish, comment on what they wish, and think the way they will.
I am writing a "chapterized" story on Creative Writing that makes people say it had to do with the Holocaust/Adolf Hitler because of the title. IT DOES NOT.

oh, BTW, Daddy - what are YOU doing on this site? You had to look it up,too, to find these "crazy responses" you object to.

he sounds like a loving and good father

Your step dad is right to punish u anyway he sees fit

He is a very loving dad, he also enjoyed that being your dad.

omg All of you who are replying to this are retards. This is a sexual fantasy. Not a real story. People who were really spanked or beaten or whatever as children wouldn't tell the story this way.
You are all idiots for believing that this is real. lol

Do you call this a respectful reply? So it's a fantasy. So what? When I replied, I never said it was REAL. It's a little extreme with the punishment amounts , granted; anything like that would have the girl in the hospital fighting for her life and the spanker in jail for attempted murder. No matter HOW creative you are.

@spanker30 - Please don't threaten on my site and don't extend me an invitation to get whatever you dish out. I am 25 years your senior and I don't go in for this sort of thing.

There are people who can't read and others who can't read English. I was replying to YOU,you idiot - on that blatant invitation to spank her. That is between you and her - NOT me. Furthermore, my shared post is a real-life
incident that happened when I was six years old. The long-winded fantasy above all this is by NOT me, but ANOTHER woman. Do you got that? ANOTHER WOMAN'S FANTASY - NOT MINE.

I may be stupid to you - but it takes one to know one, my friend.

Whatever floats your boat, but I'm a very intelligent person who wouldn't even get near you to do what you have in mind - you blooming idiot. I am old enough to realize how to spell (realize) and old enough to be a frustrated parent to you, junior. I was trying to be friendly, and since you don't wish to be -oh, well. BTW - "my site" is ANYTHING that comes across the airwaves to land in my board space(s).

Alright, let's everyone just calm the **** down. lol

I'm perfectly calm. What STARTED the whole damn thing is a comment that should have been between two other EPers and I was suggesting in a very nice way he take his spanking threat elsewhere and not on my site. What followed was his abuse and his vindictive blathering.

Yeah....I was mostly talking about that. Not you. hahaha

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My dad only spanked me once over something he saw when he was drunk and misunderstood. It was on my bare bottom with his hand, which hurt enough, and he never did it again because I was his "pet" and "princess". Mom did the spankings normally with her paddle or hairbrush, and they were bare-bottomed, too, but that was the normal in the early '60's. There was four of us, and as we turned 11 or 12, spankings were discontinued as a form of punishment.

I really truly pray this story isn't true.And please do forgive me for saying, but it actually somewhat comess off as someone's sexual fantasy, judging by the very detailed and dialogued writing while the story isn't a third-person point of view. But I acknowledge part of this feeling may be because I wouldn't want to believe this kind of story is true. Even though I know there's a lot of domestic abuse going on in the world and I do not look the other way but would like to help the victims and those sick enough to do it.<br />
<br />
In either case - true story or a fanatsy - I hope you've had some therapy because what's happening in this story is not healthy. I do not judge pain&pleasure fetishists because that's just a human thing they can not help, but if it goes to this degree and mixes with family love/affairs, I feel it becomes unhealthy.<br />
Please don't take this the wrong way, for I'm not judging you, I swear. I'm just hoping you're okay and don't carry out this degree of "discipline" on your own children.<br />
<br />
Spanking is okay, I believe in it too as a discipline method on children. But when it crosses the line into bruising at all - it's gone too far and becomes abuse instead. Not to mention beating someone's butt into deep purple, or smacking them around the face, or yelling so loud it gives a headache, or humiliating a child in any way not to mention sexually like that would be to a teenager.<br />
This Eric person in this story is deeply troubled and sick man. And the adopted child shows every sign of deeply abused child, as she seems to think what's being done to her is okay and being beaten like this to be the only way she can feel loved. Hence, it being very unhealthy.<br />
<br />
I think that situation is not that big step away from that adoptive father having sex with the child and the child letting him, thinking it's okay and normal parental love. Really. This story makes me very unnerved and sad to think it might be true.<br />
<br />
If it's true, I sincerelly hope you eventually realized what happened to you and have got professional help and are happy and treating your possible own children better. If it's a fantasy...well, I hope the same in that case too because something must have happened to cause this.<br />
(Again, sexual extreme pain&pleasure fantasies are one thing and can be just because the person likes it. Having such fantasies about parental relationships is another.)<br />
<br />
Again, I do not mean to judge you, and I do understand children who'd go through something like this couldn't possibly turn out any other way. There just is fine line between discipline and abuse and this crosses it by a million miles into badness. And I think it's important to be pointed out and considered.<br />
<br />
I apologize if I offended or talked down to anyone. I mean nothing but well and compassion.

this is child abuse and child molestation. please see a therapist and stay away from this person until they get professional help. you need therapy so that you can raise your children properly, you also need therapy so you can form healthy relationships in the future, spanking is violence and this was humiliation both of these are abuse im so very sorry that this happened to you god bless

I just don't understand! Amber, you must be a much different person than me, because if it was me I would have hated him silently for a long, long time. I would have been humiliated, furious, and hurt most of all. I guess because I'm proud. Didn't you feel any of that? How could you feel that you deserved all of that? Yeah, you were naughty, but everyone is! If it was my family, and I had done that, my dad wouldn't have spanked me. At least not hard. He wouldn't have to--I would beat up myself mentally. Well, actually, if it was me, I would never do it in the first place. I'm too reserved for that. And the funny thing is, I feel like both our dads love us a lot. I just feel like I can't agree with his way of love.

I have been spanked and punished a few times pretty badly and today as I work for one of the best ranches in my state I also have been spanked and punished as adult and I rush back to when I was spanked by my mother for disappointing her. I am so happy she took the time to show love to us girls when it would be so easy to let us run wild. He loves you great story

i am a step father to 3 children i did spank them but i never went to the level he did i love my kids as my own . i was spanked a lot growing up and some times it became a beating i promised my self i would do the same if i ever had kids

Hes a sick abuser that needs to not live

Too many of the people who comment on these stories are warped weirdos.
If you want to take part in S&M go to a brothel, don't use S&M on your children.
Some people are commenting with what they would have done, and they're commenting with such excitement.. Ya sick!

My, that really was a harsh spanking. If you want my opinion, a bit excesive, although I totally agree with spanking.

You have a very vivid imagination

This is horrible that is a very desturbing story and no one deserves a punishment like that i am sorry this happend to you as a child and teen i know you must have felt very humilated and no child at any age should have take there pants off to get spannked and parents should not have to use an object to get there point accross if you believe in spanking dont use an object its like i once heard from someone you are trying to teach your child to not hit but then you are over there hiting him or her for punishment patience and encouragment and praising is the most immportant thing we can do for our children of the world i think

No offence to u or your dad but that I weird

Your dad care for you alot. If you were my daughter you would of taken off your pants and panties the previous night. Paddled your butt at least 100 times. Your iner thighs and vaginia would be spanked red. You would learn you do somthing wrong,your spanked very very hard!!

17 and still spanked?? maybe 12..13? at latest. think your dad crazzy.

Wow really meaningful. I can't believe u actually have the guts to share that for the world to hear! I know I wouldn't have the guts to share that

Im really sorry you want through that. Sadly many people that do spank don't have the intelligence to notice that there form of punishment doesn't work. Clearly if you have to keep spanking you're child then it is not working. Really isn't that hard to figure out.

Damn.. He's harsh :-/

i am a step dad to 3 of my kids and i have spanked them just because they are not my flesh and blood i still love them as my own he sounds a good man to care about you like he did

Such an experience - it made the point and you knew you deserved it. The belt is a powerful thing -

Definitely he is a sadist...

What a vicous step dad im so sorry but u did deserve it :(

Were you still naughty after that?

I would like to be spanked by your dad


You all are sayin poor you you got abused when she snuck out to a party when she was grounded with pot an achohol and got drunk enough to have achohol poisoning. I see many illegal things here and one is NOT child abuse

When was your last spanking?

Wow I thought that I had it bad.......but you obviously had it worse...at least he didn't check you temperature to decide weather you had had enough

Amberlune, Your dad went over board. Spanking is to just sting spanking is not to be abuse. when I was bad my mom spanked with hand and finished with brush but she never did any if this that your dad did to you. Sorry you had to go through this type of abuse.

Yea you're right he did go overboard