I Was Spanked By My Sister

I was spanked throughout my childhood, the threat of a spanking only ended when i went off to University. Even then Mum would refer back to it, as a hint I might not be too old yet.
Mum always spanked with her hand, and always on our bare bottoms. My step sister Yasmin got her fair share, and until she hit about 12 we were spanked in front of each other. With our dad long gone, the three of us are very close. Mum had to work hard to keep us living in a good area near good schools, hence she was very strict. We were expected to try hard at school, to behave and do our jobs at home. Any failure would have only one result. As the youngest I found it hardest and so got spanked the most. Sometimes Mum would not be back until late, very tired and when I was already for bed, but that would not stop her pulling me across her knee to redden my bottom.

When i was about 12 Mum was in a car accident which meant she couldn't drive for a while, or spank us. Yas was about 15, so it marked the end of spankings for her, but not for me. At first she made me cycle to our aunt & uncles for him to spank me instead. That was so humiliatimg, turning up on their doorstep in front of my younger cousins asking to be spanked! My uncle took me upstairs and shut the door, but I know they took it in turns to peer through the keyhole to watch my bare arse get whacked. They could hear it all as well. He used a slipper which made me yelp. He slippered them over their clothes and took no account of the fact that he was slippering my bare bum! It was my fault really. The first time I took droped my trousers and underpants automatically. He told me he didn't normally do that but if that's what I usually do, bare bum it was. My cousins have never let me forget that they have seen me get slippered on my bare bottom. Indeed it was Sam who told my first girlfriend.
Yas came to the rescue, offering to spank me instead. Mum was not sure but I readily agreed. Anything was better than being humiliated in front of my cousins. The first time was a bit weird lowering myself over Yas's lap. She didn't hold back, she was a good spanker. After the first couple of times Mum left us to it, giving Yas permission to spank me as she felt fit.
At first she was a bit reluctant, but got into it come the summer holidays. I mde the mistake of winding her up, refuing to do my jobs. I think i was goading her to spank me. She went round making a note of everything i'd not done or had done badly, and concluded that she owed me ten spankngs. She duly put me across her knee twice a day for five days. At first it seemed abit of a joke. I went along with it because I didn't want her bothering mum about me, and thought it was funny. Besides I feared a return to my uncle. By the second day my bottom was very sore. As her hand got sore she started using a slipper. By the end of the five days I was very sore and very sorry.

She instigated two new rules: Job & Corner, and the Red Welly Rule. Job & Corner meant after I'd done my chores or homework I'd have to go to the corner until she had inspected it. Any poor work meant a spanking. Mum approved of this and as a consequence I spent quite a few weekends when I'd been in trouble at school,standing in the corner awaiting more chores or Yas to be free to spank me. The Red Welly Rule made Mum laugh but she never intervened. Yas had red Hunter wellies and ruled that my bottom should be the same colour after a spanking. After a spanking i'd have to fetch her welly and place it next to my spanked bottom. If she wasn't satisfied I'd go back over her lap for more. After a bt she started wearing them to spank me. Seeing her in her wellies meant one thing! Evenafter she got new wellies, they stayed in the kitchen for spanking purposes.

I think mum meant for Yas to stop by tbe time I was 14, but we carried on. As I got older i rarely got into trouble, but would sometimes ask her to spank me. I was always wracked with guilt when I did something wrong because it pained mum so much.

My first girlfriend was scuppered by my cousin, but my second approved and would make me ask Yas for a spanking if I annoyed her. Of course, she spanked me too, but that was more sex play. A spanking from Yas was definitely punishment. It hurt and even though I volunteered for it, it was humiliating dropping my pants and laying across my sisters lap. The thing is I felt like I needed punishment. I still do.
I've left college now but I still get spanked, by my girlfriend now, who has learned how to punish spank me so that it is a proper punishment. I spank her too. We've stopwd sex play spanking so as not to confuse things. Which is a shame becase she was got red Hunters which she also dons when she thinks I neec a spanking, and they really turn me on!
I was 18 the last time Yas spanked me at home, and I,m grateful to her for it. She has spanked me once since, when I treated my girlfriend really badly. That was several years ago and led yas to teach her how to spank me properly.

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I guess my parents suddenly decided they wanted a boy to punish since I was adopted at the age of 3. I had 2 older sisters, Jenny who was 11 yrs older and Sarah who was 9 yrs older.
From the age of 8, with our parent's permission, they both pulled their little adopted brother's pants and underwear down and spanked him on his bare bottom, Jenny with her hairbrush and Sarah with a wooden ruler whenever they were baby sitting and I misbehaved.
Sarah stopped spanking me when she got married when I was 11. From then on all bare bottom spanking was left to my brotherinlaw although my sister often came into the bedroom and watched. Jenny, who is still a single girl, spanked me on the bare bottom until I was 14.

Who is Yas spanking these days. I have some guilt as well'

Your mom enjoyed having you spanked all the time even when she couldn't spank you herself.

Unfortunately I was an only child. Being a 'loving' parent, my mum believed in smacking me whenever I was bad but had no sister. I probably needed one like yours since my spankings stopped from age 9, which was good at the time but now I realise that I needed to be punished as a teenager (lets say from age 13). The best thing for me would have been to have a sister who was 16/17 who had told mum/dad to keep disciplining her when she needed a sore bum. Having the trips across their knees fresh in her mind, she would know how to punish me properly. She would tell me off, pull my trousers and pants down to bare my bum. She would bend me over her lap and take her firm hand to my poor little bum until I was sobbing my eyes out and my bottom was as red as her lipstick. I would be very sorry by the time she was done. I would have screamed 'I'm sorry' about 50 times whilst getting my well deserved hiding. After, with the last tears streaming down my cheeks, I would hugged her, said sorry one more time and thanked her for being the best sister I could ask for. Having a sore bum and even have her friends tease me would have been better than all the arguments I had with my mum instead.

But it would feel awkward being spanked by your friend.
I friends hit me to if I occasionally swear or get in trouble with school. But the don't spank me. The last time they hit me was this noting because the after noon before I got a detention for chewing gum. They hit me few times but it did not hurt that much.

One thing is sure, you like dominant females, and being whacked on the butt. I'd **** you in the *** for it!

The only time my sister spanked me was when I was 16 and she was 18. I was laying flat on my bed waiting for reletives to arrive for my birthday party. She cam in out of the blue and told me it was time for my birthday spankings. She spanked me about 7 or 8 times and I could not take any more. She stopped because I was moving around too much

My sister spanked me initially for sneaking into her closet and wearing her clothes, but after a while she spanked me for any reason she felt like. She didn't have a Wellie rule like your sister but on one occasion I had removed a red pleated skirt from her closet and didn't get it returned before she found out. A day or so later, I got home from school and the skirt was sitting on my bed next to my sister's hairbrush. The spanking I got from Lori was a long one. She kept holding the skirt up against my reddening bottom and declaring that I wasn't red enough yet. <br />
<br />
The first time I did something to annoy her just to get a spanking, it was an especially painful one. She said she knew I had done it on purpse and that if I wanted a spanking, all I had to do was ask her.

Did you ever ask her for a spanking? And did she wear anything particular when she spanked you? Thanks.