Spanked By Step Dad

My step dad spanked me from when we moved in with him and my step sisters when I wad 11 until I was 17. He would order me upstairs and get my pants off ready. The few times I refused or hesitated he pulled my pants down and spanked me in front of everyone.
At first he spanked me with his hand and then later a plimsoll.
He stopped spanking my step sisters once they started getting their periods. That laid me wide open to them dropping me in it, knowing that I'd be the only one facing a spanking,
The worse thing is that he was very public about the fact that I was due or had just had a spanking.
I didn't always had to have done anything wrong. Sometimes he would just say "it is about time I gave you a sore bottom" and that would be it. I'd be sent upstairs to wait for him.
My step sisters and mum thought it was funny. Once I'd been spanked they joke about my sore or red bottom, and would wait for me to do anything that would let them say "dad, he needs spanking again". Dad sometimes just laughed but sometimes he'd take me upstairs for another spanking. As a sort of joke, but still a very painful spanking.

I didn't mind being spanked as at least it was over quickly. Grounding was worse. But it did hurt. Sometimes I seemed to be unable to avoid it and would go weeks with a permanently sore bum. I did resent being the only one spanked sometimes. It felt really unfair say if I had a fight or disagreement with one of my sisters. They'd get extra chores but I would get spanked. It was tough being spanked when I was older too. I was 17 before regular spankings stopped, but i still occassionlly had to drop my pants and bend over until I was 19 and went off to college. By then things were pretty good between my stepdad and me, and I accepted his right to spank me, but it was a tough punishment to take at that age.
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It seems like he enjoyed spanking you.😟

Feel bad for you. Did you enjoy them though?

I always wanted a stepdad to come into my life and help my mom with my discipline.

Seems very unfair that you got so many spankings. It is amazing that a teenager 16 to 19 would have to bare his bottom and still submit to Dad's spankings. Sometimes I find this difficult to believe. It bothers me your Mom and sisters didn't protest on your behalf and protect you better.

Did your sisters or mom ever see you getting spanked after say age 14-18 and how often were you spanked a year during that period of time by your step dad? Did your mom ever spank you as a teenager?

I was the only child to get spanked in my family too and since I was the youngest I just took it.

Ouch, until what age were you spanked Teddy. For me it was till I was almost 16 by my mom, dad, and aunt. It was bare bottom and it hurt and was embarrassing. How were you spanked and what was the worst and most embarrassing spanking you ever got? Did mom and dad spank and were you ever spanked in front of others.

Never in front of others. It was straight down pants down and over my dads legs. Got done for wetting myself around 6 which was embarrassing .

Till what age were you spanked Teddy.

Till 11 or 12 my dad stopped smacking altogether soon after.

that was cool of dad. I got it till I was 15 by mom, an aunt and dad. Tell me the last spankig you got from dad, what it was for and was it a bare bottom spanking?

My dad was abusive and not very "cool". Always got in pants down. Cant remember what the devil it was for because apart from spankings my dad would be physically violent so I have blocked most of him out nowadays. Love him but don't like him.

Sorry to hear there was no love in the discipline you got as a kid

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