I Got More Spankings Than Most People When I Was A Kid.

My parents spanked my bare butt with their hands and a belt and a tennis shoe when I needed it right up till I was about 16. It didn't really do much good though cause I'm still a brat now! hehe
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it doesn't matter how old you are I would spank you for being a brat even now a paddle or strap might work

I'd spank you until your bare cheeks were purple.

Sounds like it stopped a bit soon.

You still need and over the knee pant down spanking with a paddle for good 30min try sitting down after it

well if you still a brat you still need a good thorough spanking dont you

what they did wrong let me put right i will change you ways

Parhaps u must meet me and my cane?

I got it the same way! I probably had everything beat my butt at least once!

I think your story backs up my idea that spankings, while well-intentioned, don't work.<br />
How can a slap on the behind change an individual's innate nature? From what you've written, and from other cases I've heard, very little. It just added more emotional baggage.<br />
One can learn the difference between right and wrong in other ways. The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated, for example. Empathy, for another.

what all did you do to deserve spankings

heaps lol. mainly just talking back and stealing smokes from my mom.

that's not nice
please add me

did it ever turn you on in your younger teens?

Not at the time, but sometimes afterwards thinking about it.

So when was the first time you got turned on by a spanking? What made it different?


Sounds like u still need a good spanking.U need a good hard spanking otk to set u straight.once u get a good spanking u will see things differently :)

I Agree. Children should be spanked and quite frankly a beating is not always out of order.

And I bet you like getting spanked by your lovers now too.

Yes I sure do xx

if you Behaved you would not get spanked . NaughtyGirl i think i might enjoy smacking your bare bottom .