Tour De Front Room

About 2 weeks after I had gotten spanked with Brett by the workers with a cricket bat, I again cycled up to Brett's. This time it was a more uneventful day. We stayed in his house and listened to music and played chess. I felt awkward when his mom and sister came back from shopping. I wondered if they knew about our spanking. Had Brett told them? Had they found out? I knew how embarrassed I would be if they mentioned it. They said nothing and basically left us alone. Neither myself or Brett mentioned the incident.

Brett did tell me about a girl he had asked out to a dance on the next Saturday. Jane Cartwright was her name, but I didn't know her. listened
and nodded in the right places while I looked at an History of the Movies book. I liked looking at the naked or near naked photo's of actresses. Most I'd never even heard of. I do recall there being a topless picture of Valerie Perrine.

By three o'clock I said my goodbyes and cycled home before Mom came home from work. I put the bike in the garage and went back out, arrived back home about five. Mom had started the tea. She asked me if i'd had a nice day and what I had been doing. I said I'd walked over by the old house. She told me I shouldn't have gone too far because of my hayfever. She told me to take a tablet now. I felt in my jacket pockets but the packet wasn't there. I said I must have left them up by our old house. Mom was mad-she'd only got them Monday! I said i'd go and look for them tomorrow. I was trying to think where they might be and was concluding they might be at Brett's. Could they have fallen out of my pocket. Mom said Mrs Davies had rung. Oh, i tried miserably to feign surprise.

Worst still mom knew I was feigning surprise miserably. Mrs Davies had also informed her, though probably mom had asked her, that I had ridden on my bike there. Something I was forbidden to do.

Mom ordered me in the front room. For once on these occasions the telly wasn't on.

Mom-what have you been told about going on the main road?

Me-not to ride my bike on the main road.

Mom-how did you get to Brett's?

Me-On my bike.

Mom-you didn't go to the old house then.


Mom-you lied to me


Mom-what do I do when you lie to me?

Me-spank me

Mom-What route did you cycle to Brett's

Me-the main road.

Mom-what did I say I would do if you cycled on the main road?

Me-spank me

Mom-best get over my lap then

I went thru the well used ritual of undoing my jeans and helping them on there way down to my ankles. I pulled my underpants down and made my way over mom's lap. Mom positioned me and we were off. It was one of the hardest, longest spankings I had ever received. Mom made it very clear that I was not to ride my bike on the main road or lie to her. Mom's spankings were hard but she could still go up a notch or two and this was one of those occasions. My flailing legs soon stopped kicking and I was balling my eyes out like a five year old. After I had taken in the message I was sent to bed and told to change into my pyjamas. I didn't I lay face down on the bed without clothes all night. My bum hotter than a furnace and not a pretty sight in the morning.

Gingerly I dressed in the morning on Mom's orders. I guessed we were going to Brett's to get my hay fever tablets. We arrived to find Mrs Davies home but Brett and his sister out, thank God. Mom explained that I had lied and had disobeyed her by riding my bike on the main road. Mrs Davies would know to be phoning mom should I turn up on my bike again. Mrs Davies had nodded knowingly at mom. The indication I got was that Mrs Davies didn't have to resort to the same tactics. I wanted to drop Brett in it regarding the builders but my bottom wasn't up to another spanking at the present time. I don't know if Mrs Davies told Brett and his sister that I had got spanked the night before. I always thought she had but I might have been on a downer.
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