Wedding Reception

My nan died a couple of days after having a heart attack in October 1970. It was the same day my cousin Glenys was getting married. It turned out to be a very surreal day. As a result of my nan's death mom didn't go to the wedding. I had always been really close to my nan, she was the one person i used to talk to about any problems i had.

Throughout the day i kept telling myself nan was dead.

At the reception i was absolutely horrible. Rude and a little horror. Pouring drink into womens bags. Putting food in suit pockets. Doing absolutely nothing my dad told me to do. To be fair he knew the situation and gave me a lot of rope. His warnings didn't have the same fear factor or maybe that was what i wanted to believe. Ignoring warning after warning i finally went too far. He dragged me by the wrist to the reception desk and asked for the key to Glenys' suite saying 'he's been a very naughty boy!' by way of explanation. I started to cry. He dragged me upstairs to the room. Once inside he told me straight than even in the circumstances my behaviour was unacceptable. He asked Glenys for a spanking instrument as he sat down on the bed, took down my trousers/pants and unceremoniously hauled me across his lap. He started spanking me with his hand until Glenys returned with her brothers plimsoll, it appears he'd had to wear plimsoll's straight after the church because his new shoes were cutting his feet up. Dad now in more familiar terrority did his worst. It absolutely killed. I was kicking and screaming. Crying and yelling yet i know it was fully deserved. I didn't sit down again that day.

Over the years i have begun to think that i deliberately engineered that spanking. The day before her heart attack we had a row with nan and stormed out vowing never to go back their again while she was alive and i never did. So i believe that i wanted that spanking to eradicate the guilt i felt for nans death.

I don't know when i first became aware of Irene, my cousins wife and the cinecamera. Or how much she had seen. Or how much she had filmed.

I only found out 30 years later.

I was hauled back downstairs to the reception desk. I was crying and sobbing leaving the receptionist in no doubt about what had happened to me.
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You probably deserved that spanking with the slipper, although with your gran just passing away your dad could have given you some lee-way maybe.<br />
I think you had probably done so many things that day that they culminated and he found you like a spoilt boy, how old were you?<br />
<br />
I expect had that happened with me then my Pa would'v done the same thing.<br />
He always spanked us in private, though would say in public sometimes that we were in for a whipping when we got home!<br />
Food in pockets, drink in bags............surprised it being 1970 some of the guests didn't give you a spanking of their own too!<br />
I know I got spanked by a friends father and he also someone in our community, back then it didn't matter who spanked and people just accepted it, not like now.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

I did deserve it I could be horrible. I was 12 at the time. The worst bit which i found out years later was that my cousins wife filmed the incident and about 30 years later this was transfered to video tape. This tape was played at a family gathering. It was worst than the spanking.


I got what i asked for!