Oh I Never Forgot It

well i am 13 now and have a brother that just turned 18 in March. but i am going to tell you a story from when i was 7. it was just me going over to my dads house and i was just staying for 2 weeks. well i have alot of step-sibilings. when i got there my dad was out with everyone eccept for Jeff. jeff was told to look after me for the 5 days they would be gone. well all dicipline was left up to him. when i got there he greeted me with a hug and asked me if i had been good today. i said yes and he said good and kissed me on the top of my head. he told me his girlfriend was over(whom i hated) and for me to be on my best behavior. i told him i was going to my room and was going to unpack my stiff. he said while you do that i will make you some lunch what do you want. i looked up at him and said i want a turkey and white cheese sandwhich with a pickle. i went and unpacked my stuff while he made me my food. when i got back i sat down and ate my food. while i was eating he said since dad left me in charge i am going to set a few rules. 1. no lying(God knows she always lied) 2. no disobaying 3. no stealing 4. no hitting 5. no kicking. he said there are the rules you must follow them or it is an instant warning(a hard smack on the butt) if i do it again after my warning i would be spanked. i was always pretty well behaved but once in a while i had those moments. i said ok and went to watch TV. latter on that night my cousins came over to drop something off at our house and jenifer my 8 year old cousin at the time started to kick and hit me if i did not do what she said. i got tiered of her hitting and kicking me andin front of jeff kicked her. jeff quickly grabed me and gave me a hard swat on my backside that made me scream OWWW JEFF THAT HURT. he said i warned you missey and you brick one of my rules do it again and i spank you. his gf was still there and witnessed all of it. my cousin hit me again to see what i would do jeff yelled JESSICA NO STOP DO NOT BITE HER but it was to late i was already over their sinking my teeth into her arm. my cousin was screaming and crying ana begging me to stop. i let go and her arm was bleeding. next thing i new i was being draged down the hall and into my room. my brother said i will deal with you after i help your cousin. i new i was about to be beat. the door swung open and and i came jeff looking pissed off. he said very loudly YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT YOUNG LADY SO NOW YOU ARE GOING TO PAY. i started to beg no please dont spank me i promise i will be good. it was to late he was starting to unbuckle his belt. i cried out NO NOT YOUR BELT PLEASE JUST USE YOUR HAND BUT NIT YOUR BELT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. he layed thr belt on the bed and sat down and said very sternly Jessica Ann Balts get your *** over here right now i started to back up and turn to the door. jeff got up and grabbed me and hit me twice quite hard on the butt for misbehaving. he then dragged me over to the bed and sat bown. he started to unbutton my jeans and i started to try to get away and push his hands away but he smacked me on the butt and i quickly releast my hands and went to my sore butt and tried to rub the burn out. he finished pulling down my pants and panties and dragged me over his knee and started to spank me with the belt. by my third swat i started to howl and scream and cry id say he landed about 30 hits with the belt and 10 with his hand. when he was done he sat me up and hugged me and kissed my head. i cried into his shirt and he rubbed my back and said he was sorry and i was forgiven and that he loved me. he asked me if i wanted one of his t-shirts and i nodded he picked me up and got a t-shirt for me. it was really big and came down to my ankels. he asked if i wanted my panties off and i nodded and took them off. he caried me and gave me a cookie and said that he would not tell dad about what happened. he put me to bed that night with a nice bed time story and kissed me goodnight and told me he loved me then went and turned out the lights and closed my door and went to bed himself.
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it wasn't appropriate for your brother to punish you at all, it would have been enough to just send you to your room and let the parents decide the punishment. Not to mention,<br />
by the sounds of your story, it wasn't exactly all your fault.

no he turned 18 in march in the story

Good account but if thi happened when you were 7 and you are now 13 and Jeff has just turned 18 then he'd have been only 11 at the time.<br />
Have you got something muddled up here? He'd not be in charge at that age? a boy of 11 couldn't have had a girlfriend or been capable of a hiding like that.<br />
<br />
Getting it with the belt is always scary and I was lucky that my father always was in control when he disciplined us.<br />
I am pleased Jeff gave you love and care afterwards, this makes all the difference in my eyes. Anymore accounts? Thanks for sharing.