Broken Windshield

Well as some of you know I am not currently getting along with my mom very well so here is the story of what happened yesterday.
If you have read my story "She Just Gets to Me Sometimes = /" you know that my mom has not been very nice to me lately. I know sometimes I can be a handful but I dont know what I did before to start this whole mess.
Basically what my mom said that is bugging me is she said "that I am lazy and need to help her more, and that I need to get off my stupid computer and play with Erica more and I am fat and need to loose some weight" what really made me sad was when she did this in front of all of her friends and now they are nagging me too = /.
And to make matters worse my aunt seems to like slamming my head into things.
Usually I would fight back but this time I just said nothing, figured why fight back I will just get in more trouble, and I am not good at expressing my feelings, and its not like she would listen anyway, but it doesnt always feel good keeping it bottled up inside, and so I had to take all that pain and anger out on I got my sling shot and some ammo and went out to the  garadge, and used my moms Jagaur XKR as the target.
If you have read my story "Black Jaguar" you probably know my mom really loves her cars.......sometimes I think more than me.
The windshield looked like a hail storm had hit it when I was done, it was smashed pretty bad and I also shot out the side mirrors.
I know she was going to skin me alive when she saw it but oh well it made me feel better :)

Yesterday my dad and uncle were going out skeet shooting, and I thought I would go along, its always amusing if you have ever seen the movie "Second Hand Lions" thats what they are like when they have guns ha ha.
And if I was out with them I would avoid the wrath of my mom when she saw her car.
It was fun and I completely forgot about it until my dads cell phone ran, he answered and I could tell my mom was really mad because I could hear her yelling over the phone = / Uh Oh.

Well my dad lectured me the whole time we were going home, he said he was going to whip me good when we got home and I was going to pay for a new windshield : /.
He doesnt like when I destroy things that are expensive to replace but oh well how else do I get their attention, no one notices me when I am good.

We get home and he goes in the garadge to survey the damage, my was MAD she was ready to strangle me, she didnt say much though.
My dad sent me to my room and said he would be up in a little while, I went up there and I could hear my mom yelling about me...........I don't want to remember what she said.
My dad came up a few minutes later armed with the strap, he was probably disappointed this is not the first window I have broken on purpose.
I didnt try to argue or fight back I just layed over my bed and took it, I got 50 whacks it wasnt bare but it still hurt a lot =(, I did cry a little too.
When he was done I got another lecture about how it not right for me to damage expensive property and stuff like that, I wasnt really listening though.
I stayed away from my mom the rest of the afternoon.

So far every afternoon this week, I have had to go to my aunt stable and ride my horse, I was in a horse show tuesday and I purpose rode bad just to make both of them mad, i got last place in all my classes and I am not going to mention what my aunt did to me after.
Anyway I guess this is part of my punishment from her I have to practice for 3-4 hours in the blazing sun.
Its not all that bad I get to spend some time with my horse, but I could do without her constant critizism.
 My aunt is just like my mom except meaner and colder, but thats how you survive in the horse world.
Well anyway I was taking a break and was going to go get a drink and cool off for a few minutes, and she screamed at me to get back out in the arena and keep working.
I was in a rebellious mood so I yelled at her " I am just taking a 5 minute break you Botoxed Old Bat, so leave me alone so I can enjoy it!!!!!!!"
Ha ha ha ha ha I dont regret saying that, her mouth dropped open and she let out a "how dare you" gasp............she grabbed my by the ear and dragged me over to the willow tree : / uh oh I'm going to get it again, she got a thick switch and proceeded to set my butt on fire again.
Riding breeches dont provide much protection, she left welts and made me post rising trot for an hour with out stirrups, but I am still not sorry ha ha ha ha her face was priceless =D

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I'm sorry Hun, have you tried to talk to your dad about what your mom. Is doing to you to make you react this way? It doesn't excuse what you did that's wrong. But it seems like your dad should listen to you he seems fare by what you have said about him. Why don't you try and tslk with him. Your friend Steve.

Sweetheart, talk to your dad about what your aunt does with your head, and what you mom calls you. That is physical and verbal abuse. Your mother has no right to purposely lower your self esteem, and your aunt has no right to hurt you. She is not allowed to hit you. Yes, I know she spanks you, but she has no right to hit your head against the wall. Please do me a favor and talk to your dad about these things. Also what could help with the anger is a stress ball or something like karate where you get to relieve stress. Know that none of this is ypur fault.

I agree

Hahahahahahahaha how come I never though of the Botox bat thing before.

Oh, Lexi! "Hug!" Your mom sounds like my dad in that she is completely clueless about emotions. And explaining only gets your hopes up that next time will be better. You do need to find some type of outlet for the anger though. Could you try to talk to your dad or someone you feel comfortable with? I can't promise anything will change because of it, but at least you could express yourself instead of bottling it.

>:( I love u and that mad face was for those two and I don't regret breaking my fist for that incident with Vickie I was mad and NO ONE should ever do that well I don't want to get into that again I love u and good job pranking the wicked witches of the west :) <3