It Just Didnt Work On Me

My story isnt gonna glorify this type of punishment and if people do glorify it, your opinion pobably wont change my mind. Just a warning.

I don't remember my first whipping. I know I didn't get as many as most of the kids in my town that I know but I probably got more than some of them. I remember my grandma and mother used to get a switch when I was little. It was a small branch that they used to whip younger kids lightly. Then when I got in elementary school, I got the belt. I got that probably until sixth or seventh grade. I don't think these things really work. It's a complicated story that I'll try to explain the best I can.
I see people my age. They say they'll whip their kids just like they were, and it wouldn't raise any questions in my mind if I didn't know the people that were saying this. The very rules that they broke as children and got whipped for are rules they're still breaking. Some things even worse. They just know how to hide it better. It makes me wonder "Why would you use a technique that you know didn't even work... From personal experience?" I rarely ever ask this. If I do, I'll undoubtedly get the "spare the rod spoil the child" quote from the bible. But i think people take that way out of context. When I got whipped coming up, a lot of the time it was based on how the adult was feeling at the moment. If they were mad, you got a whipping. If they weren't, you'd probably just get a warning. I got whipped for stupid things too. Not for talking back or whatever, but if I didn't hear my mom calling me, she'd say I didn't answer and I got a whipping. Maybe the problem was that no one explained to me what I did wrong or why it was wrong. Instead, after every whipping I got that Bible verse. A lot of times she'd quote me while she was whipping me. I hated it.
When I got in ninth grade, I changed. People can say it's hormones, people can say it's angst. Whatever the case, I became more independent. Not in a bad way. But my mother is very overprotective. Thats another story though. Throughout my high school years, i stopped getting whippings and we had confrontations. Some of them became very physical. The last time it happened I left for a few hours. I don't really regret that. The point is, you can't hit respect jnto someone. Fear isn't going to make people respect you. They'll act like it. But take away the thing that made them afraid, and thy won't respect or fear you. I believe you're also supposed to guide someone. Let them know what they did wrong. Talk to them. That's helpful. That would've helped me. There are lots of things in the future I'm undecided about. I'm not undecided, though, about not whipping my kids. If i spank them, it'll be rare. But whipping them with a belt? I'm not doing it. It didn't work with me. I see it not working on tons of people.
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My mother never spanked me when I was younger, not even now! If I was to be honest, maybe I needed it because I'm still as immature, as I was at 11. I've stolen from my mother, thrown all the abuse you could think of at her, and haven't changed one tiny bit. I love being immature and getting in trouble with the police.

If I was your son, what would you of done?

Lol jail, I'd just give the police a bit of my mind.