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Hi my name is Allison I'm 24 and this is the story of why I got spanked.

Okay so one day while I was in 8 grade math class. The math walked outside the class because we were being too bad. But when the teacher decides to come in,she sees me yelling gay!!!! She was furious, so she sends me to the office. When I was in the office the counselor suspended me for 3 days( which I totally deserved ). The counselor called my mother and told her to pick me up.

When my mother picked me up and we were in the car, she was furious and kept giving me a lecture about not using that word and after the lecture she said I'm gonna spank your little butt as soon we get home. And she was right. Right when we got home she took upstairs in my room, took my pants down (I was really embarrassed because I was wearing cute pink panties)then she took my panties down and gave me a long 10 min spanking put me in the corner. I was bawling and crying my eyes.

Well there u have it. Tell me if guys wanna hear a story how i was spanked in school by the principal. Kay buy :)!!
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Allison good story. What were you spanked with and how sore was your bottom when your mom finished spanking you. Tell us about all your other spankings you got.

I dont blame your mum for spanking you for that if you were my daughter and did that I would of given you the slipper or the cane on your bare bottom.

If you was my dad, god i would throw all the abuse i could think of to get me out of the slipper, or the cane. But tbh my real mother, didn't use any sort of spanking on me and I'm still a brat these days, hehe.