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I have never been spanked by my parents, something I am happy about. But there are those moments when I think that it would be nice to find someone just slightly older who would do that. I haven't found that person yet, and I don't think I will, but anyway... I would like to give myself a self-spanking some day. What I would like from you is to tell me your ideas. What I should wear, if I should use an implement and how many swats I should administer. Just let your imagination fly. ;)
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Hi There. You definitely need a good spanking on your bare fanny and over my lap -mmmmmm. I am a WM-42 -6FT -180LB -BROWN HAIR -BLUE EYES with a little boy face on a man's body -LOL. Hollywood Handsome though -Honest. If you would like , please reply to my email ( and we can correspond . Take care.


I see you havent been on here this year.
Im hoping you found what you wanted from someone or even someone thatll do it for you.
Imolder then youed like im sure, but i do know a few your age that asked to be put over my knee when they need it.
Good luck and if you do it yourself make sure what you use is long enuff to reach behind you where you want it.