Public Spanking

One day I me and my family were at the carnival. I was wearing a cute skirt having a fun time. But around mid day I started too get cranky and I started to bother my mom, dad, and my brother.

I started to be loud and annoying to the whole family. Also I kept being bratty and my mom was really too get mad. Then finally I started to yell at my mom in front of everybody then she said "that's it". She kneeled down on one knee,pulled me over her knee lifted my skirt(which was embarrassing because I was wearing cute princess underwear), then she spanked me in front of everyone. I was bawling and so embarrassed.

Okay tell me if you liked it. Allison out.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2012

Nice story, but did you get another spankign once you got home. I know I would of got another one.