Not Playing Well With Others

We were over my Uncle's house yesterday and my youngest cousin John (12) was being a brat. So we (which included his older brother Jeremy and my other cousin Drake) decided we were going to exclude him out of hanging out with us. But you know how parents are and they made us take him with us anyway.

So long story short we decided to go up to hiking trail maybe 10 mins from their house. Now it was his brother's idea to get in there and ditch him for a little while. We went a little ways in and let John lead us in. Then all of a sudden we all ran off the trail and left him behind. Now we weren't leaving him there and we did intend on finding him before we left.

But about 45 minutes or so of us just hanging out by the water there, John shows up all dirty, scraped up and looked like he had been crying. We busted out laughing and was like what happened to you. He was mad and yelling for us to take him home, when we didn't leave right way he decided to walk home. so as you can guess when he got home he ratted us out and said we were laughing at him. Our parents were pissed off at what we did and the fact that he walked home! Basically because we knew better and because he could have gotten hurt or something. We had to apologize to John. We all got taken inside and my uncle told Jeremy he was getting his butt whipped for it and took him to his room. So my dad starts lecturing us downstairs and taking off his belt too, so we knew what was coming. Made me put my hands on the wall and gave me maybe like 10 really hard swats on the butt and Drake got the same. Just bad enough to feel the sting of it sitting on the car ride home. We still got grounded when we got home.
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Sounds like you and Drake got lucky only getting 10 with Dad's belt over your pants and not getting more at home bare butt. I'm betting Jeremy got it harder with his dad's strap and bare butt I his room since it was not only his idea but his younger bro who he should have been looking out for...

Yeah I remember that time, he was crying pretty loud. Heard him from all the way downstairs


yeah well thats how it goes. But at least we know who will snitch on us haha

That was really mean :(

We were just messing around with him, we didn't intend for it to be really mean.