Study Hall Spanking

I was in the 7th grade. In my town 7th, 8th, and 9th grade was middle school. Grade school was kindergarten to 6th grade. But we called middle school Junior High School in Bloomington, IL. So that is the start. It all was scarry at first. All I really wanted to do is be like it was in grade school. Just go to one class and be safe. In Jr. High we went from class to class and mingled with lots of kids I didn't know. One of the things that got me was that of all the kids I went to grade school with, not one of them was any of my clases. Now how could that be? Besides homeroom my classes were English, Math, Social Studies, and then study hall. My Social Studies class was split with lunch in the middle. After Social Studies was the study hall class. It was a huge class with something like 50 kids in it. Mr. Green was a short puggy History teacher. All the classes ecept Social Studies was 50 minutes long.

Now to the event. I have been spanked several times in grade school. So spanking in school was not new to me. Basically, I was a good girl. So on this day I really was trying to be good. School had been just a few weeks into the school year when this happened. I sat about two-thirds along the first isle. One of the cool kids sat in front of me but I really didn't pay him much mind. Ok now, it was a hot day. In Bloomington that pretty much was how it was like in September. And of course the school was not air conditioned so it was hot in the class room. I got there just as the bell rang and Mr. Green, remember he was the study hall teacher, was not there yet. It seemed to me that it was one big party. Kids were out of their chairs talking and running about. It was just a big chaotic scene. All I could think about was that the teacher would come in and give the whole class a detention.

I don't know why I did this, but I started feeling that everyone should just sit down and get to studying. So I went around to the kdis I knew and tried to get them to be quite. But the more I tried the louder it seemed it got. So in my walking about I soon wound up at the door way. So just as I peeked my head into the hall I say Mr. Green coming around the corner toward the class room. I quickly turned around and made it back to my desk as fast as I could get there yelling out that Mr. Green was coming. Now that did it for the class. There was a mad dash for everyone to get to their seats and start appearing to be studding.

It seemed that things were undercontroll. It was dead quiet. I was starting my work when Mr. Green grabbed my upper arm and dragged me out of my seat. I was so scarred. It was mad like nothing I knew about. He lead me to the back of the room into the storage room. Not all classrooms had a storage room, but this one did. The classroom was huge and this storage room was good size too. As he pulled me into the room I saw that it was filled with extra desks and unused filling cabinets.

At this time Mr. Green started yelling at me that he would not be spied on. He thought I was stationed at the door way as a lookout while the rest of kids played or whatever theyt were doing. But this was not true at all. But I was just scarred to death of this man. I wasn't much more than about 5 foot 3 and he towered above me. Looking down at me that he would not stand for this kind of behavior. I was there to study and nothing else. I was to come to study hall and sit at my desk. No reason for me to be in the doorway. He just got louder and meaner. But I was thinking that he was just going to yell for awhile and send me back to my seat. I was dreading that he might give me a detention which was what I was trying to avoid.

A detention was not on his mind at all. To my horror he turned me roughly around and pushed me over and to keep from falling on my face I placed my hands on this low two drawer filing cabinet. He pushed me further and I was laying over the top. It wasn't all that comfortable as it was metal and all. All this happened quickly and the nest thing was he pulled my dress up past my wast showing off my panties. I could feel the blood rushing to my fase in embarrasment. Then my mind went wild telling myself that I was about to be spanked. In a flash I realized that the class could most likely hear all that was going on in here. That was my thoughts just before this paddle came smashing on my fanny. All thoughts of the class room were out of my head. Only the stinging feeling of that paddle on my bottom was on my mind. There was a moment that I thought Mr. Green would slide my panties down. Instead he landed a might swat with his paddle. I didn't even see him holding it. It was just his ugly mouth that I was gazing at as he scolded me. He finished me with about ten good swats with that paddle. I was doing everything I could to keep from screeching out and crying. If he had landed one more swat to my fanny I would have given in. But he stopped and turned me around and told me that if I acted up again he would give me another spanking that I would not soon forget. Believe me I would never forget this one. My bottom was stinging as he did not hold anything back with his swats. I could feel my eyes feeling up with tears but none dripped.

As I sat back down at my desk the kid in front turned around and told me he would never put up that. If he tried to paddle him he would pop him in the chops. All talk as far as I was concerned. I just put my head down on my desk and hoped no one made anything of this. I just wanted to forget it ever happened. My last hope was that this wouldn't go any further so that my parents never found out about it. A spanking at school would get me a spanking at home as well. They never found out about this.
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man, it sucked to get spanked at school. it seems attractive now but at he time-oh, not at all. two paddlings I got in 7th grade did get me one at home both times. I remember how much I hated every one of those spankings, home or school. but the embarrassment at school, nothing could beat that!

Maybe I should tell them, MaryJo lol. Looks like you already know you're never too old for a bare bottom spanking across a cross mom's lap!

This is legal in the US? Wow, what a backward country.

Almost as backwards as the nations that the Taliban runs where its not only OK to beat a girl for showing an inch of skin, but OK to shoot a girl in the head for disagreeing, and to KILL a girl in your family if she "dishonors" you????

It is only legal in some states.

I remember when I was about 5 or 6 and My dad was a teacher in a catholic school a lot of the teachers (and nuns) didn't like him so when he got in trouble and had to leave the school some of my teachers tried getting even with him by taking it out on my bare butt when they felt like it.

You were unfairly dealt with Mary. I also believe receiving another spanking at home is also unfair, after all you have been punished once, how many times do you need to be punished for the same offence?

Liorah,<br />
Thanks for posting. You must write stories about your experiences, please. Lol.

Hi mj - I got spanked too, by my 7th grade teacher. I got in trouble for always talking during class; we were in the same room all day so by end of day he had really had it with me and told me I had to stay after school. I was quite e
Barrassed bc I actually had a deep crush on this teacher, and I knew he liked me and was very proud of me as a student so I didn't want to be seen as bad or a little girl by him. When all the kids were gone, he called me up to his desk and began to talk to me about my behavior. I remember being very embarrassed bc I just wanted to always make a good impression on him. He said how disappointed he was etc, but that he knew I was a great student and very mature for my age and not like the other kids, and that he respected and liked me and felt like we had a special relationship so he wanted this understanding to be beneficial to me and to our special relationship. I was half mortified with my original embarrassment, but also thrilled (and yes, turned on) by this tone - the man thought I was special, he cared etc! (I had fantasized repeatedly about kissing him and so was simultaneously nervous, embarrassed, flattered and aroused.) he beckoned me close and took my hands in his - I was nearly swooning and so turned on but terrified he'd know and also still mortified by the idea my intense crush had 'punished' me so I was totally off balance for what happened next. He said (so warm and serious and caring) that he wanted to make sure I didn't get in trouble again so since I was so special he was going to go out of his way to help me in a special way I cdnt tell anybody. All I cd think was how much I wanted to kiss him but also how embarrassed I was - my head was spinning and I felt electricity between my legs and was suddenly aware my panties felt wet. Still holding my hands, with me standing almost between his knees, he firmed his grip and told me gently but firmly that he was going to give me a spanking in his lap but not to be scared because it was because he cared so much about me. I was frozen and electrified, with embarrassment and desire - nobody but my parents spanked me, and did he mean I'd actually have to lay over his lap, would he pull my dress up, would he --- pull my panties down?! All this while he was maneuvering me into position, pulling me closer and starting to pull my dress up. He got it up around my waist and I started weakly protesting and I remember having tears in my eyes - shock and desire and fear and embarrassment - and he suddenly pulled me to him and hugged me tight up against him (i cd feel my breasts pressed into him) and began stroking my back and telling me not to cry, it wd be okay, I'd see it was okay be ause I was so special to him not the other girls who were really just kids. It felt so good to have him hold me, and I felt so 'womanly' with my breasts and nipples pressed right into his warm shirt, but I also knew he had my dress hiked up around my waist, and as he hugged me and rubbed my back his hand went down to my buttocks and he was suddenly caressing and squeezing them, all the way down to the bottom, so his fingers were brushing over and over my crack and along the space that would enter between my legs. I thought of him touching me there but was mortified because I felt my panties were wet, and suddenly he was forcing me over his knees with my dress up and wrapping his arm around my waist and pinning me and telling me it would be okay and I had to let him and it was for the best and - suddenly my dress was shoved all the way up my back and I felt the air on my panties and the wetness between my legs and he began spanking me, over and over, hard enough that it hurt but not so much that I'd cry out or really want to get away. He kept saying "that's it, that's it" and "yes, good girl" and "that's so good for you." I was in utter shock - this had all happened so fast and felt so shameful and forbidden but also somehow romantic and I was embarrassed and confused and so so turned on and even more confused and ashamed of that. Then he said, "okay, good job, that's such a good girl, we're almost finished" - and he momentarily stopped - but then his hand was at my waist and I felt his fingers slip under the waistband if my panties and realized he was pulling them down. I tried to struggle and kept saying no but he shushed me and gripped me firmly and told me it was okay, just me and him, we needed to do this etc, and in seconds I felt him sliding his fingers back and forth down my buttocks until my panties were all the way inside out down my thighs. I still remember him throatily saying "oh yes!" and caressing my buttocks and tracing my crack and squeezing me then suddenly starting to spank my bare upturned heinie, holding me hard against him and jolting with me at each caressive smack. I had tears down my face but it wasn't so much like crying as it was my utter embarrassment at the way it felt between my legs and how much I wanted it even though I was mortified with embarrassment and shame at the little-girlness of it when I wanted him to think of me as a young woman. He began to work my panties down further but they were literally stuck in my crotch from the wetness in my labia, and when he shockingly slipped his fingers there to free them he felt the wetness and let out a groan and quick as lightning he slid his long finger up into me and let out a groan and began sliding it in and out of my vagina, then pulling it out and spanking my naked rear end, then fondling into my crack until his finger was in me again, sliding in and out. I was in a frenzy, I knew this was wrong but I wanted it but was utterly embarrassed - I had never imagined this kind of thing in all my crush fantasies if him and I was 'afraid' it wasn't sexy in his eyes (?!) but it was all going so fast and so overwhelming and confusing and I felt like a punished helpless shamed little girl and a young woman having first sex all at the same time. I was mind-blown that his big long finger was sliding in and out of my most private virginal secret place and that I could hear wet noises and then he began sliding his finger out and up through my labia and he began rubbing me in fast firm little circles and everything escalated and I had an ****** in his lap, turned over with my panties down like a little girl. I shuddered and groaned and was so embarrassed (like I had done something wrong?!) and he immediately pushed his finger back into me and in and out while pulling me into his lap rhythmically and he clearly had an ****** too. He slumped over me, hugging me in his lap, with his finger still up me, and whispered my name several times, then slid out his finger, stood me up, pulled up my wet panties - I just stood in semi shock - then hugged me to him in an embrace saying I was good, that was good, he didn't mean to, was I okay, how did I feel, how did it feel, and just hugging me and rambling. To my young mind, this was 'proof' that I really was special and mature etc and I was simultaneously mortified with embarrassment and smitten with love and just utterly mind blown. He actually drove me home, and - it was winter so dark very early - a block from my house pulled over and pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth, fulfilling my dozens of year long more innocent fantasies about him. He told me how special I was, how special this was, but that it could never happen again, which crazily I understood. But - it did, though not like that. Years later, when I was in college, I went back and visited him unannounced with the explicit hope of luring him to bed with me. I was house sitting for my aunt and i got him to come back there with me (he did try weakly to resist) and we re-enacted all of it and so much more, for hours upon hours, and honestly, probably the best sex of my life where I most freely gave in to every fantasy I had. Sadly, Ive never found anyone since who so perfectly and unreservedly went into that raw and daring, passionately no-holds-barred place in such a raw sexy loving ******* passionate way. <3

All I can say of this is wow!

yes, wow. I have to take care of something now.

This was an unfair spanking, which you didn't deserve. He's an *******!
I deserved all my spankings.

spankings in my day was only done by parents the head was the only one that could and he used the cane if we played up we got a letter to take home and my mum would always give much harder punishments than him

Well written. That guy could sure swing that paddle!

Hey hunn add me. And I'm from that area and I don't remember for one spankings aloud in school I mean not my area. I got my hind parts blisterd at home all the time never in school

Were your "hind parts" blistered with an implement? Was this the result of the school contacting your parents about your naughty behavior?

You got some in high school also? You seem very pleasant

Great story Was that your last spanking or you got more as a teen? Enjoy your weekend

I got my fair share of spankings through middle school. Slowed down some in high school.

Sorry things worked out that way.
I have no problem with corporal punishment in schools but I 'm not okay with a male teacher pulling the dress up on a 7th grade girl and spanking her. Did your parents know he did that?

My parents spanked me. Usually the hairbrush on my bare bottom all the way to twelfth grade

Welcome to EP Cyndy. I got the same, would love to chat. Do you have yahoo messenger?

Interesting story - how old were you spanked to at home and how?

I was last spanked when I was 17. Most of my spankings were in grade school and middle school. I only got spanked a few times in high school. Most of my spankings I was put over my mom's lap and got spanked with a hairbrush with panties pulled down.

That's how I got it too.

What other grades were you paddled?

I was spanked from 3rd grade to 8th grade.

Seems to me the whole class owes you on that one!

Wow sometimes it doesnt pay to be nice it only got u spanked n spanked good :) ty spnkbooty

When we were paddled in school, we had to take a note from the principle to our parents explaining why we were punished. The note had to be signed and we had to bring it back the following day. We too, were paddled again at home on our bare butt in front of our brothers and sisters.

Teachers never spanked. It was only done by the principle. And yes, I had to go there a few times.

Was that the last time you got the paddle at school?


I don't believe that girls should be spanked by men. Wish I'd been a boy in your class, and that I was selected as the offender. So sorry that your good deed got you punished.

Men should never spank women. If you needed one at school, it should have been administered by a woman teacher.
Boys being spanked by women teachers is perfectly OK, as the teacher is replacing the mom. The boy hould be sent home for another spanking by his mom.

That's extremely sexist and, quite frankly, offensive. You haven't even bothered to answer the question - "Why not?" Like Debbiesax, I was caned and slippered by both male and female teachers too. They were "in loco parentis" so, when I misbehaved they were right to punish me. If a female teacher is "replacing the mom", then a male teacher is "replacing the father". If a boy should be sent home for another spanking from his mom, then a girl should be sent home for another spanking from her father.