3 Times In The Last 2 Days

So just been stressed out with school and a ton of other stuff. So probably not in my best of moods to start with.

So 2 days ago my dad is on my back about not getting all my homework completed and not doing all my chores. I listened to him rant and when he was done, I walked away. I said something like "damn get off my f***ing back and give me like 5 f***ing minutes to breathe". This was not intended for him to hear! He came up behind me unexpectedly and forced me over the side of the couch and whipped my butt until I apologized. Then he told me to watch my tone with him and finish getting myself ready for school.

My parents both leave before us and I was just still mad about what happened so I didn't go. Plus I had swim practice, which meant at some point being in a locker room changing. Yeah not showing my whipped butt off to get laughed at or something. Well anyway my swim coach noticed I didn't show and texted my dad asking if I was sick. So yeah got a yelling call from my dad threatening me to get to school. I did go the second half of the day, but it didn't save me from him and his belt again after he got home. Did that dreaded "go wait in your room". Didn't take much to get me whining about it, was still a little sore from the first one.

Then yesterday, a teacher was fussing at me about an assignment. I was just like forget this and I walked out of class for a break. That;s not allowed and I know it, but better than yelling back at a teacher. But got detention anyway. My dad was so mad and just screaming at me, I'm sure his whole office building had to know that he was pissed off with me. He came home last night and didn't even bother with a lecture. Just grabbed me and took off his belt. Worse one out of the 3! He made me bend over my bed and probably like 10 minutes or more he just tore my butt up. He finally stopped and had me face him, I know my eyes were watering up a little and told me, if I do one more thing this week he is going to have me really crying! He grabbed me and gave me like a seriously hard one last smack with his belt across my thigh and I screamed okay I get it, just to avoid another one...that hurt like hell. Then he let me go and slammed my door on the way out. Didn't sleep well last night and still this morning not too comfortable. I don't think I'm even going to talk to him the rest of this week!
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Are you still living at home and getting the belt from your Dad?

Poor kid :(. Your dad sounds a little scary.

He can be

do you still get spanked ?

were they in private or did mom see you get spanked and were the spankings over your jeans or on the bare bottom? Did you cry on any of the three spankinbgs?

I don't tend to cry...

Yikes. i think spanking is wrong. If he did that to another adult it would be an ASSAULT!!! I only spanked my daughter one time when she was 5. It was over her jeans and with my hand, I did it privately. She didn't cry. I felt so guilty that I intentionally broke my wrist. She then cried. I asked her why she then cried. She said it upset her to see me hurt myself, That was almost 8 yrs ago. She has hardly misbehaved since. i have never and never will spank my son. When they misbehave i talk to them, ground them, or take away something they like for a period of time. Parents who hit their kids and say it's discipline, punishment, or good parenting are rationalizing violence! A parent is supposed to use his/her hand for patting their kid on the back, wipe away tears, hugging. A parent isn't supposed to be the reason for the kid to cry. Lessons are painful enough . without inflicting physical pain.

I'm not exactly against spanking, per se, even at your age but definitely not in anger, not the way your father did it. No way. I'm sorry you live in a family like that.... but I would try and watch myself a little more carefully especially knowing what he's like to live like. I mean, I know mistakes are going to happen but three in two days, all more or less for the same thing? You are BOTH highly at fault for things not going well there. I'm glad to read that you're workingn on your end of things though. I did notice that :) Hopefully your dad does too. Is it just the two of you or do you have siblings? A mom?

I live with my mom too and little sister. I have a much older brother who is out on his own and my younger cousin lives here too.

Does your younger cousin get spanked too by your dad or mom? Is it only your dad that spanks you?

Only dad and yes my cousin gets it too

Ouch! Thats gotta suck... Im raised by my brothers and thats happended to me probably a time or two!! Except i was little and i was like 8 or somthin and 1st I didnt do my chores when told and argued, 2nd I snuck out to go to a friends house, 3rd... WORST ONE OF ALL i skipped school... Th skipping school one WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIF... I decided to go to school and then ditch with a friend at thats what we did... We went to a uniform school and so lots of people could notice us... We walk to Petco.. so we could look at animals and such and i forgot my brothers BEST FRIEND works there.. He saw me and my friend and he had to take his break... He took me back to the school and i got suspended for 1 day and that was probably the worst spanking i have ever gotten.... BUT Thats sucks... YOUR A YOUNG ADULT You should be the one hitting your father across the face... (DONT!!) Haha but ya! :)

Yes young adult! Very true and I do agree, though I wouldn't hit him haha

EEEEEK. Seriously Dude, watch your step and your mouth. I understand you are stressed, I really do, and I know it is so easy to blow up at someone else. And might I suggest NO MORE SKIPPING?!

I'm not skipping, I'm watching myself around him too.

Yea, don't skip anymore. Your dad probably will have you really crying? Does he spank over your boxers? And are you 16 right now.

Of course, partying can solve all that ;] Am I right or am I right?? ;P

yeah partying solves everything bro XD

Just like a teen... Always other people's faults.. Never sees wrong doing of your own. I can see your father should NOT physically touch you, but don't make it sound like it your father as problem. I bet amything, problem is caused by you for NOT following your duties as son who lives under his roof and as a student who should have a goal to achieve that requires higher grade which I am sure you show lack of interest. <br />
<br />
I can tell your father cares for your future greatly 'tho his displine method is messed up. But I bet you anything, you are a type that no displine works. No matter what given 1week, you'll go back to doing the same thing and say the same things. Dude, learn quick, life is not about doing your job when you want but dpi g the given job on time then resting. Not the other way around.<br />
<br />
You sound like a typical kid who goes blaming on parent - GROW up! Once you can do your job on given time, but your father still tries to belt you, then stand up like a man you became. <br />
<br />
On the other hand.. Belting .. Really??!!

Did I say I was blaming anyone for my problems? I know I'm not the model student or teen. I get that, but still I think he over reacted here!

Well three spankings in two days is a little over reaction..he could have said first of all "watch your mouth before you get it" then the second one might not even have happened.

:( big hugs i'm sorry he's being so hard on you i'm always here love you lots (hugs)

thanks and I know :)


My mother or father never spanked me, lol.

must be nice, I'll trade you parents ...well at least my dad anyway lol

I grew up at end of mf my father belt on my bare bottom until I left to get married at almost 26 some I deserved and a lot that I didn't due to a incontinence problem that didn't except but I would say I hated him or wish any harm or wish he wasn't my father .he did the best he how to and made me the man I am today and at 64 now my father gone wish he was here to me just 1 more

Lol, take my advice and tell him to **** off. The silly ******* ****, lmao!

Yeah and so he can come after me again. Would feel great to say that, maybe when I'm off at college and like pretty far away from him haha


like hey dad, just calling to say.....

Then hang up before he can go off, though I might have to secretly change schools and go into hiding haha.

doesnt your dad just spank you, not your mom? And he always spanks in private right?

Not if he's paying for college!!! After my last comment(on kicked-out of my own house) I NOW THINK YOU'D BE BETTER OFF IF YOU COULD LIVE WITH YOUR BROTHER(AND PAY SOME KIND OF RENT) UNTIL COLLEGE.

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Ouch that doesnt sound fun : / but I know what that's like people always getting in your way and you just want some peace.

Yeah some peace would be nice. But good luck with that in my house.