Spanked For Lying

I knew I shouldn't have lied to my mom, that it was stupid--whatever. Over and done with, paddle hitting rear end, and I was sent to my room to await my Father's return. As I learned, Father was a fancy name for "Dad". The dreaded wait for his car, and then the talk with Mom--is there anything worse in the world?
Time ticked at an abnormal rate, and finally, he was there, and it was all too fast.
The lecture: "You lied to mom today, did you? Well, now you're getting a spanking. Bend over, hands on the bed."
Backside poised for the punishment, and then his hand hitting with a "crack". Seven more, and it was over--didn't want to overdo it.
And then came the dreaded apology, with the threat that Mom might take it into her head to spank me again--she usually did and would, if I was sulky.
"Apologize." my dad ordered, hand on my shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Mama."
Her eyes meeting Dad's, and then I was allowed to scuttle up to bed.
This is one memory of a childhood spanking, not as dramatic as some of you have!
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2 Responses Sep 4, 2012

The apology is said with your lips and later felt from the heart. At that point, true repentance begins!

they never huged you or anything after any spankings ?

My dad never hugged me afterwords. Should he have?

well i dont know if he shud have but my dad always did becuse he felt bad seeing me in so much pain

Maybe it's different for boys.

our parents are just differant and ya i know my brother was always spanked harder then me

My stepfather would hug me afterwards, after the lecture, apology, and scolding that is. Perhaps your just didn't want to get it into your head that you got attention for doing bad things.

what ?

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