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I didn't get spankings as often as my brothers mainly because I learned to just do whatever my dad said so I could avoid them. When I did get spanked I hated It but not as much as I hated when my brothers got spanked. My dad held back alot for me because I am a girl but my brothers he did not. He would make them pull down their pants if the crime was serious, underwear came down for the ultimate offense. He would start over if they made a sound, I hated it I would cry every time. I still cry when I remember their screaming, but I couldn't do anything. I ran in sometimes to try to stop him and sometimes I took their blows but even now I still can't forgive him. I understand him but I can't forgive him, all I Can do is learn and never repeat this cycle with my children
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you live in a too little place no school or organisation religious

if he beat too much speak from problems xwith teacher ort social assistant or nurse of school if you have mark on your back

why you not go in school you live in a secte