The Ringing Of The Church Bell

The Second Presbyterian Church was pretty well attended when I was in grade school. There was two parts to it. One was the original building and the other was the new addition. The old part looked like an old time type of church. It had everything including a steeple with a real bell. In my town it was one of only a few that used an actual bell instead of a recording piped to the outside. At the time I never really gave it much thought. Now I do when I am thinking about this event that I am thinking about.

I was in the third grade when I started venturing to parts of this church. I was a member of the Sunday school and pretty much stayed there. The Sunday school has a hall that all the classes start the service in. It seats about forty kids. The Sunday school superintendent starts Sunday school with the ringing of this little chime. We all sit with our Sunday school teacher in our Sunday school clothes. The announcements are made and then a prayer is said followed by everyone reciting the 23rd psalm. Then we are dismissed to our classes for instruction. Then everyone is dismissed to go to your class with your teacher.

Now my parents are on the board which sometimes meets before church services. So me and my brother and sister have to come early. It was at one of these early times that I am writing. It gets boring just sitting in the main hall waiting for things to start. So my brother usually takes my younger sister and go walking about. In the summer they go outside. I most the time go with them. But now being in the third grade I went off on my own this one time.

Now the church, as I was saying, had a bell that rang at 9:00 am on Sunday to tell people that church service would start in an hour. I was out to find where this bell ringing takes place. There is a hall way behind the pulpit. There are stairs from the north side and the south side. Right about half way the hall way gets wider to about 8 feet and in the middle of all this is a rope. When you looked up it went through a hole in the celing. Standing there was about 5 kids of who I knew no one. But took that they were just wondering around like me.

This girl much older than me stepped forward to say hi. The others followed behind her to greet me. I thought that was nice. Much better than sitting in the Sunday school hall waiting for Mrs. B, the superintendent. I was asked if I wanted to ride the bell. It was way to earlier to really ring the bell. I didn’t even think that there was a time to do it. Not only that but it certainly wasn’t one of us that would do it. But I was only in the third grade. It looked like fun.

She explained to me that the rope was just an exercise thing. One of the older boys jumped up and grabbed the bell and pulled it down. His weight brought it slowly down and then up he was pulled as the bell started to move. Then when the rope came down lower on one of the swings he would jump up again and the weight of the bell would pull him up even higher, like a ride at a park or something.

Then he came down and the girl with me pushed me toward the rope and the boy gave it to me at the lower point. And before I knew what was happening I took it and up, up, and up I went. My heart went about a zillion miles an hour. I must have gone up 15 or 20 feet. And my dress clung to my legs from the air blowing through that hole in the ceiling as I went up getting closer to it. Then I slowing stopped going up and started coming down. Now the air in the room blew up my dress and puffed it out for all to see my panties. I was horrified, but could do nothing about it because if I let go of the rope I would fall to the floor.

Now while all this was going on and the kids around me are all laughing at this stupid girl that took hold of the bell rope, came someone down the hall. It was one of the ministers of the church. Not the head guy, but an assistant to the pulpit,. He came slowly and then getting the idea that the kids were ringing the bell quickened his approach. It was at that moment that everyone disappeared, but me who was clinging to the rope for dear life showing off her panties on the downward and too scared to let go when it was going up. The minister did not know I was set up. He took it that I thought it would be cool to ring the bell.

So up I went and then down I came much looking like a bell, with my dress full of air and my white cotton panties showing off. I was so scared then. The minister reached up to me when I was within reach and took me by my waist and had me let go of the rope. He sat me down and grabbed the rope to stop it from raising and falling. Then when that was done, he turned to me and grabbed my arm wanting to know what I thought I was doing. Then he just got all red in the face. His lips got all tight looking with these evil looking eyes. Now I really was scared. He forced me to bend over slightly and took me by my waist letting go of my arm and lifted me up onto his hip with my bottom facing forward. He flipped up my dress and tucked it out of the way with the arm that was around my waist.  Then spanking began.

When I left the Sunday school hall, I had no vision that I was on my way to a spanking. The minister’s hand began spanking my panty covered bottom. And none of this forgiveness and understanding stuff; this spanking was up there with any I have gotten. He defiantly was on a mission to give me a very sore bottom. But as soon as the spanking started it was over with a good twenty or so swats delivered to my bottom. I was bawling and rubbing my bottom and he was sternly telling me to go back to the Sunday school. If he caught me in this hall again he would take down my panties and give me a sound spanking with a paddle. I didn’t need to be told twice. I got to moving toward the end of the hall while rubbing my sore sit spots through my white cotton panties. Tears running like waterfalls down my face cheeks and throbbing stinging soreness from my bottom cheeks.

I managed to stop crying by the time I got to the Sunday school door. The area was now filled with kids waiting for the announcements to begin. I spotted the older kids who had gotten me spanked. They were looking this way and that like they never had seen me. I quickly sat down in my seat and relized that my bottom was no longer stinging like it had. Then the service began.

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your lucky you could sit in your seat and lucky your parents didn't give you a follow up spanking at home or even during the Church service.

Playing with a Bell rope should not get you smacked. If the church. I am a bell ringer myself and 1 thing I have learnt. If people go to church that has a peal of bells and some churches ring twice a day (Morning and Evening) During the day especially if the church does not have a clock. The bells are normally left in the upside down position as that is how bells are rang. If Kids actually pull the rope on these bells, it can be very dangerous especially if people are not bell ringers to regain control of the swinging bell which will throw the rope about as well.

If this church had like 1 bell and it is swung chimed there it poses no danger and therefore you not get a smack for it. Sounds like the Priest probley is in to do that sort of stuff.

That was really mean of the minister not to discuss what had happened with you first. Sounds like he was a nasty man.

I didn't know the minister except from a distance. He was always chasing kids out of the hall and away from that bell rope. I didn't know anything about spanking pleasure some people got. At the time spankings were just what grownups gave kids when they were naughty.

thats some interesting story thanks :)

too much for small mistake

Awww! Those mean big kids!!

Great story. Thank you for sharing.

Great story! The bell tolled for you.