My Younger Sister's Hardest Spanking In Her Life

Hi,this is my first story and I would like to share about my sister's spanking.Last weekend,my sister demanded to play with my laptop and I 'm not gave her permission to play with it because I have to update my antivirus program but she insisted until she took my thumb drive and crush it by her feet.My blood was very boiling when she does an unexpected action.So I drag her to my room and I take my parent's spanking implements collection (paddle,leather strap ),my 14 years old sister shout at me "If you spank me I will tell mom" then I said "You can tell whatever you want because mom tell me that if you make trouble I have license to spank you my dear sister..".Hesitantlessly,I lay her on my bed then I will spank her by bare bottom,you thought if this is a cruel action but this is the way to correct her very2 bad attitude,so I take the first implement,the paddle to warm up her bottom and thigh.She said "I'm not gonna cry about this because I'm a Superwoman" then I reply with a insulting smile "Oh yeah,we will see if you a 'Superwoman' or not!".I sat on the bed and I landed the paddle moderate hard on her thigh for 5 swats for paddle,she's not crying but I can see tears about to flowing from her eyes.Then I stop and say "Is it hurt now?" then she say "Huh,that you say it hurt?It just feel like you scratching only",I said again "Oh yeah,thanks for the information,it helps." So I took the leather strap with stand up position and I whip her hard for the first strapping from 15 strap swats,second,third,fourth and fifth, she gets sobbing then I continued until the fifteenth swats,at that time her bum gets crimson red and she bailing so loud and she said "STOP it,I admit it, it was so HURT!!" then I said "Of course it hurts,'SUPERWOMAN'!." I have feelings so I have pity on her because she is my sister,I gently get her up and ask her to sat besides me and advices her with soft voice so she have  to be more tolerate with other people,be a good girl,respects people older than her and more submissive with it.With sobbing she said that she was in full of remorse feeling and take apology with me and promise to be a good girl,last word I say to her is don't just say it,do it,now you are in early teen age and I will always spank you at any age,then she hugs me tightly.

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You spank your sister? You spank her on her BARE butt? Who do you think YOU are? Just remember, some day the role will be reversed, and you'll be an old feeble man, and your sister will still be spry enough to kick your a$$! I understand how you could be angry with her, but you are her brother, and I don't care what you've been told, striking a person we love is never the correct move or response.

You have some of the WORST grammar I have ever seen.

Did you ever think that this person might be using English as a second (or third) language? Joey got the point across, and your grammar could have been an example to him, but you changed tense mid-sentence and incorrectly used upper-case letters (which was fine for an internet bulletin board). You got your point across too, however, so it's all good!

Still the worst grammar ever.

Language translation sites/apps are horrible for grammar. What sounds normal to us translated would sound like bad grammar to them.

super woman did she said how much time she feel pain on her sore bum how much time she have mark on her bum who help her remember

I believe you did the right thing

Sometimes,speak doesn't work enough for her..

A 22+ year old man has no business baring his 14 yr old sisters bottom and punishing her, or rubing her bottom to "soothe" it. Perhaps if he demonstrated more self control, his sister would take after. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Hmm...OMG,what are you thinking about? and her is you think I'm heartless spank her harshly and let her be and doing something that I just don't like to say it? That's were just cruel....think twice dude....:)

yes i understand she no monney to payed back

Of course she not!That reason makes me upset with patience have it's limit..supposely at her age i.e. 14 she must be more mature on doing actions..

yes i understand you angry but you could strike her not so hard

I'm not strike her just moderate stage,but in large of number if know,the 64 GB thumb drive price is 150 Ringgit Malaysia,approx. 37.5 Euro there not including to my expensive programmes installed in it and the programmes can't be evacuated sad and angry am I!!She deserves that..

<p>I would think at 14 she would have more of a matrue attitude. So she certainly deserved the spanking. I don't think I did anything like that when I was 14. I have never been hit with a belt. My parents use a ruler sometimes, but mostly a hairbrush which really stings. How do you know this was here hardest spanking ever?</p>

BINGO,she have to be a more mature girl at her age.I know this is the hardest spanking have ever she felt because,my mom also have spanked her before approximately for about 7 months ago and she just felt clothes hanger because of backtalkng,however she also squirmed when she got it...

I respectfully disagree with the punishment. I think the punishment was not commensurate with the transgression. I think it would have best to leave what kind of punishment your sister would have received to your parents. She was naughty, yes. But five paddles and fifteen belt spanks is too much, I think.

Thanks for your comment,I know but five paddles and fifteen paddles is commensurate with her age,you see 14 years old is big enough for such punishment,it's okay I respect your notion.