I Used To Be Spanked A Lot!

My dad used to spank me all the time. He would say "I'm gonna blister your butt so bad, you won't be able to walk!" It was scary. Of course he never did that. He would usually use his belt but sometimes he used the spoon. I got it a lot worse if I tryed to get away. He stopped spanking me a few months ago. Now he just grounds me, which is almost worse. But he still says I'm not too old to get spanked... And I get in "trouble" a lot. He always thinks I'm lying, and he never lets me do anything, nothing I do is good enough for him...
Kali96 Kali96 16-17, F 2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

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I feel for you. When I was growing up, my dad was a drinker - his favorite saying was, "I'm gonna BUST your little bottomside!" But he only spanked me once, and it was a bare bottom over his knee with his hand - which hurt for the better part of two days - and he misunderstood something he saw after a day of drinking. My mom was the family disciplinarian, normally.

Thanks for sharing