Strict Parents In The South

I grew up with very strict, religious parents in the southern US during the 60's and 70's--what is commonly called the "Bible Belt", but for me, it involved a different belt.

My parents believed that children's bottoms should be soundly spanked or whipped for any misbehavior or rebelliousness, to do any less was to risk that the child would be lost to the devil.

Both mom and dad used the belt on my bare bottom from as early as I can remember up to my mid-teen's.

This was pretty standard for this time period. Most parents in our neighborhood used various forms of corporal punishment. At some point, I seem to have eroticized it and bacame fascinated with sapnkings. It later developed into a fetish for me.
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my dad use belt all the time an me an my sis wel lme most
mom use hairbrush dad took me to shed for my whippings i grew up with many marks bruises on my bottom from the whippings i got but i learn my lesson an all m ywhippings were deserved never got it for no reason

That is such a common reaction to abuse. The thing is, the whole community is abusing their children under the excuse of "discipline," so there was nobody to help you or even say it was wrong. Now you have sexual fetishes. Its sad and so unfair.

I had the chance to interview this amazing young man, Johny O'Donnell who started this movement called SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere). What do you think of what he has to say?
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Good for you.My wife used to tie herself up under the bed and that became a fetish.

I've been in Psychology for over 26 years and I believe I can explain correctly.

As we develop sexually and events occur like the spanking ......then the two things.... can BOND to become a fetish.

So get a leather suit and a Baptist belt and have your wife or lover spank the hell out of you.You have been a very naughty boy and you deserve a good belting on a regular basis because of your REBELLIOUS NATURE.

The best way to deal with fetishes is, of course, prevent them. We should never hit children. The old saying, "neurons that fire together wire together," is so true. When people we love and who love us also hurt us, we confuse love and pain, even on a neurological level.

As for ending the fetish, that is very difficult. Talk therapy can be helpful, and rewiring your brain by having repetitive sexual experiences that are tender, loving, and respectful can help. But the underlying rage and powerlessness have to be dealt with. Talk therapy is the best for that. Indulging in the fantasy tends to reinforce a sense of shame, as well as the confusion between love and pain.

My experience with therapists are that they give up before the problems are solved completely.

Yes,you are correct about everything you are saying.

You sound like you might be a sex therapist ?

I do not see any danger in a fettish like this so I try to remove the guilt with approval.

The question is whether he wants to end the fettish and I didn't hear that part yet ?