Peed and Spanked

One day I had to pee reealy badly, but there was no toilet or hidden corner in sight. I was 15 at the time, waiting for the wedding to start with my twin sister, sarah. I had told my mom that I desperately needed to pee, but she said you are just faking you can hold it! And she said it in an annoyed voice, so I knew not to keep bugging her about it. Finally just a few minutes before the wedding was supposed to start, my mom saw the way i was holding my crotch and wiggling, so she let me go. My older sister Jane can with me to make sure i wasnt fooling around. When we got there, just before i was about to enter a stall she says " Wait, dont you want to wait to see how long you can hold your pee, i've been doing it all morning! " I look at her with my desperate fave and urge to just go pee. But i over thought what the consequences could be and went along with Jane. We walked back into the hall just in time. My mother glanced at me, letting me know that i ha already done enough today. Sarah, my twin sensed that I was on edge, which I was, since I really hadn't taken a bathroom break. Whenever Jane or I saw my mother glance at us, we would try not to wiggle. The ceremony was soon over, so we headed to the car, I got up just fine, but Jane struggled, because she had been holding it all morning. I helped her up, and we scurried to the car as fast as possible. Now my twin Sarah really knew something was up, so she decided to keep pestering me until I finally gave up and told her what we were up to. So she decided to join in on the fun too. We all arrive at the reception, Jane about to burst, me struggling to keep it in, and Sarah just having the urge to pee. We all slowly walked in, having the fear of leaking. My mom and us walk to a seat and start eating. They next bring out a dessert, which is penut butter cookies. We all dig in, not thinking about how thirsty this will make us. We all takes little sip of juice, hoping that it will not add to the pain we already have. Jane looks very uncomfortable by now and it is well apparent to the whole table. My mother asks Jane is everything alright, and she just nods and says yes. Mother is a little concerned, so she tells Jane to go splash some water on her face. She is just almost out of view when we see her bouncing up and down, and a dark spot forming in the middle of her pants. Mother gasps, and storms out after her. Me and Sarah just giggle, thinking about how much trouble she will get in, we know how much mother gets annoyed with our silly behaviors. While I am cranking up, I start to feel a sense of warmth and relief, when I suddenly notice that I am peeing on myself. Sarah notices too, and I try to stop but I can't so I scurry out the room, with lots of gasps. Sarah rushes behind me, and we quickly go into the bathroom, when we see mother red yelling at Jane, who is flustered and ready to cry. This was a shocking state to see my sister in, because she is 22 and it's been a long time since I've seen her cry. Mother pauses, looks at me at grabs me and Jane by the hand to take us to the car. She says " You two wait here, while me and Sarah go to gather all of our belongings." she shuts the door and me and Jane sit there in silence, waiting on edge to see what happens next. They soon get back in the car, and don't say a word. We arrive home, and are told to ***** and have nothing on but panties and a bra. My mother come in with the strap, and a hairbrush. She says Jane, you first. It pains me to hear and witness my older sister getting her *** beat and torn apart by my mother. She swiftly bends me over and give me 30 licks with each, whilst I kick, scream, beg for her to stop. She finally does an instructs me to go face the wall where Jane is. I can hear her sniffling, and sobbing. Sarah is instructed to come over, and only get half, since she knew what we were up to. I am glad that Sarah dosent have to go through as much pain as we had, but I suddenly remember that she hasn't gone to the bathroom since earlier this morning , so she must be so desperate to go. When the spanking begins, I hear a loud trickling noise and my mother gasp. We both turn around to look and see that Sarah has peed on our mother. To be continued...

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my ex spanked my wet bottom

My mom spank me in front of my class and I really had to pee so I went on her and pee .she put a diper on me and the bully's there gave me spanks and every time I get spanked I have to wear dipers and my mom gives me spanks in the morning at noon and night

great storie, I love it when a family pee's together, now to get mom to do it
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Very nice and hot story!
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after my sister and i was spanked we had to sit on the naughty chair and not move i was desperate to go to the loo but mum had left the room after giving me a good spanking in the end i let it go and peed on the chair when she came back she bent me over and gave me a good spanking with a strap

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Thanks for sharing

Hi TealB,
My god. I'm horrified. Do you think spanking is OK?
Check this out:

i got spanked all the time for not getting to the toilet in time

Your mother got pissed off,so it only fiting for sarah to **** her off even futher.

Yup, we got spankings when we were little. But we were never THAT wild.

While my mother was spanking my brother when he was seven he peed a lot on my mom

Hahahahaha. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. It was kind of sad until your sister peed on your mother. I was a mischievious teen...but I never peed on mother! LOL

Amazing story

Ohh wow, Sarah's going to get it now.