Rachel, The Rebel

My little sister Rachel, just got in serious trouble at school for acting out. I need to discipline her, but what should I do?
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I tried responding to your message but your privacy restrictions are not letting me. Can you change them? Will you?

How old is she? I am a strong believer in the paddle for serious infractions. The ritual is more important than how hard it is used. You don't have to paddle very hard on a bare bottom to get their undivided atttension.

What would your parents do?

What have you tried ? how old is she?

I have tried taking her things away but that only makes things worse so now I did spank her and it actually worked really well


You should tell her she better get her grades up and tell your mom about it! Ask your mom if you can spank her! Where are your parents anyway<br />
How old is she

My parents are on a business trip and won't be back till the 6th

Punishing is destructive and doesn't teach her anything, but will make her hit you. Sit down and talk with her and try to understand why she is having so much trouble. She probably already knows right from wrong. Where are your parents?

if she is your sister why are you punishing her why dont your mom or dad do it

I think that you have many choices here.
1. Take away allowance or desert or any other privilege (tell her she will get it back when her grades go up ect.)
2. Give her extra household chores
3. Ground her
4. My personal favorite, make her wright a four paragraph essay on what she thinks she did wrong, how that made her feel, how she needs help, and what she will do next time. It is creative and helps you with understanding her side of the issue.
Whichever one you choose may or may not work but just remember to stay clear, calm and in control. Don't yell even if she does that just gives her a feeling of power. Whatever you do NEVER resort to spanking it just makes her more afraid of you.

Good Luck

She has gotten many infractions, detentions, grades slipping a lot

what do you mean she acted out? what did she do?