i was spanked by my step father ever since i can remember... i was told to ***** naked and keep my panties just below my knees and spread my leggs as far as I could.... he would rub my but then spank really hard .. then rub slowly again then wack!!!!... when I was 10 I got caught watching my step dad spanking my mom while she was sucking him off.... he busted through the doors and said... "your next...." he was a heavy drinker and my mom worked alot... mor than him... so he was around mopre often... and almost always drunk..... that night he told me to ***** naked and bend over and get ready for my spanking..... he spanked harder than usual.... then he pulled down his pants and said it's your turn..... while he was spnking me he put his penis in my mouth and said suck it..... he came in my mouth and told me to swallow..... he said this is how girls do it... from that night on every spanking was with a *******..... the rule was, the spanking ended as soon as he came.... so he taught me how to please him to make him come faster... the bobbing the sucking harder the licking.... but I was still being spanked hard while this was happening.... when I was 14 I was still watching my parents have forceful sex through the crack of their doors.... and once again my step dad caught me.... he was just too fast.... he said now your gonna get it when your mom leaves... I was not sure what he meant.... I had ben getting spanked on my vagina and *** for 5 years now and forced to swallow his *****.... just after I had gone to bed he came in my room and said "*****"... I got out of bed and ******** to my panties .... bent over... spread my leggs and he started whaling on me... but instead of rubbing my but in between smacks he put his finger inside of my vagina and wiggled his hand ... then another big smack.... this lasted for a while... then he took his pants off and told me that this was for my own good.... and put his penis inside hurt real bad and oly lasted for a few minutes.... he then told me to swallow it..... he said if I ever told any one ever... that he would kill me.... well this became a regular event for me almost nightly with my drunk step father for the next 4 years or so... Him getting drunk... comming to my room after bed time... telling me to *****... spanking, fingering, *******, then swallowing.. and being spanked throughout every session... it became like a ritual... a regular thing that I knew would always happen... the better I sucked him off or the better I pleased him the faster it would go and less spanking.... so I became pretty good at blow jobs and *******... mom went to visit her siter for a week and it was just me and him... the first night was regular ******* and spanking... the next night he had some friends over.... they were very drunk and loud... my step dad was telling his friends about what a fine *** body I had and they should see it.... I got so scared ... went to my bedroom and hid under my covers... I was not sure what he had in mind.... I was 16 at the time.... I heard them coming up the stairs... He Yelled JAZ!!!!! get your *** up!!!! he opned my door turned on the light and said *****!!!! there were three of his friend standing there who I had never met before... my mind was racing!!!! He yelled "***** or we'll do it for ya!!" I stood up and took all my clothes off in front of everyone... (by the way... I had some nice boobs at sixteen)... Pulled my panties just under my knees and bent over and spread my leggs as far as they would go.... he looked at his friends and said .."watch this"... he started rubbing my *** and fingering me then smack and smack and smack..... then his friends started groping me ... While he held me down...rubbing my boobs , fingering me spanking me.... then they all got naked and started one at a time ******* me... turn after turn after turn..... I ended up swallowing all of them that night....some of his friends came over from time to time after that night drunk as hell and this happened a many times..... a couple times I knew they were coming over... and .. it was kinda weird... I was almost looking forward to it... because I knew what was gonna happen.... It made me horny to know I was about to be ****** by three to four men tonight... I started liking it and going with it and making them want me by acting out instead of just laying there... ...Needless to say.... now I'm a Bi sexual **** that can't get enough sex... And everyday all I think about is Being held down while men take their turns on me... and I crave it!!!!!! I love the feeling of a penis in my mouth.... the hot shot of ***** in my mouth... the feeling of being forced upon.... groped, thrown down spanked and ******..... I dream of it... I need it.!!!
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Growing up, my dad always made me remove my panties then lay on my bed. He then slapped my bottom with his hands. As I matured, I realized that when he spanked me, he kinda spread my legs and slapped my vagina. That hurt but also aroused me in a weird way. After I turned 10 he said I needed. A big girl spanking then. My legs spread he slapped my vagina but then he rubbed me there. Several times his fingers actually penetrated my vaginally. Twice I swear he actually finger ****** me . I was scared.

That's what girls deserve


wow girl

you should have gone to the police and had him arrested i have to say i am a father of 4 i have brought up 3 of them as my own as i am there step father so dont judge all step dads we are not all bad

my kids are grown up and i am very happy with the way they turned out . yes they all got spanked but they learned and moved on i now have grand kids and i hope they will bring them up the way i did

Sometimes I wonder if some people are just genetically predisposed to love sex or if the formative Sexual experiences shape a person into that kind of insatiable desire. In your case, I would go with the latter..

What was done to you was very wrong. Sexual acts should not be forced and he was the father figure in your life. I hope that you got help eventually for what has happened to you and I hope he pays the price for treating you so badly.

I really hope this isn't real, I really really hope this isn't real. Your step-father sexually assaulted and raped you every night, and encouraged his buddy's to gang-bang you all while you were still a minor. This is sick, this is just sick. I can't help but pity you, and wonder how you didn't call CPS. This started at 10! 10! I hope he rots in prison till the day he dies, or is given the death penalty, because doing a crime such as this to you at such a young age is unforgivable, just unforgivable.

thats horrible!!!! the more i think about it the angrier i get!!!!!! i truly am happy for you that you have a better life now, it is great that you love who you are and embrace it . but these feelings you have were forced upon you.

And no one should be forced to do anything they don't want to do

Nothing wrong with your sexual appetite. enjoy it...

It's always awkward to comment on stories like this but, thank you for sharing!

Sexual and physical abuse often creates sexual fetishes. It is a way for you mind to cope with the terrible trauma. Have you talked to anybody about your history? Are you safe from your father now?

I had the chance to interview this amazing young man, Johny O'Donnell who started this movement called SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere). What do you think of what he has to say?

If you need help, you can contact me via Facebook at:

Could you call the police?

Your stepfather was good to teach you a woman's true purpose in life before the feminazi subhuman scumbags got to your fragile mind. Good for you.

i think you need to talk to some one and get help i have 3 step children and i am sickened by this story

U shouldnt have been stupid and take that **** from him if u dont do something about it i will!