England, England

Sunday afternoon.
June 18, 1972
Me and Paul out in the garden.
Playing football.
During Euro 72 championships
Me, England,
Paul, Germany
Me, losing,
Can't get the ball
Paul, running rings around me
Me, defying hayfever
Paul, gloating
Me, Norman Hunter
Paul, Gerd Muller
Muller scores!
Germany 4-1
Hunter from behind
Takes Muller's legs away
Muller falls into garage wall
Hunter fists clenched
Muller face cut and bleeding
Referee blows
Linesman flags
Hunter pleads innocence
Referee shows red card
Me, Hunter off
Mom, linesman doubles as physio
Paul, Muller gets treatment
Me, escorted to changing rooms
Paul, warm water and plasters
Me, hairdryer treatment
Dad, Manager verbal abuse
Me, middle of changing rooms
shorts down, arse up
Manager explaining more than offside rule
Paul, onto coach for home
Me, in front of cameras
Saying sorry
Which now i am
Tactics tatooed on my arse
Fans singing red is the colour
World class player
Red card early bed
England out of Euro 72
Germany laughing, gloating
Tactics visible at monday morning training
Me, back page sensation
Every reporter wanting my story
petebon petebon
56-60, M
Dec 15, 2012