Still Get It And I Deserved It

im new my name is eli,im 16 so without further adu,my story

this was a few days ago and i deserved it,i had a bad day at school there was a note home,my mother was fiine with that and persuaded my father to do the same,later my father had some of his freinds oover,and i was still in a bad mood becuase i was rejected by the girl i liked so i was being a "brat" to the guest and being overly snappy at dinner i was at my worst one of my dads freinds asked me something and i flipped him off,no one said a word,after dinner my dad dragged me to my room up stairs,(my 2 brother and i knew what was about to happen) when i was in my room my dad gave me the whole lecture about how my mood needs to be left at school,and that he had enough of my attitude and that i was going to be spanked,not 15 seconds later i was over the bed and he was taking off his belt,i was able to go for 2 strookes beforee crying,it hurt alot,i waas then made to apologize to the guest(who now kneww everything) and sent to my room for the night(it was around 7:00)
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Did that red bottom teach you a lesson?

Yes sir, I certainly did.

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