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so lately my parents have gotten divorced and my mom re-married and my step dad i swear is from hell. He spanks me and even gives me wedgies and my mom gives him permission. Well i called he a bitc* to his face and he yelled at me sent me to my room. My mom wasn't home yet and he told me if i tell my mom he'll do even worse. Well he came with the switch and said to pull my pants down and i said no and he said that i get 5 more licks. well instead he pulled my panties up to my neck, and told me to bend over the bed making my wedgie even worse. :( He gave me 25 to 30 licks of the switch and got a paddle and gave me 15 licks with it gave me a lecture of how these words were not to be used towards adults or children blah blah blah. Well he told me he loved me and i told him i hate him because hes a total dic* . well he told me it will take some time to get use to him and that he forgives me i said i wasn't sorry i said that and that pissed him off even more so he flipped me over rubbed my purplish blue *** and spanked me hard with his hand 30 times and left me to gather myself up i hate him!
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I like your story wish you could add me.

16 to 17 years old? Did he do this recently? It sounds overtly sexual at your age, and complete overkill regardless. I can't believe your mom isn't stepping in. My mother would have torn him to pieces.
If he is doing these things to you right now, and especially if nobody at school believes you, then you need to do what the teenage girl in Texas did and catch this behavior on tape with a camera. It will ruin his career, you will get removed by CPS, and both your parents will have to account to the public for their actions.

This is abuse....Call Child Protective Services ( CPS) or talk to school counselor next time you are punished and take some pictures of scars/bruises/blue *** show them

A spanking any where near that sevear would leave serious welts & bruises that would last for days. I know, because I got them back in the 60's & 70's when the courts would look the other way. My dad had to go to court for a whipping he gave my little bro once & the Judge said "he probably deserved it... Case dismissed" . You should go to the police or a guidance counceler at school the very next time he does this.

That's awful!
Glad I wasn't growing up then! I had a great friend in Grade 3 or 4 who was really cheerful and bubbly. Her dad passed away and her mom remarried and she became withdrawn and would cry all the time, I asked her why and suspected an answer like " I really miss daddy" I was in for a shock, she told me everything.

Her mom, her older sister and her had move in with the step dad, he had started spanking the girls, not like my parents did to me or her dad used to, really bad, he did it with a switch and it would last hours, he would take them down to the cold basement to do it and completely undress them, after the beating he would leave them down there for a few hours and then let them get dressed and come back upstairs.

I told her to tell our teacher, a nice woman, probably in her late 20s. She told her later that day and it all blew up, Ariane and her big sister Grace came to stay with us, as my dad and her dad were best friends before he died so they were kind of family friends, whilst her mom and stepdad went to court and everything, the stepdad wasn't allowed to have them back and then their mom commented suicide, she didn't leave a note regarding her love for her little girls, only that she couldn't live without her husband, who was gojng to jail for 6-10 years, eventually they were adopted by a lovely young couple in Brooklyn.

Wow! I know the pain of many switches & other things that drew blood. And I have known women who were so co dependent on the bf/ husband no matter how abusive he was. They discussed me. But I tried to let their kids know my house was always a safe haven. A couple of times the dad would come to the door drunk or stoned demanding I let them come out to him but I only offered to call the law to ask their opinion as to where they would be safer. He did not want to face drunk & disorderly or public intox so the kids got to stay & chill

I agree with the other folks commenting. Your step father is disturbed and he is emotionally, physically, and sexually abusing you. If you need help reporting him, contact me.

Here is a post from my blog: I'd be interested in what you think. You can contact me via my blog if you need support. Don't keep this to yourself. You can always go talk to your school counselor too. I'm so glad you spoke out! You are brave.

Who wouldn't hate your stepfather. He is horrible.

This is disgusting behavior!!! Your step dad is not indending to discipline you. He is sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing you!!!! Tell your mom right away! And if your mom doesn't believe you or at worse, allows it to happen, tell another trusting adult and get yourself out of that house. This guy should be locked up!!!!

Thank u guys for the help and support and i will try to change my name :)

Have just read this again, and I notice you have named yourself 'Wedgie123princess'. I assume this is due to the wedgies 'step dad' has been doing to you. If possible, you should think about changing your register name to one more positive that describes who YOU are - do not what your 'step dad' has done to you as a label. His despicable and sexually abusive behaviour has nothing to do with who you are, and do not take it on board as any label you use towards yourself. I would actually report him to the police as his behaviour is sexual and violent assault. Would he do those things to another adult outside of the privacy of your family home? No - he would either be beaten up or go to jail. He should definitely not be doing them to a child or minor. Take action - call the police, anyone, to try and put a stop to his behaviour. It is only going to get worse.

You should report him. Thats called child abuse.

he should not be treating you like this i am a step father of 3 and i spanked my kids but never like that

I have worked for Children and family services for 23 years in Canada.I have also studied Psychology for 26 years and I am VERY DISTURBED reading your story.

First of all the step parent is NOT supposed to administser discipline .Ask Doctor Phil and he will back this up with several degrees and 35 years of experience.The step father is supposed to support your mom's long as they are approriate.

Now lets get to the spanking of a 16-17 year old female.NOT APPROPRIATE at that age.Your mom could ground you or take away your cell phone and other things if you were not following the law or house rules.

The wedgie in my eyes is BEYOND APPROPRIATE and it makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.Does this man have any previous convictions for sexual offences ? I think it's time for CAS,the Police or some authority to stop this immediately.This is NOT normal and appears to be a sexual assualt to me.

The MOST DISTURBING thing is when he tells you to keep a secret from your mom.This is a dangerous signal to me.

This isn't parenting.... it's sexual assault. Your stepdad is getting cheap thrills at your expense. I would tell your mom what is going on and if she doesn't help, go to your counselor at school and explain what is going on.

Please don't ever think that you deserve this or that is is normal. It's not and your step dad needs to be stopped.

I wish you the best of luck

Thanks will do. He doesnt just do that he comes home drunk to his bones and trys to bang me, its truly disgusting.

Your 'step father' (This man obviously does not deserve the title of father or dad by the way) sounds dangerous - he sounds as though he sexually assaulting you and it is NOT okay. Definitely tell your mother and your school counselor or teacher if you feel you can trust them. I do not think you are safe living with this man in your house.