A Little About Myself

Since this is my first story, I thought I would tell a little about myself on how I was raised and how I have raised my own children.

I am the oldest of three daughters who were raised by a single mother. We were far from poor, but we also never had the latest and greatest clothes and toys growing up. A lot of times our clothes were through second hand shops and a majority of our toys were donated. Although mom did give us that big surprise toy once in a great while, usually for our birthday or a Christmas gift.

Our home was modest, but it was clean and in good repair. And she always made sure there was food on the table for us. We may not have had all the amenities as a lot of the other children, but mom took good care of us, we were happy, and most importantly, we knew we were always loved.

As I'm sure you can already guess since I am posting in this group, but we were also spanked. When she felt we needed it, mom absolutely had no issues giving us a sound, bare bottom spanking. Many now would feel she spanked a lot, or too much. However, to us, that is just how it was. Everyone spanked in our neighborhood, it was used for most misbehavior, and my mom was no different. There was no "spanking as a last resort." If you misbehaved, you got a spanking.

And mom's spankings were never the "one swat per age on a clothed bottom." Sure, she gave us swats, and a lot of times it stopped our behavior. But that was never a 'spanking'. If you got spanked, it was what is called now an 'old fashioned' spanking, which was given over her knee on our bare bottoms. And she spanked us long and hard enough where we didn't want to sit anytime soon if we had the choice.

When we were little, she used her hand. But as we got older she started using a wooden spoon and eventually switched to a hairbrush. But however sound her spankings were (and they were very sound), she always made it crystal clear why we earned a spanking and she never gave me a spanking I didn't earn. We also never had any doubt how much she loved us when giving us a spanking, or in general.

As a mom, I have raised my own very similarly as mom raised us. We have one son 20 and three girls. 12, 21 and 25. Mine have lived a little more comfortably than we did, they are not spoiled, but they have had their share of nicer amenities than we did growing up. However, I have tried to follow in my mother's footsteps in teaching the same values we learned growing up, and I have also done that by spanking when I've felt it to be necessary. Fortunately it is only my youngest that is spanked anymore.

I know you will see a lot of times moms now indicating they do spank as well, but it isn't as sound, or 'bad', as when they grew up. However, as I said above, I always felt love and caring from my mom when she spanked me, no matter how sound they were. And because they were sound, they really sent the desired message. For that reason, I will admit I have spanked mine very similarly as mom did so with us, no less sound, and have tried to show them the same love and care as mom did so with us. And I think I have done so, as I have always been very close with my children.


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What a great mom you are! It seems you had a great one yourself... :)

Hello Sarah1966. I can see you believe in spanking children for discipline as you were spanked by your mom. Do you ever miss being spanked? Would you agree to spanking an intimate partner or being spanked by him as a form of love play? I have never spanked either of my two now adult children and they have never disappointed me. I was never spanked by either of my parents growing up and the beatings I got at school did me no good whatsoever. However the very idea of spanking in love play is strangely arousing and I have no idea why but there it is. As with most other things in connection with love and sex the question of WHY can never be answered can it? Somebody once said to me "utilise it mate, don't analyse it".

Did you get paddled in school?

nice job

You sound like a wonderful mother raised by an equally wonderful mother :)

The upbringing that my sister and I experienced sounds a good deal like yours.

You seem to be a perfect mother, just like your own mother seems to have been.

Well thank you for the kind words, Susanna, but I am far from being a perfect mother. I have tried my best in raising my children, and we are all close, but I have certainly made mistakes.


The only one who never makes mistakes, is the one who never does anything, Sarah.
I know you did your best, and if you will not have me call you perfect, let me call you a fantastic mother!

I will second what Susanna said!

It was the same for me & my siblings growing up.When we were spanked we sure knew about it,for a long time.Its amazing how the hairbrush can have such an effect on attitude etc. My kids are also spanked 'soundly',although only with our hand at the moment,but there is no doubt in my mind as they get older the wooden spoon & hairbrush will find its way to their bare bottoms!

Do you like the sound of the smacks?

Thanks for sharing Sarah. We definitely have something in common. I'm a few years oolder than you (55) but I was also raised quite strictly. I hope my post can revive the stimulating discussion that your story engendered.

Nice story. How often did you receive a spanking? Did you ever feel like your mother enjoyed the spanking?

I think you have done the right thing.

I think you have done exactly the right thing, as your mother did before you.

Hi Sarah1966...What you say is perfectly true....I was brought up in the UK as a youngster before and during world war 2 and I recall the old adage..." spare the rod and spoil the child"...and this was the "rule" in those far off distant years and it certainly rings true!...We were a much better society than it is today for the way we were brought up! Also there was not the amount of "modesty" as there is in today's generation. Boys and girls were not differentiated against and would all be soundly spanked on their bare bottoms... in front of each other...even in schools...but mostly it was with the love thru' their parents that the punishment was meted. Unfortunately there were also many instances where abuse did take place and that was mostly in institutions such as workhouses and convents and boarding schools and sadly it goes on in this present day! Trevor in the UK.

I have learned to behave that way and will do the same with my children ... if i ever am lucky enough to hav any

A firm hand is a sign of love.. - well done.

Sarah how old were you spanked till? How old were your kids spanked till?

I received my last spanking at 15, although it was just because I didn't need one past then, not because my mom felt I was too old. Both of my sisters were spanked until their late teens.

As with mine, I've also spanked mine until their late teens.


Did your children cried during a spanking?

Oh yes, all the time. And they have always cried hard. But then I feel that is just a normal response to a proper spanking being administered.


Crying is a normal reaction both to the pain of a spanking and the emotional impact of it on the child. Some children don't cry but for those who do I think it can help them deal with the spanking better than trying to tough it out.

Your mom and my mom were very similar - kind and loving. But when necessary, she never hesitated to take the hairbrush and give me a good old fashion spanking on my bare hiney. I hated the hairbrush but I alway knew that she loved me and did what she thought was best for me. Thanks mom!

My mom spanked. She sounds a lot like yours. I love her dearly; she was loving & warm and sweet, with many hugs and cuddles, but she did not take any guff from her kids, and we did not give her much disrespect to worry about. We learned early to obey authority. We were very well behaved in school and in church.
My father was abusive. He just did not like people. He especially hated kids. I think he was depressed because my mom left him for being a useless loser, and he took out his wrath on his kids during his custody battles. My father did not "spank" in any true sense of the word (unless you call a belt to the stomach and legs and face while cussing the kid out a "spanking"). Child Protective Services stepped in and put us with our mom permanently. She still believed in spanking, but she did it the right way. And she did it rarely, only when it was truly deserved.
I know the difference between them was that what I got from my mom was pure love, even in discipline. What I got from my dad was resentment and hate, and that was regardless of my behavior. Life with him was toxic and unhealthy.
I try to correct misperceptions from people who equate spanking with abuse. They usually come from cold homes & backgrounds like my dad's when they do this.


I am truly sorry to hear what you had gone through your father, but your experiences also gave you perspective from both sides of the coin of what truly is abuse and that spanking can certainly be given out of love. Spanking is not automatically abuse and hitting like many believe it is.

Thank you for your post.


Toddges, that sounds like you had an lousy excuse for a father. Too many children get beaten by their parents, if you can really call them parents, because they are either drunkards, druggies, or just never wanted children in the first place. It probably would have been better if he had just been the sort who took off, instead of sticking around.

I think the best part of your story is the love and respect for your mom really shines through. And I think that's important. Parents should never be feared. Your mom sounds like mine. And i love her to death. Anyway...i just joined to tell you that.
- Kelly

Thank you for your message, Kelly, you are certainly correct in that we (my sisters and I) have always had a lot of love and respect for our mom. Yes, she didn't hesitate to spank us (and soundly) if she felt it was needed, but she also always took the time to listen to us, give hugs and tell us how much she loved us. She respected and loved us a great deal, as well.

I am so glad to hear that you have had a mother who has done the same with you, and just as importantly, you have realized it. And, I am sure you have, but I hope you have told your mother you appreciate the love and discipline she has given you, and how you feel about her, as well.

Your mother already knows, however, speaking as a mom, it still feels nice when my own children tell me they love me and makes me proud when they have told me they appreciate the discipline I have given them.


Thank you for sharing your story, Sarah. You sound like a loving mom who only spanked when you needed to. Not too hard or soft, but just right . You did the same with your kids and still do with your youngest girl. Good work in raising your kids to grow up happy, healthy and well mannered.

Very similar to my own experiences, on both ends. I got my tail whupped growing up, and my daughters have all had their backside similarly set on fire.

"Sound spanking" is a very good description. It very much reminds me of my upbringing. The main implement used on me was the hairbrush, and my mum used it very effectively.

your mum sounds just like mine i got spanked then the paddle then the strap and at 15 to 16 i got the cane

So am I reading it right you still spank the 25 yo.? If so I assume she must still be living in your house your rules.

I did indicate in my story that it is only my youngest that is still spanked. I apologize if that was not clear. Last line of the second paragraph from the end:

"Fortunately it is only my youngest that is spanked anymore."

My oldest is actually married and has a baby of her own. I have not spanked her for quite a few years now, not since she was 17.

the way you talk about your mom reminds me lots and lots of my mom.