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Uh Huh!

My mom kept a paddle hanging on the kitchen wall, so yeah...i guess you could say i got spanked growing up! If me or my brother got in trouble you could bet that she would take the paddle down.
katie19941 katie19941 18-21, F 13 Responses Dec 21, 2012

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Yep, same story here! My brothers and I didn't get away with anything!

My mother took her paddle out of retirement when I was 21 and quite rebellious. She usually had it hanging on the doorway into the kitchen. it was always handy whether she was going to be paddling in the kitchen, living room or taking me upstairs. I was the last at home so if someone commented on it mom never hesitated to say it was for me.
Once my older sister was visiting for dinner with a co-worker/ friend, they were both around 26 or 27, my sis was surprised to see it and said so asking mom where she found it. I could feel myself blush when our mother told her and added Your sister needs paddling again." I so wanted to get out of there as the conversation continued including details which included why and when my last one was which had only been about two weeks prior. Uggh! Jill

I was also spanked at that age by my Mother. Add and message me if you want to compare experiences.

Vivid memories! Are you still spanked these days?

My Mother always had a switch in a tall vase so it would be handy and wet which really stings.

I can remember as a child visiting other people's homes and seeing spanking implements on display. I remember in one house they had this homemade paddle that was on a side table, and the father was using it as a coaster for his iced tea. Gave me goose bumps. I can also remember a belt seeming out of place sitting on the coffee table of a home. And in one other home there was a "switch" sitting on top of the console tv (now I'm dating myself!).

My mom kept her paddle on the refridgerator. Some times she took it down and laid in on the counter so as to remind me. Like if I was getting "too big for my jeans" as she sometimes told me . She would get it and place it down on the counter. This usually got me to straighten up my attitude. Her friend who bay sat me kept her paddle hanging on the wall in the kitchen. I never saw her take it down and not use it and she used it very well.

It was common for "the spanking implement" of the house to be on display in many of the homes when I visited my friends as a child. A paddle on the door or in the pantry, a strap hanging on a coat hook, etc.

We only had one bathroom in our house - upstairs on the second floor. As a result, a few grooming supplies and "equipment" were kept next to our kitchen sink. In particular were two hairbrushes. My friend Emily knew that my mom used the hairbrush when she spanked me now and then. On more than one occasion, when Emily would pass by the grooming "equipmentj" she would ask "which hairbrush does your mom use when she spanks you?". Responding in an angry tone "none of your business", I would always blush with embarassment and give her a nasty look.

my mum had a strap 2" wide and 18" long we got that across our bare bums if we did some thing wrong she had that on the kitchen door always ready for action

I got spanked with a leather belt all the time

Katie, I know exactly what you are saying. Getting a spanking with a paddle on bare bottom sure does sting. i normallt did the spank dance after a good paddleing. How about you.

My mom kept hers behind the door to her room. The last thing you wanted to see if you were in trouble was her "needing to take a trip to her bedroom before we start"

I am sure that was a little embarrassing, honey. But you know what? A blush on your face is much better than a blush on your bottom, so if it helped keep you two well behaved then it was best for everyone.

OMG YES it did. It was really bad thst it was right there for everyone to see though!

Well honey, I am sure that paddle was a good deterrent for you and your brother. I bet seeing it on a daily basis helped you make smart decisions instead of poor ones.

Oh totally!!! I just found this site last night cause i searched google about spanking last nite when i was listening to my brother getting spanked. It's kinda embarrassing talking about it here and i'm actually blushing right now talking about it :/

awwww, I didn't mean to make you blush sweetheart.