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At The Store

I just got back from finishing up some Christmas shopping with my mom. While we were standing in line at target a mom with a girl maybe 8 or 9 was scolding her daughter for whining. The girl was all upset because she wanted a movie and her mom wouldn't buy it for her and her mom was like "if you don't stop whining and and acting up i'm going to take you into the ladies room and spank your little bottom, do you understand me?"

I think the little girl believed her mom because she quieted down like real real quick and started blushing! My mom turned to me and said "do you remember the time when you were little and I took you into the ladies room here for a spanking?" Yeah, so now both me and the girl were red faced embarrassed. The lady overheard my mom and they both started talking about how more parents need to discipline their kids better and that spanking was perfectly fine. OMG!

I do remember that time that I got spanked in that very same target. I was like 10 I think I didn't want to be shopping with my mom. I had been invited over to a friends house, but I was grounded and I was pretty upset about it and being kinda a brat. I guess I pushed mom's buttons too much and she pulled me to the kitchen aisle, picked up a wooden spatula and dragged me up to the check out. The lady who rang us up asked "will this be all?" and my mom said, "oh, I'm not done shopping yet...I just need this now." From the look on the lady's face I could tell she knew why. She just smiled and watched as mom took me into the ladies room holding me by the arm and the spatula in her other hand.

Mom sat down on a little bench (that's still there to this day) and put me over her lap. She spanked me over my jeans probably like 20 to 25 times and told me that I had better shape up because I was going to be spanked again at home and if I didn't start acting right she would use daddy's belt.

There were a couple of other ladies in the restroom while she was spanking and scolding me. It was horribly embarrassing. When we walked out it seemed like everyone around was looking right at me. I was crying and rubbing my tush so I think it was pretty obvious what happened, plus mom was still holding the spoon for all to see.

Needless to say I was quiet and well behaved after that!!!

From the way the girls mom was talking with my mom, I'm willing to bet that little girl got a sore hiney when they got home. And right before Christmas!!! Poor thing.
katie19941 katie19941 18-21, F 29 Responses Dec 22, 2012

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Love this story.

I would have been spanked for that, too. But my mother wouldn't have done that to me right there in the store. She was a "just wait until I get you home young lady!" kind of spanker.

Oh yes. When my mother promised you a spanking, you always got it, usually as home.

This story is too cute you tell it so well. :)

Not ALL kids need spankings. When I grew out of my bratty stage and reached the "age of reason" I got the occasional one. less and less with each successive year. My mom finally stopped when I was 11 - but, before then, she never hesitated to smack me in a store aisle when I had it coming.
I just know that I would have behaved better with a stern warning - and if Mom wanted to spank me, couldn't we have waited until we got home?

This is a legitimate subject. Spanking is the best punishment by far,as long as it is done correctly. There was a time when a bratty kid could be dragged to a bench in a park or at the beach and have his or her bare *** spanked and nobody would say boo. Now, a parent can't spank their kid without an investigation. This is why we have so many disrespectful children today. A spanking when applied properly will change a child's behavior in a hurry. Why,because it hurts.It should never be anything but a hand spanking with your open palm, and you should not be chasing your kid all over the house,to do it. It should be over the mothers knee on the bare bottom. The rituals,if followed,help make it effective.It will teach the child about consequences. All of you mothers out there who read all the books about not spanking,and choose to reason,and have time outs with little Zachary,or Josh, will regret it later when, Dylan,or Max turns out to be a disrespectful,boorish adult.

My mother usually only had to spank me once during any given shopping trip. There were times I behaved beautifully during a trip, and other times when I was bored, cranky and wanted things MY WAY. THAT was the times Mom went to the hairbrush instantly in the store aisle or wherever in public.


Too many of the people who comment on these stories are warped weirdos.
If you want to take part in S&M go to a brothel, don't use S&M on your children.
Some people are commenting with what they would have done, and they're commenting with such excitement.. Ya sick!

These are not adult fantasies. Most are actual accounts of punishments kids received during a different time.

Most of the spanking i heard people being threatened with sounded fun! "if you dont stop you are going to get a spanking on your bum" Like that didn't sound threatening at all. And of course the kid didn't stop and never got spanked. Whenever I was threatened with a spanking in public i stopped right away. I've only seen two people spanked in public and so many more kids deserve it!

what year was this??

good, children ought to be spanked for misbehaviour. it is the best way to discipline them. i spank my kids on a daily basis! usually for getting effort grades of below an A or forgetting books for school. trust me it works. and if they are embarrased, even better, it adds to the well earned punishment. i was never punished as much as i punish my kids. my parents were far too soft on me. i was only whacked about every 2 or 3 days whereas i hit my own children several times a day! it rarely leaves marks, just makes them cry. sometimes i wedgie them or force them to write lines as well as whipping them. xx

i dont have any children but when i do i will probably use spankings on occasion.

i would have whipped down both your pants and spanked you,s right in front of everyone and showed other children what happens when you misbehave out in public i would have ******** you,s of all your clothing and spanked you,s good and long and hard for as long a period as i felt you deserved then made you,s stand there with your arms in the air while your butts were stinging real good and then you would as that child and you did get another number of spankings as soon as we got home for a good long time one when we got home and another one right at bed time and believe me you,d be having a very difficult time trying to fall asleep and trying to get comfortable cause i would have used anything and everything to give you a good long hard spanking and you would have felt it for a good long time and believe me im dying to administer some spankings big time......

My sisters and I really gave mom more of a hard time than we should have when she took us out. That said though, if she felt we needed to be punished, she never had any issues taking us to the ladies room for some bare bottom discipline.

Handicapped stalls were not as prevalent as they are now, but a lot of the restrooms had benches, like in your story, or even couches to sit on. Mom would put that to use when taking us over her knee.

As a mom, I have taken that trip to the restroom with my children enough times over the years. I've always felt it was important to take care of discipline at the time of their misbehavior, especially when they were younger. I try to find a private, family restroom where I can lock the door, but if that is not available, a handicapped stall still works well enough.


Our loving mother was determined to raise two proper young ladies and she believed a good spanking was a positive tool in matter of discipline. She was a wonderful lady. We miss her a great deal and can't thank her enough for the love and guidance she gave us. Neither my sister nor I was eve spanked in the ladies room, however my sister came real close on one of our annual Christmas shopping outings in the city. My sister was just in one of those moods and kept causing problems until my mother took her by the arm and told her if she didn't start to behave, they were going to have to have a "discussion" in the ladies room. While not directed to me, we both knew exactly what she meant and we both wound up behaving well the rest of the day. We always looked forward to a visit to the city during the holidays, with all the great decorations, window displays, etc and a nice lunch at a tea room in a favorite department store. After a rocky start, we had a lovely day. However, The idea of being taken to the ladies room for a spanking (something I'd never thought of before) stayed with me and in the future, I was always on my best behavior when out shopping with Mom. :)

There is something peculiarly ominous about the Ladies Room, especially if you are a guy. The threat of a "discussion" in the Ladies Room would always inspire me to chill and to cooperate! I did loathe shopping trips that were not kid-oriented, though!

Sounds like you have a great mom - and the other lady in the store probably is too.

Parents need to be PARENTS. You have a one! Yeah mom!

Child abuse is a horrendous crime and it should be, however a few swats on the butt, with an open hand (when warranted) doesn't even come close to qualifying as abuse in the eyes of the law. Kids need guidance and when they intentionally defy you there is no harm in a spanking as long as it is followed through with lots of love and nurturing.

WTF? Abusive parents...My Mom got spanked a lot when she was a kid but when she got her own kids she promised herself that she would be her children's best friend and she has been...If you be like a friend to your kids they would well-behaved without any need to be spanked....

Kids go to school and extracurricular activities to meet friends. They need their parents to be parents. Parents should have fun with their kids, but trying to be their best friends is asking for trouble.

I didn't mean kids shouldn't make friends or parents not to do parenting ( though there are a lot of incompetent parents out there )

You missed my point.

it was not right of you rmother to do that.
It does not matter how old you are. At any age your will should be respected and considered.
No wonder so many people cannot so "No" or say what they want.
The training we all have gone through is undeniable. And for what? To be socially "acceptable". To stay under the radar. To cause no problems and to be the good little drone.

I love the comparisons between discipline and child abuse. For those of you who equate this to child abuse, consider strongly the facts that not all children are created equally, that we are all unique in our personalities and motivational factors, and that not once did the author hint that she viewed her discipline as abuse. As a parent, it is your duty to determine the appropriate measure of discipline relative to your child's individual characteristics. Some children need a stern look. Some children need a spoon upside the tush. I - for one - was as hard-headed as they come, as were all of my siblings. We needed that spoon like crops need rain. It gave us all a clear-cut definition of good behavior vs. bad behavior and we all came out better for it. But to a more sensitive kid, that spoon probably would have been a destructive force and possibly caused long-term emotional and psychological trauma. The point is that both sides of the argument need to accept that one size never fits all. The measure of discipline should be weighed against the nature of the child and the severity of the "crime". If we lived in a world where all spanking was viewed as "child abuse", then half our society would be miscreants with no sense of consequences. Likewise, if we lived in a world where spanking was applied universally, half our society would jump at the sight of a wooden spatula. So much for cooking. =P

I agree, but I can't help but pity the person being spanked and feel as though spanking is a bad thing, but nonetheless it is sometimes necessary.

to see everyone basically giving a kudos to what is child abuse makes me scared for our society. I have a 20 y/o very well adjusted daughter who was never hit as a form of punishment. I was hit as a form of punishment as a child many times using belts, sticks and hands. It has affected me as an adult and I still do not have a good relationship with my father who was the one inflicting the abuse on me. Its sad to still see people agree with this...sickens me to the core,

Where is the abuse? I don't see any mention of bruising, cuts or any other injuries. Spanking is not inherently abusive. It is simply one of many tools parents have in their toolbox and when used correctly it can yield a well behaved, happy and healthy child. Is spanking required for these results? No, but neither does it ensure a negative outcome.

its using your hand to hit another human being and is always done out of anger towards the child...this is abuse... no one hits a child when they are happy do they?
its always done with anger... sorry... I and many other people see this as abuse

I so terribly agree with you. I was never hit as a child. I was raised to respect, love and be integral in my family with a solid basis of principles and the knowledge of what was "right and wrong". If anything, I strived to please my parents being the best that I could possibly be. Consequently, I am now a mother of two very well behaved, respectful children, who have also, never been hit. I constantly get comments from friends and the alike as to "Wow, your kids are so well behaved and happy". I truly believe this is a byproduct of my wonderful upbringing. Hitting does nothing except foster resentment, anger and hate. I am living proof that it is never necessary to hit your children, and if you do feel the need, maybe it's time to reevaluate your parenting skills! Well said vancouvermom!

I wonder how many people who say spanking is always abuse would have their children vaccinated via an injection. Paying someone to stab your child isn't very nice either.

Some people raise great kids without spanking. Some raise horribly behaved kids and never spank. Some people spank and raise great kids. Others spank and their kids end up in jail or with a list of problems. It's all anecdotal and does not show a causal connection between moderate spanking and negative outcomes.

How can you compare an adult hitting a child out of anger, with a vaccination that could potentially save their lives? That was a rather dismal analogy. I think more to the point, a parent who can present their displeasure in other ways as opposed to a physical display, are teaching their children something very valuable. How to rationalize ones actions, and deal with them in a non violent way. Parenting is a great responsibility, and affects children greatly. A positive, nurturing, functioning environment where each member knows what is expected of them, fosters a positive, healthy adult. Hitting does not accomplish that. No matter how you look at it.

quoting the authors of this study:

"Harsh physical punishment [even] in the absence of child maltreatment is associated with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse/dependence, and personality disorders in a general population sample."

applauds xoxoxo

this comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

"Spanking may relieve a parent's frustration for the moment and extinguish the undesirable behavior for a brief time. But it is the least effective way to dis­cipline. It is harmful emotionally to both parent and child. Not only can it re­sult in physical harm, but it teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to discipline or express anger. While stopping the behavior temporarily, it does not teach alternative behavior. It also interferes with the development of trust, a sense of security, and effective communication. (Spanking often be­comes the method of communication.) It also may cause emotional pain and resentment."

so again I say....there is a over abundance of proof that the abuse of spanking a child is detrimental to their emotional health

and I whole heartedly agree :)

The analogy relating a spanking to an injection is simple. I think most people agree a moderate amount of pain is involved in both. They both are designed to prevent greater harm, either a disease (many of which have nearly vanished) and the spanking is moderate pain meant to prevent a pattern of behavior that could be detrimental to the child's welfare. Again, I agree spanking is not always the best option and can be abusive in extreme cases, but to indict all parents who spank as abusers is to demean the plight of children who suffer true and horrific abuse.

sorry, I disagree.

Are you kidding me? Where is the abuse? Didn't you read " It was horribly embarrassing"???? This is emotional abuse and this emotional scar usually is way worse than physical abuse...And of course she was physically abused as well, who says there must be bruise, cuts, injuries???? OMG, some people amuse me....

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I was in your shoes I have been spanked in public for being a BRAT.:(.. Very embarrassing. today the spanking dose need to come back. the kids today are spoil. I work at a grocery store and see kids act up and parents do nothing about it. If it was me acting I would be acting alright I be doing the dancing from the spanking.

This is not kids fault. If parents know how raise their children in the first place , we wouldn't have so much behavioral issues in kids....Parents need to think twice before just having more kids...We have a lot of incompetent parents...Sadly...

Such a great story... right up to the last two words. "Poor thing"?? Quote: "they both started talking about how more parents need to discipline their kids better and that spanking was perfectly fine." Your mom is a wise woman. God willing you'll someday better understand and appreciate how much, and how much she really loves you!

Katie, it sounds like you understand the good that can come from a spanking that improves your behavior or stops baditude (bad attitude). It was embarrassing when the cashier saw that the spatula was for cooking your bottom and not food, so I'm sure it helped to improve your behavior.

If the idea can scare the bajeebus out of some adults...imagine how overwhelming it must be too's easy to misunderstand the severity of it.

The discussion is a good thing but I always towards... in most situations just plain no, and never to such extremes, the whole point was to get the point across in the first place.

20-25 times, good to know, we only spank once or twice, no wonder we have to spank so frequently, lol

i would've blushed like anything if I was in your position too.

two bad girls two strict moms i t would have been so neat if right then and there they led both of u to the ladies room and each mom spank the other ones daughter lol you being older and grown i bet the other mom would have to spank u extra hard and long to get to u brat where i bet your mom would have the lil 9 yr old brat bawling quicky and loud only 1 other thing i would like for me to be there to watch this all lol

Love it

My grandmother was in her eighties when she asked me, "Do you spank your kids?"

"When they deserve it." I replied.

"I thought so, your kids are so well behaved. Some of your cousins don't believe in spanking and I can't stand to have their kids in my house!"

I have to agree with JennaR. Though, I do understand that being out Christmas shopping is a pretty intense experience for both mothers and children. It's a time of heightened emotions and stress. From what you wrote though I am going to say that I am sure that little girl's bottom is a little pink if not full blown red by now. A mother should not and cannot allow poor behavior like that and something needs to be done to make it very clear that such behavior is unacceptable.

And I have to say Katie, I think your mom was right buying that spatula and taking you on that trip to the ladies room....and I hope when you got home she reinforced the lesson you learned there.

Big Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Green.

OMG Mrs. Green!! You like make me blush when you post on my stories. The way you talk to me makes me feel like i'm little again. :/

LOL, ahhh that's cute. But sweetheart, you're what? 19? You're still very young. I don't know if I'd go so far as calling your "little," but in my opinion you are still a girl and not a grown up yet. You sure are a blusher, aren't you? I think that's adorable.

ok, so yeah i'm pouting now. 19 is grown up. i can buy cigarettes and can drive and don't have to go to school if i don't want to and pretty much can do anything i want except drink. i'm grown up and it friggin sucks that people don't know that. GOD!

whoa there young lady! I think you are proving my point about you not being so grown up. First off, you do not need to take the Lord's name in vain. Second, you can buy cigarettes? Do you smoke? That is just a poor choice also. You sound like a little girl throwing a tantrum.

I am your elder honey and you need to show me a little respect.

it's just so stupid that i can like vote, get an apartment if i had enough money, skip my college classes if i wanted to, and yeah buy cigarettes cause yeah i do smoke sometimes, i could wear what i want if i didn't live with my mom, i could like go to different countries or something. but the world thinks of me as a kid still! why did i have to get my mom to help me sign for a car?! HUH!!!!! I'm legal and and adult, they should of like let me get the whole loan thing on my own! It really ****** me off that people don't think i'm an adult.....and my mom thinks it's ok for her to ground me right now? i may live in her stupid house, but i'm not a kid no more!

Do you know what, Katie? I think maybe you need to send me a private message because you are throwing a bit of a fit. You are actually acting much like the girl you talked about in your post. Message me privately and let's have a little chat, young lady.

Wow, that's more than a little bratty, Katie.

I know Mrs. Waters. I'm sorry I acted poorly. Mrs. Green and I had a talk and she is right.

Glad to hear it. I know sometimes it's frustrating, being at your age, and wanting to be seen as an adult.

it really is, but i guess i understand. my mom pays for everything really and i'm not out on my own. i don't know why they even say we're adults at 18 if we're not really allowed to be.

Katie i think you need a little butt slapping, young lady :)

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The child was also embarrassing her mother with her poor behavior. It does work both ways. I never found it necessary to discipline my kids in public. I have seen children who have are allowed to behave horribly in stores. It makes it unpleasant for not only the parents but for other shoppers as well.
I am sorry you were so embarrassed dear. Hugs

:) HUGS! Thanks. Yeah, the little girl was really being a brat and I was too the time I got spanked at Target. I just feel sorry for her cause i'm just remembering having a sore backside and she probably really has one now. Poor thing.

I love seeing what you described. All kids need their butts spanked

Yup I understand

That must have been embarrassing? I bet that girl is sitting on a sore behind right now!

i don't know. if she's anything like me she's probably trying not to sit and laying on her stomach! Her mom told my mom "my daughter and i are going to have a nice little talk when we get home." I have no doubt that the poor girl ended up getting a spanking.

Bet she pulled her pants down and spanked her little hiney RED. Im sure every little girl/brat her age in Texas gets their little hiney tanned when they misbehave

I've been in her place many times! A good spanking is needed now and then!

I can say, as a spanking mother, if it's reached the point where I have to threaten to spank a child right there in the store, she has certainly already reached the point of getting her hide tanned when we get home.

you're probably right, but that poor girl might have a very sore tush tonight. :(

I hope she does. That's how children learn.

grrrr :(

After you got your bottom warmed at Target (and again at home) how did you behave the next time your mother brought you to a store?

ummmm, a whole whole lot better. my mom had threatened to spank me out in public plenty of times before but that was the only time she did it. It made an impression on me for sure! (BLUSH)

So, I repeat: I hope that little girl got her backside paddled, and that she learns how to behave in public.

yeah yeah, i guess so. I still feel bad for her though.

I think the little girl in the story had already past the point of needing an attitude adjustment. I hope she got a good spanking when they got home. If not, the girl is going to soon realize she can act like that anytime she wants and only stop after ignoring a few warnings.

I agree with Jon. She certainly would have had a tanned backside as soon as we got home if she was my daughter.

Oh yes ma'am! The cashier lady knew that the spatula was soon going to be going across my rear! I can still picture her smiling face i mom took me by the arm and started for the ladies room

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