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My Mom's Paddle

I remember the day my mom brought home the paddle and hung it in the kitchen. I was 12 or maybe just turned 13. Up until then my spankings were either with her hand or a wooden spatula.

She didn't go out looking to buy a paddle (at least i'm pretty sure she didn't). She bought it when she was antique shopping with my grandma. When she came home she called me into the kitchen and was hanging it on the wall when I walked in. I knew instantly what it was for and where it was to be applied. She told me that she had found it while shopping and thought that it would be more effective than the spatula since I was getting bigger.

She was very matter of fact about how she said it and then just went on unpacking the rest of the things she bought. I think she just wanted me to see her hanging it there to get my full attention. IT DID!

I had just been spanked the night before for talking back and not listening and I'm guessing that maybe she felt that the spatula wasn't getting the job done anymore. I don't know.

Anyway, it looks a lot like the paddle i put as my profile picture but i think it might be a little smaller and it looks a lot older. Pretty much the same shape though. I bet it had probably been in another home in the past and had probably been put to use.

So, after she brought it home it was mostly what i was spanked with from then on. I'd still get some hand spankings for smaller things, but she also started using one of my dad's belts more also.....i had made got a belt spanking before 13 like 2 times...usually the threat of the belt would terrify me enough to get me to start acting different.
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We always got our bare butts spanked with a paddle. It hurt like the devil but I think I'd be more afraid of the belt.

I had three brothers, so there were four of us guys. My parents owned exactly the same paddle that was authorized for corporal punishment in the school system. They must have ordered it from the same place that the schools ordered theirs. It was sort of short and thin and made of brown wood and packed a real whallop!

Check my first story

Where you spanked an bare butt? How many did u usually get?

similar story for me. Until my 12th bday Mother punished me by giving me whippings with a switch but then she got a paddle and I always got both: the switch when I got into trouble and the paddle at bedtime

A paddling over an already switched butt?? That's just cruel

I found a paddle in the house I grew up in that looks identical to the one in your picture. Would love to spank you with it :)

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The paddle does wonders for a bad attitude.

There were a few families that had the paddle hanging on the wall in the kitchen when I was growing up. It was very embarrassing for the girls or boys who lived there because EVERYONE who came over knew what it was for.

The paddle on the wall is the best/scariest thing in the world

My mom had a paddle she hung in the kitchen too. I don't know where she got it but it had the words, "BOTTOM BURNER" wood burned into one side. It hung right next to the stove and was quite a conversation starter when we had company. It was also a constant source of embarrassment to me as every one looked at it and then at me. Just like you said they knew to whom and exactly where it was applied.

that doesnt sound as bad as step mom told me to lose all clothes when i turned 16 cuz i called her a ***** lol and bent me over and she put a glove on her left hand and stuck 2 fingers in my **** and 2 in my *** while her thumb held me down and her fingers in me were expanded like < that and i had my age times ppl in house plus pets.ya dat sucked and i was belted by her and my step sis!

my god

My step mom blistered my bare bottom with a wooden paddle. I ad to push my pants to my ankles, bend over, and grab those same ankles. Sound familiar?

Yes ma'am, but i'd be over momma's lap mostly

What vage were you Hollingsworth and was that your last spanking from your step mom? Did she see it all on that spanking and how did you feel afterwards?

About 15 years old, I am not sure se saw "it all" she wore my bottom out!

did you cry and jump around during the paddling from your mom? What did you do wrong again and were the underwear at the ankles too?

Many things I did, it was my step mom. The bad thing was when she had finished, she woukd say: "pull up your pants, go to your room" I would ve hopping up and down with my underwear at my ankles, and rubbing my bottom. I woukd bend over to pull up my pants, and just as I'd get my hands on my pants....SMACK!! She'd bust me agsin...I'd stand back up, put my hands to my bottom. She'd say: "I told you to pull up your pants...NOW! I'd bend over again, then..SMACK! I'd say, hey, you told me the spanking was through, but you busted me twice again..she'd say:" that's right, EVERYTIME you bend over, I'm going to bust you, and you are going to bend over and pull your pants, you better be quick..

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The young generation (my generation) was raised by the older generation. Remember that.

I have been paddled a few times. She would sit on the bed and make me stand in front of her. Then would come the scolding. Finally I was told to take my pants down and lay across her lap. I got to keep my underpants up. Then the paddling would start. After a minute or two she would stop and take my underpants down. At this point there was usually a little more scolding. Then the paddling started again. When she was done she would sit there quietly until I finished crying. Then she would let me up. In our house you never got up from her lap without her permission. Most of the time that was it and you were told to pull up your pants. If she was really upset I would have to stand in the corner with my pants down, holding the paddle behind my back with both hands. I was a only child and there was never any witnesses. She never embarrassed me like that.

Yes it is. There is really no difference between over the knee or over a couch or bed.

That's more or less as I got spanked !

Hey Stereo Guy:

Until what age were you paddled by your mom? I think it was good that mom waited to pull down the underwear until you were over her knee and got some warm up spanks and I bet you were crying even then. Did you cry more or beg for the underwear not to come down? How often did you get spanked by mom and what was your last parental spanking?

Of course it sucked to get off moms knee with your pants down to your ankles and mom was able to see everything but by that time you were too busy crying and all? Did you ever hop around before pulling up the pants and what age was your last bare bottom corner time?

Until what age were you spanked Chicago and didn't bend over couch and touching knees hurt more for a spanking than bent over a lap? Were you usually spanked in the living room by mom or dad?

I never minded having my pants taken down. I actually liked it, but I was never about to tell anyone. I never hopped around either. That just wasn't me. I was one of the rare few who even tried to hold still for my spankings. I figured if i didn't squirm or make it hard for her I would get it easier. I was never embarrassed about having my pants down and being seen by her either. Maybe I am just weird? How about you? Were ever paddled or spanked?

Yes Stereoguy:

I was spanked and paddled by my school principal, mom, aunt, dad a few times, and once by a friends mom. They all sucked and hurt and I was spanked till I was 2 months shy of 16, the last one by my Aunt with my 15 year old cousin. He continued to get spanked till he was 16 and a half, a year later than me by my Aunt.

What age were you last spanked by your mom? Once she took the underpants down did you cry more and how far down did she take them?

Once they were down and you were bare did the spanking hurt more? Did the underwear fall further down the legs......and once you were let up off the knee was everything exposed to mom, front side and backside? For me I hated that part knowing my Aunt, Mom, and sister and female cousin saw me naked in the front occasionally embarrassed me knowing they knew what I looked up up front. I dont know why but it did. I guess you were okay that mom saw you naked in the front and what age did she last see you bare?

What was worst school related spanking you got?

Some times the spankings started out bare bottomed. Those were all the way down to the ankles. I was a only child so all of my spankings were in private. The only school spanking I ever got was in preschool. We had to take naps every afternoon. If you were caught talking you would get a spanking. A few people got spanked every day. Either the teacher or the principal did the spanking.They had the option of using their hand or a paddle. I only got caught once. The optimal word there is caught once. Lol!! It was by the teacher and she spanked me with her hand. My mom was not into beatings, so I never had to worry about getting spanked too hard. I did cry though. Whether she took my underpants down or I did it hurt the same. I never noticed a difference. My mom had this thing about closed doors. She did not like them, so even if i wasn't being spanked she has seen me naked more often then when i was spanked. I was not spanked as late as you. personally I think kids should be spanked all the way through school, but I never had the nerve to say that. I know I would have benefited from it. My dad spanked too. He would take me to the laundry room and spank me with his belt. It was always standing up and always with my pants up. His spankings hurt worse.

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I had the same experience. My Mom used a small red paddle that had been on one of those bounce back paddle/ball games with the ball attached with a rubber band. But when I was around 10 she obtained a new paddle that was like the ones used in school. About 28 inches long 3inches wide a half inch thick and it had holes in it.
I don't know where she got it but she showed it to me and I just stood speechless. She told me I was getting too big for her old paddle and that this would be used on me "when I needed a spanking" She placed it on top of the fridge in the kitchen. It really intimidated me, and it really stung bad. She used it on me the last time I think I was 14 and it still brought tears.

Jimmie: What did you do to get your last spanking from mom? How did she spank you and in what room? Was it still bare bottom at age 14 and did anyone ever see you get one from mom like a cousin or relative or sibling?

Were you in 9th grade the last time you got paddled Jimmie? How many times as a 9th grader did mom have to bust your butt? How often as a 8th grader and did they get fewer and far between and almost never bare bottom at those ages?

I was in 9th grade for last. My mouth got my bottom heated. It was less by 8th grade. Maybe 3-4 times in9th. I did cry one was on my bare bottom. Her paddle was very effective.

My family had "decorative antiques" that hung in the living room. One was supposedly a stirrer for a commercial cooking operation, but anyone who saw it would have called it a paddle. My parents put these decorative antiques on display in the living room when I was about 8 years old and my brother was about 6. Prior to this, my brother and I had been mostly hand spanked or occasionally spanked with a wooden spoon, but we immediately saw the potential for the stirrer to be used for spanking. Just as in your story, there was no particular reason my parents bought them at this time -- they just happened to pick them up as they were looking at antiques. For some reason (perhaps because of the novelty) at the time these antiques first went on display in the living room, my brother and I even suggested the use for spanking. Our parents smiled and agreed. My brother and I continued to talk about the stirrer for days with our parents and wondered the first time it would be used on us. Well it finally was used, and that's when stopped talking about it. We still got hand spankings, but for big offenses "the stirrer" always on display in the living room for all to see, came off the wall and was applied with force to our backsides.

Until what age were you and your brother spanked by your mom ABC123 and what was your last parental spanking and what was your brothers last parental spanking?

As a child who went through a lot more then "spanking" I can't say I am in any way comfortable with enforcing good behavior with what I consider bad behavior. I don't want to teach my children to hit or use any sort of physical violence at any level. Perhaps this is a result of my extreme experiences growing up but I do very much believe in positive enforcement and tactics like grounding or not being able to watch TV, extra chores, and things like that.

I think these days a child would complain about "being beaten" to teachers or friends when such a thing happened... In a way it's sad really. I believe that -however abuse should be out of the question- corporal punishment did a great job.
Kids are less and less well behaved, I think it is because society pressures parents to be more and more lenient towards bad behavior.

Oh how times have changed. Today your children can be taken away from you for dishing out this kind of punishment. I am in two minds about this. Many parents are lacking in any ability to effectively control their children and society is the worse for that. But on the other hand I would find it hard to respect someone who did this, either to me or to anyone else. There must be a middle way, but what is that middle way?

I know as I got older, so the punishments became that little bit more severe. Although my mother was a strict disciplinarian, I know it was for my own good ultimately, and hopefully one day you may feel the same way about the paddle. I hope you don't feel it too many times. My spankings stopped at 17.

As you get older, you get tougher. The spankings need to be harder to get the same effect. If they are done right, I think most people eventually understand the spankings were for their own good.

Your mom does sound nice, Katie. I think she just wanted you to know you had graduated to the paddle but she didn't want to scare you too much. She knew you would feel it soon enough. How do you think it compares to the belt?I hope your spanking days are done, but until you move out or they tell you you're safe I wouldn't take it for granted.

Your mom sounds like a wise and loving person.

She is. My mom is super sweet and loving, but is like really conservative and old fashioned. Most people are around here though cause we live in a small town and everyone pretty much goes to one of the two churches in town.

I'm 19 now and haven't been spanked in almost a year, so i think the paddle if really only my brother's concern.

Could be. Or maybe you've just been well behaved.

Also, nothing wrong with conservative, old fashioned, small town church going parents. We might be stricter, but we raise good kids.

well, i've been grounded a few times in the last year. i'm actually grounded right now so i think maybe spankings are in the past for me. being grounded really sucks big though.

Well, I hope you learn from being grounded as well. I don't know your mother, and I don't know how she actually feels about your age, but I will give you a bit of advice, as someone who got her bottom warmed at 20: Don't bet on being too old, and don't push her too far.

Of course, I also say this as someone who took a hairbrush to a 17 year old a week ago.

Also, your grounding apparently isn't that strict, given that you are allowed to be online right now.

Was the 17 year old you spanked your daughter or son and what did the child do to deserve the spanking? How did you give the spanking and how did the child react.

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