The Routine

As a child we had a long list of rules, that if they were broken, resulted in a spanking. From the little things like lying, saying no, and talking back to the big things like detention, fighing, etc. When we got home, mom would immediately look through our backpack, binder, and purse. If we said no, we got spanked. If we let her she would search through it, if she didnt find anything bad, nothing happend. If she found something bad we were told to "Go to the corner, underess, and stand! You better stay still!". When she said undress, she meant naked. While we were in the corner mom would call dad to talk about what to do and would keep count of how much we moved and thats how many more spankings we would get. We would stay there for an hour before mom would release us to go do homework. Right after we finished homework we would go back into the corner for 15-20 minutes. Mom was responsible for pre-spanking stuff, like a shower! After corner time we had to into the shower and would stand obeidently while mom cleaned us. If we figited we got more added to the spanking. After the shower we would a pre-spanking. We would lay on the edge of the mattress and we would get about 15-20 hits with a thick wooden paddle. Then we would go back downstairs for corner time until dad got home. Dad would already know what we have done, so he would get straight to buisness. He would grab our arm and drag us upstairs to our bedroom and would give us our lecture. He wasn't the type for short and sweet. He would drag on his lectures. If you complainded he would add more to your sentence. During this lecture he would tell you how many times he would whip you, not even adding the additional strikes for moving. We would at the least get 20 with the belt. Then the additional spanking with the paddle (I usually got at least 20 of those). Then the additional spanking for moving during the spanking (I usually got 15 of those). Then we were told to put on pjs and to go downstairs for dinner. When ever we got spanked we had a bologna sandwich for dinner (EWW!) and we had to sit on hard wooden chairs. After dinner we went straight to bed. We were in danger of being spanked EVERYDAY for the littlest of things. I still don't understand why the spankings were so harsh but I love them and appreciate them for showing be to be honest, obiedent, and well-behaved. Did anybody else get spankings like this growing up?
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Ive never spanked

Yeh just my father hits us bout hundred times with his hand. Buff Texas guy don't want to mess with him

sounds like you had the same up bringing as me only all punishments was done by mum dad never did any thing

Got 1 spanking in my childhood and I'm a hard working person that is a honest, caring and loving. I'm sorry you went through that and yes I feel it was very extreme, actually abusive.

I got a lot of spankings, but that does seem a little harsh?