Warm Toast

It's funny I don't have very many stories as a kid of my parents together but this one clearly sticks out in my head. When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of money. Whatever my parents cooked you ate it, and I mean all of it. Well one night my parents cooked a meal and I only ate part of my meal. My father was a fair man he warned me that I needed to eat all that was put on my plate. I popped off at the mouth and said but I am not hungry and you put this on my plate. You haven't seen enforcement until you see a 6'3" man who preferred to wear large Texas style belt buckles undo his belt and tell you he will show you what excuses are worth. At this point my mother had excused herself from the table. My father told me to come to where he sat. He made me pull down my pants and layed me flat across his right knee. He wrapped the leather part around his hand with enough room that he had mobility of the belt buckle. Then he proceeded to tan my hide until he saw fit that I understood there would be no back talk or excuses under their roof. I understood after that.. I also learned another valuable lesson. create your own portions because you are not only accountable for your actions but your reactions also.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

We had to eat everything on our plate and there consequences too. Mom was the enforcer in our home!

i got belted all the time and paddled she even used the cane if i was very bad

you are so lucky to have parents like that my mum just beat me for any thing she could