1st Spanking From My Aunt

Growing up I got spanked when I did something wrong.
I visted my aunt just about every week I was 6 years old when I got my first spanking from her I kept telling her no I didn't wanna clean up she finally told me if I didn't she was going to spank me I don't know why I did it but I looked at her and said hell no she told me to go upstairs and sit on her bed. I did and she came upstairs and told me how much she loved me she pulled my shorts and panties down layed me across her lap and spanked me about 35 times then she rubbed my back til I calmed down when I had calmed down she sat me in her lap and loved and held me til I fell asleep. It was a every loving spanking. Does anyone else have a loving spanking like this?
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Im not so sure about the loving part, although we were loved by my aunt. I do recall once when my aunt had spanked me and both my sisters when i was about 8yrs old. We were staying at her house for the weekend while mom was away for work/training. Staying at Aunt kay's was cool...because ..she had her own pool!!<br />
<br />
Well, even though we were told to wait until Morning when she woke up before going into the pool, our little minds rationalized that it would be nice to let Aunt K sleep in that morning, while we went swimming. Out generous favor was not received very well. I don't recall ever seeing a red faced, bug-eyed monster before that day.<br />
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Inside!! MARCH!! she shouted. Not one of us said a thing. Once inside, I tried to use childlike politics to explain our position in how we were helping her buy not being a burden. Didnt work. In fact, she said that since i was the oldest, I was to be first. My one piece suit was on the kitchen floor faster then I could spill milk. And across her knee she gave one very quick, but VERY stinging spanking. This may have been my first 'wet bottom' spanking ever...not sure. Once i was done, it was up and "Nose to the wall!" Both sisters followed with the same results, and after about 20 minutes of corner time and a lecture about swimming without adult supervision, we were allowed to go and get dressed. The whole day we were denied pool privileges. Come Sunday mid day, she caved to 3 sets of wide-eyed very sorry little girls. I still remember when how she gave permission. A heavy sigh, as eyes to the ceiling..."Ok... .go". And we were off, like the day before never happened.