...it Was The Norm

I was often smacked by my parents (especially my mother) as I was growing up, as were my sisters. But there was nothing unusual about this as at the time smacking was a very typical punishment for children and I would say that most children were smacked in some way when they misbehaved both at home and in school.

At home my mother would usually take my trousers and underwear down and smack my bare bottom with either her hand, or a slipper or hairbrush depending upon what I had done wrong. My sisters were punished in a similar way although my older sister would often by smacked over her knickers rather than on the bare. I don't know why this was but assume that it had something to do with the fact that we were usually smacked in front of each other and my mother persumably felt that it was inappropriate to smack her in front of me this way (although it did happen on occasions especially when we were all punished together so I really don't know).

My mother didn't seem to care too much about who was around at the time either which led to some very embarrassing smackings in front of extended family members and even friends at times.

We all had our fair share of public smackings growing up too from the odd smack to our covered bottoms to full on pants down smackings in changing rooms, etc., although again this was not uncommon for the time.

I was also punished this way at school on occasion too and witnessed many other children being smacked/slippered there too, again it was just the way that things were done at the time.

Would be happy to share memories/experiences with anyone who had a similar upbringing.
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Yes, panties-down spankings in front of witnesses has long been an embarrassing problem for me!

Hi Marzi, would love to chat and share experiences sometime if you're interested.

Sure, email me at Marzi_33@yahoo.com