So im gonna be 17 in less then two weeks so ive never been spanked but I'm always cursing hitting my mom and sisters no one does a thing what would u do if I was ur child btw I do what I want smoke school w.e I never listen honesty I do what I want. I go to school when i feel like it and honestly when my mom ****** me off I eighter yell or I hit her in the arm and she will hit back but I'm much stronger so she doesn't bother half the time so I'm cousios what would u so to me if I was ur child?
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6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

You clearly need to be taken in hand and have some discipline in your life. A good spanking over my knee would be a start, but a dose of the slipper or strap while you are bent over a chair or table, skirt up or jeans down is be repeated until you learn to respect your elders and obey rules. Above all to stop that awful habit of smoking, which can kill you!!!

You need to be restrained, then given a long and hard spanking, followed by a dousing w/some aftershave or other alcohol-based substance to make it sting even more...that will help you to learn some respect!

Most girls just need a firm hand. Love feeling her body wiggle in my lap struggling, holding her in place with one hand around her rib cage, and bringing my hand down and hearing that loud clap *** my palm smashes into her asscheek. watching her *** cheek jiggle a lil, and hearing that yelp escape her throat, the shock of it at first is amazing, her whole body jerks forward a lil and then she is still for a second, feeling the sting in her *** spread down the inside of her thighs. After a second or so the shock wears off, but her struggling and wiggling is pretty much over, my hardon pressing into her belly, seeing her looking back at me with her big eyes, and feeling her whole body tense up as she sees my hand in the air again, biting her lip in anticipation of another hard smack on her ***. It's the sexiest thing in the world feeling her body start to melt into daddy's lap, knowing this is exactly where she is supposed to be.

My step daughter acted the same way with her mom,that it is till married her and took over the punishment dutys.
She was about 10 at the time it took a while( till she was 18impressed ) but she learned how to show respect.cant tell all the detales but you can ask in privet if you like.

if you were my daughter i would beat your bottom everyday till u learned some respect

if you was mine you would have never got this bad as the moment you played up you would be over my knee and have a dam good spanking and you sound like you need one now