I Ran From A Spanking ... Once!

It was in our new house. New to us, that is. I was in trouble and going to be spanked. I knew that my mother would need a few seconds to go to the kitchen closet to fetch her spanking yardstick so I took off. I ran around three corners and ducked into the one bathroom we had. I slammed the door and reached up and hooked it shut.

Feeling safe, I lowered the lid of the toilet and sat down on it and waited to see what would happen next. Arriving just a second or two later my angry mother realized that I had hooked the door and she demanded that I open it immediately. I said "No, I won't. I don't want a spanking." She said that I should open the door immediately or else. I refused.

Suddenly silence and then I saw IT! IT was rising slowly upward. It was the thin end of the fearsome yardstick and it had been inserted between the door frame and the door very, very near the floor. Slowly, ever so slowly, it rose upward. I sat there totally mesmerized and horrified because in a second or two it would flip the hook free from its eye. It continued its show inexorable rise and suddenly paused for a fraction of a second as the hook resisted. Then the hook flipped and my mother rushed in. She grabbed my left arm and started spanking me. I was still in shock from going from feeling safe, at least for a minute or two, to the dreaded, "I am going to get it now" feeling.

I don't remember the cause of the spanking or what happened afterwards but the sight of that yardstick slowly rising is a video that I can replay over and over and over with no loss of fidelity. This was definitely not my last spanking but it was also the only one that I ran from.
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i remember my mom was going to spank me she sapnk me bare bottom with hair brush all the time it was in my room an she came in took my arm drag me to her room for spaking i broke free ran to living room behind chair not good idea to run from spanking mom got me drag me to her room crying all the way pull my pants underware down over her knees spank me good hard stuff running out of my nose cyring kick my underware off kicking so hard an then i just went to my room crying naked on my bed on my tummy

The second one will work depending on to what extent it makes an impression over and above the first one! Looking back - I could be a cheeky little girl. Perhaps I saw it as being quick witted and a 'smartypants', always ready with the reply. I crossed the boundary of good taste with a comment to Granny and got the look, and the wagged finger. I did it again and she reported me to Mum who gave a swift sharp slap to the seat of my skirt. I must have been in a bratty mood later that evening because ... ooops! Out came a very rude word not to be used in company other than when amongst my closest friends and I was led upstairs to Mum's special chair, in the bedroom, the one in front of her dressing room table where the hairbrush lay.
If only that first slap had been a bit harder - a bit firmer, a bit more of "a lesson"!
I vividly recall standing in my bedroom, a few minutes later, with very blurry eyes, looking over my shoulder into the wardrobe mirror at a well pinkened and tingling bare bottom - mine!
I hardly need say that I managed to curb my language after that second time!

It is hard to admit that maybe a slightly stingier spank might actually have been better for us. I bet that admission came a bit later and well after the tingle from the one you actually got and from the real spanking later had subsided! I, too, recall very clearly those over the shoulder lookings. Were you not surprised at the random criss-cross lines? I was. Somehow it felt as if it was more organized than the chaos that actually could be discerned through moistened eyes.

I remember refusing to come inside as soon as I saw my mom standing in the doorway with the hairbrush. She said "get in this house right now. You're going to get a good spanking with the hairbrush!" Good? You've got to be kidding me, there was nothing good about a spanking from her with the hairbrush!

I backed away into our yard and told her that I would only come inside if she promised NOT to give me a spanking. She told me that she was not going to chase me around the yard and that the longer I kept her waiting the worse it was going to be. I kept her waiting, like and idiot. Every few minutes she would come to the door and remind me that she still was waiting with the hairbrush and the longer I kept her waiting the worse it would be.

Finally, after a half hour,I realized how stupid I was. Had I gone in when she first told me to, the spanking would have been long over. I quietly went up to the door, opened it and ran up to my room. But she followed me with the hairbrush, pulled down my pants and undies, yanked me across her lap and blistered my little hiney for what seemed an eternity.

I remember her pausing now and then and chiding me, if you had come in when you were told your spanking would be over. She would continue with "I'm going to teach you to do what you're told... when I tell you to come inside the next time you'd better do it right away" which was followed by several more rapid hairbrush spanks on my 8 year old hiney. I never kept mommy waiting again - that was a tough lesson.

It\'s a typicall situation of last minute panic. I think his mom has reacted thoughtful. An escape cannot solve a problem. This wisdom was an additional lesson of scenery. His mom knew for sure that she has the whip hand. Actually she had \'only\' to wait. Yelling had only increased panic. I like that mom\'s persistance helped to avoid an emotional escalation.

On more than one occasion I remember locking myself in the bathroom while my mother banged on the door yelling at me to open up. I'd say, "Only if you promise not to spank me!" She wouldn't respond, just kept saying, "Open up!" Eventually I'd get scared and just unlike the door and, of course, still get spanked. I knew it was only a temporary safety though because if I hadn't opened up my dad would've gotten the screwdriver and unlocked it.

Wow! Does your experience feel familiar! "Open up! Right now!"
What a sweet and clever child you were to try to extract the promise of no spanking in exchange. That didn't occur to me but as it didn't work for you, it probably would not have worked for me either. Still it was a good idea but, alas, neither of us was in a good bargaining position. Did your dad ever actually take the pins out of the door hinges to open a bathroom sanctuary door?

Nope, I always opened up before it got to that point. I don't recall it making my spanking more severe though, just delayed the inevitable.

I did not have a lot of time before I saw the yardstick come between door and door frame but I have a few moments. During that time I did have the thought that I might be doomed and as you said, just delaying the inevitable. I got my spanking right there in the bathroom. Where did you get yours?

On my parent's bed. i'd hid in their bathroom.

Oops. Their bathroom might not have been the best choice but no doubt you chose in haste! Oh well.

I love your story Lauren. Been there and done that. My mom also used the hairbrush on me and my brother. Please add me as I would love to share more with you.

I love your story Lauren. Been there and done that. My mom also used the hairbrush on me and my brother. Please add me as I would love to share more with you.

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Read your story - as you have done to almost every one of mine - or did I miscount? - and
adored it. It was wonderful - sounds like something that could have happened in my own childhood, or close to it. Your Mom sounds like she was of the same mindbend as mine
when it came to spankings - DETERMINED.

She was really determined that time. I remember feeling so smug and then having that bubble burst so abruptly. I would have been better off taking your advice on your 7 item list of the 7 ways to avoid or deal with a spanking. Did you take your own advice?

The eye & hook was way up on the door, so I could not reach it. My sister done that & that is why it was put high up. So I had no place to hide out.