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Did you ever look in a mirror at your butt after a spanking?

I used to do it all the time. I'm like really pale skinned and it would amaze me how glowing and red my butt would be.
katie19941 katie19941 18-21, F 31 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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Hi Katie, can you add me??

Yes.. I think that everyone did. I know that to look at my red burning butt after a spanking. For some reason the colors, marks left and the heat always fascinated me.

Yes I have when I was young. I see my girls do that from time to time after I have spanked them.

yes i would look to see what damage she had done if she spanked with her hand then i would be very red. if she used the hair brush then red and blue. if she used the belt red blue and stripes but all would have me crying my eyes out with pain

I remember watching my dad give my brother a good lickin' with the strap. There were wide red lines across his hiney from where the strap landed. They were very straight and it was fascinating for me to see.

This was so different than when my mom spanked him with the hairbrush. After the hairbrush his hiney was just one big red blotch

As silly as it sounds I think that was a pretty common thing to do...I know I did. lol

I never looked. Especially after a spanking in public. I could feel the heat and throbbing in my bottom and that was enough to make me cry. And if it was done out in public, by the time I got home, it would have been faded anyway.


Yes i have looked at my bottom many times and saw the red glow from my well smacked bottom, especially the time i was smacked on the bare by my dad, that day i had a tomato for a bottom lol, the intense heat and redness from a hard spanking took hours to go back to normal, ouch!!!!!!

Yes I did look at my bright red paddled butt I alway ask her for more she knew it turn me on

yes - and i look today, too. i need to see the result, my wife or another strict lady, has given to me. i feel so loved then

Katie19941 If I was to spank you it will be fun for you. I let you spank me

Katie a good paddling is a bright red butt that a well done paddling for he or she

Well katie a spanking has to leave the bottom red and sore or its a waste of time and effort. To avoid bruising a lexan paddle (with or without holes) can be recommended. It stings dreadfully and is very effective if mom wants to spank longer or harder or both without causing any lasting effects.

Yes ma'am i understand that a spanking needs to leave my tush sore....still it freakin sucks.

Katie, of course it "sucks". It was many many years ago when I was young and the word "sucks" was not in our vocabulary then but at your age i'd have given the same kind of response you have given. Oh and you are still not "too old" to be spanked, I have spanked older girls than you many times.

mine was red and blue and yes i looked i hated my mum

why this spanking

I remember those times when my mom gave the hairbrush to both me and my brother together on the bare. His hiney was always really red by the time she stopped spanking him. Then.... it was my turn.

Not only was my hiney red, but it really felt hot, long after the spanking was over.

Of course

All the time... mostly when putting pants back on, I just had to see my poor widdle wed bottom.

I had a full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door and I always inspected the damage. I was especially amazed by the hell wrought by my Dad's razor strap.

I didn't dress out for gym once after getting spanked before I left for school. Very uncomfortable to sit on for the rest of the day, too!

all the time. Looked several times to see if the redness has gone away/

Yup, always.

I remember looking at mine in the boys toilets at school after getting six with the cane from my headmaster. Six well spaced out red stripes the last one on the part where bottom meets thigh agony, and that was over trousers made sitting in class embaressing especialy if it was e female teacher

Yes always. And for a few days or so, I saw it in the bathroom mirror when bathing or showering. Sometimes with friends in the neighborhood, we'd show our spankings to each other. Having very pale skin really made the color stand out.

Yea sure did

i always did i remember it seem worser then it felt. Usually Red Somtimes i would cry feel sory my self i would usually go my room cry somtimes fall asleep. But redness would go away like couple hours.

I think almost everyone has looked at their butt after a spanking. It is like a car wreck on the highway. You know you should not look but you cannot resist a peek.

No! because after my spanking i used to go to bed in tears

That makes TWO of us, Speed61.

In the summer its worse, you are so tan & that white butt realy shows up red. I have checked mine out a time or two.

Almost every time! I got spanked with lots of stuff growing up, but the most amazing things were either the hairbrush or even worse was mom's wooden spoon. That thing left the most vivid bright red marks up and down my butt and thighs, and if l looked real soon after, there would even be white circles in the middle of some of the red marks where it was like blistered or whatever. Hurt like hell, but I almost always had to look lol. I watched my sister spanked with the spoon too, and I was always amazed that just a single swat left an INSTANT bright red circle! Owch!