Tawse For Thought

I went to stay with my cousins in Scotland. I was going to stay with my uncle for 2 weeks with my parents coming up to stay for the second week. During the first week I was used as the decoy while they stole some cigarettes. I should have known it would be trouble with **** involved. While i bought sweets and distracted the shopkeeper they had it away with some ****. It was a local shop and the man knew my cousins and had already phoned my aunt when we got home. We denied being there, that wasn't an alibi as I stood there with the bag of sweets advertising the name of the shop.
I was 15, John was 15/16 and Alan 17.
Uncle went mad, I was more scared than normal. I was out of my comfort zone. Uncle lectured us, my mind was all over the place. Uncle walked in front of Alan and undid his trousers and pulled them down, then did the same to John and then me. My eyes were watering. Even though it was my uncle I was scared. He walked round the back of us and then back in front of Alan. He pulled his pants down to his knees then did the same to John and finally me. He walked behind us and told us to bend over. I rested my hands on my knees and fought back tears. 
Uncle then walked up and down the line spanking us with the tawse. 
We got about 15-20. We were all crying at the end.
Aunt watched the spanking thru the serving hatch in the kitchen.
We were told to stand there with our hands on our head till tea was ready.

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I wonder if the tawse was a lochgelly ...those strap's sting is legendary