Tawse For Thought-deluxe Edition

In the summer of 1973, I went to stay with my cousins John and Alan in Scotland. I was 15, John 15/16 and Alan 17. They had spent a week with my Aunt and took me with them. My parents were going to Uncle’s the following weekend. It seemed to suit everyone if I went up the week before.
I went to stay with my cousins in Scotland. It seemed like a get out of jail card, and I was very excited to be staying with my cousins who I saw rarely. I spoke to my cousins on the phone, well tried to, as I could barely understand them. They had thick accents.

We had fun free from parental eyes. I met some of their friends and got on with John’s best friend, Gordon the best.

They spoke freely about how strict Uncle was. I dad was as well, even though mom was the strictest. My Aunt had spanked them a lot when younger but now that was purely the domain of my Uncle. They said they didn’t get it as much now but holidays doubled the threat.

On the Wednesday we had been to play football with some of their mates. On the walk back home we passed a newsagents. Alan said I should prove myself, as I was free of my parents rein. I wanted to be thought of as their equal. They slapped me on the back as they welcomed me to their gang. Not much of a gang, looking back on it, just 3 cousins. The plan was that I would be the decoy. They would steal some packets of cigarettes. Heart pumping faster than I’d known, I bought some sweets and distracted the shopkeeper. While I was doing that my cousins ran off with several packets of cigarettes.

Looking back, I wonder which one of us had the least intelligence. It was a local shop and the man knew my cousins and had already phoned my aunt when we got home. We denied being there, that wasn't an alibi as I stood there with the bag of sweets advertising the name of the shop. Uncle was mad, I was more scared than normal. I was out of my comfort zone. Not that my parents spankings were ever a comfort zone.

We were lined up in front of the sideboard, and Uncle lectured us. He was mainly jovial like my dad but also like my dad was very stern when he had to be. My mind was all over the place. I should have known when cigarettes where involved to steer clear.

Uncle walked in front of Alan and undid his trousers and pulled them down, then did the same to John and then me. My eyes were watering. I was scared. He walked round the back of us and then back in front of Alan. He pulled his pants down to his knees then did the same to John and finally me. He walked behind us and told us to bend over. I rested my hands on my knees. I fought back tears though it was a losing battle. Uncle then walked up and down the line spanking us with the tawse, he’d asked aunty to get for him. 
I later found out it was kept in his bedroom. My cousin’s had mentioned being spanked but had failed to mention the tawse. We got about 15-20. They were not light stroked and killed. I took the spanking worse than them though we were all crying at the end.
Aunt watched the spanking thru the serving hatch in the kitchen.
We were told to stand there with our hands on our head till tea was ready.

At bedtime we inspected our damaged rears. All of us agreed Uncle had decorated our bums. I asked if this was the norm and they said it was for serious stuff.

Mom and Dad were naturally furious when they were told on arriving. I got a tongue lashing in front of everyone, major embarrassing, but escaped further punishment. I made sure the rest of my stay proved uneventful.

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Well you 3 got no more than you deserved...less I would say..lucky the police weren't involved..stealing and smoking...indeed

Yes it could have been worse though it didn't feel it at the time!

God how it must of burned with your hands on your head..I suppose there was no talking between you...just sobbing

you got it, exactly that

Was it a lochgelly tawse

I honestly don't know-i'd never seen a taws before and didn't see much of it then either. I haven't got a clue what type it was.

I guess all you knew is that it stung like hellfire..did you have lots of strap marks left by the tails

Yes had lots of marks. Hurt like hell!

So Alan the 17 y.o was crying..gosh that strapping must of hurt...so first he would strap you..then the other two..then back to you..must have lasted a while..how long would you say

20 mins as a guess. It seemed ages.

Was there any chance of rubbing between..and did you or your cousins jump up holding their bums

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