Role Models

Is it any wonder how many still see spanking as a suitable punishment when you take the time to look at who the kids have as role models and how they behave on tv and in films?!?!
Over the years I've take in many films and tv shows and often have sat there, found myself thinking 'he/she could use a good spanking'!
A few who have definitely entered that category are:
Lucy Camden from 7th Heaven - I often found that her sassy attitude as smart
mouth should have been rewarded on more than one occasion with a swift trip across a knee.
Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter - I mean, come on, am I the only one who thinks this?!?!
Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday - both showed a lot of attitude that needed correcting!
Simon from 7th Heaven - on occasion, his attitude needed stern adjustment.

It's easy to see why the kids now can be the way they are when you look at who they have to look at!
Wouk love to hear others views on this, any characters you think in your opinion could have benefited from some discipline?
Look forward to reading your responses.
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2013

The pendulum swings one way, then the other, when it comes to discipline. Kids don't show any fear of spankings nowadays - at least the ones in my acquaintance. Whatever they see on TV or in the movies doesn't affect their attitude - recall McLintock with the Duke? There were two spankings in that movie - but the subject was all treated as a big joke all the way around.

I don't think Hermoine Granger really did anything to deserve a spanking.