In the summer of 1972, I went on holiday to Blackpool and was allowed to take a friend. I was close friends with Nigel and I think he’s seen me spanked but I hadn’t seen him spanked. We’d seen each other get the slipper at school. Home spankings were one thing we didn’t talk about. I knew I was interested in hearing about his. Before going on holiday I know Nigel’s dad had told my dad that he could spank Nigel if the case arouse. I felt I had a moral victory because I knew that dad could spank Nigel though looking back it was a hollow victory as he had seen me spanked by my dad. I guess I thought it was only fair, if we both got into trouble and dad was only allowed to spank me, I’d be very annoyed. 

We were like two boys on Christmas day opening presents at the start of our holiday. Though we were very shy of stripping off in front of each other, even though we’d done it countless times in games. Nigel would go and change in the toilet at the end of the corridor and I would take the opportunity to dress while he was away. We had to share a bed and both of us kept to our own half. 

By the Monday we were becoming less conscious of each other and beginning to enjoy our holiday. Late on Monday afternoon we thought it would be a great idea to hide from my parents when it was time to return to the hotel. This only seemed a good idea at the time and not in hindsight. We kept out of sight of my parents while still being able to see them. We watched my parents search frantically, finding it funny though letting it go on for far too long. By the time we appeared my parents were frantic and we were late going back to the hotel. We got a bollicking and my dad grabbed my wrist and dragged me back to the hotel. My mom dragged Nigel back. I’d rarely seen them as furious as they were and you could tell even then how worried they had been. We arrived back later than we usually did. My dad took us up to our room and said we had five minutes to get ready. Nigel and I looked at each other and knew what he meant. We dropped our trousers and pants and bent over the bed. I don’t know which one of us was the more embarrassed. We said nothing, We didn’t even try to blame the other. Time slipped by. I kept looking at my wrist watch, five minutes turned to 10. 10 minutes turned to nearly 15 minutes. We figured this was worse than the spanking would be. At nearly 15 minutes dad came in the room, stared at us. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!” he shouted. I told you to get ready for tea. You’re nearly 10 minutes late!!!” 

We both felt so embarrassed as we pulled up our pants and trousers and sit opposite my parents with their smug faces. We had given them something to take their minds off the worry.
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